An irreplaceable thing for breakfast - a toaster from China


Bakes love and adore everything. Hot toasts, covered with butter, with bacon or tuna will make an amazing company a cup of tart tea or coffee. Such a light breakfast will not only be nutritious, but also pleasant.With a simple toaster from China, the original sandwich / sandwich can be cooked in a few minutes. At the same time, impressions will remain for the whole day.


Enjoy an unforgettable taste of crispy toast possible if they are evenly roasted. In this regard, the power of the device is 750 W, which allows you to adjust the degree of roasting. So, the user can choose one of 6 modes responsible for the heating temperature.A convenient toggle switch at the bottom of the device and a well-marked dial help to quickly determine the mode. As a result, the user will receive either a slightly golden or saturated copper crust.Many will like other advantages of a toaster from China:

  1. Automatic centering function. A special mechanism places a slice of bread exactly in the center. This ensures maximum frying from all sides.
  2. The "Stop" button. With its help, you can stop the process in one click, if someone from your home has changed your mind about eating.
  3. Inside the toaster is made of stainless steel. This means that the landlady can repeatedly clean the appliance from crumbs. The surface is made of ordinary plastic.
  4. The type of pallet is removable. This allows one to free the device from the remains of bread with one hand movement.
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Using the technique for the first time, you need to test it. To do this, turn the toggle switch to the 6-point mark. Let him work several times idle. It can smoke, but it's not scary.

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Moreover, on the top panels on the side there are three holes. They are designed to fix special arcs. With their help, you can heat or defrost bulk products: croissants or rolls. However, in many kits these items are not provided by sellers.

You need to know everyone

A too deep landing slot is not a very practical option for use. So, when extracting slices of bread, you can touch the body with your fingers, and get a burn. When buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the lifting system of toast. Whether they freely "jump out" of the compartments.

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A separate item should be the power consumption of the device. Of course, this indicator largely depends on the power of the individual model, as well as the selected operating mode. However, often such household appliances take from , 00 to , 00 watts, like irons.

It should be noted that in this model there is a European plug. Therefore, if the apartment still has Soviet sockets, then you need to buy a special adapter.

A variety of different models of toasters from China can be found on the website AliExpress. The cost of the above model - 1 152 rubles. This is several hundred rubles cheaper than in regular online stores.

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