Overview of the robot cleaner Iclebo Omega: function and evaluation of the robotic vacuum cleaner

Stylish and easy to use robot vacuum cleaner iClebo Omega novelty can not be called, he has several years quite successfully used in homes, apartments and offices. Successful design brushes, increased battery capacity and other characteristics allow it to compete with the latest gadget of recent years.

One of its features - improved navigation system that provides precise movement of the device during cleaning.

The content of the article:

  • Options and performance
  • Modes of operation and features
  • Reviews and advice customers
  • Compare with similar models
    • Competitor # 1 - Wolkinz COSMO
    • Competitor # 2 - Neato Botvac Connected
    • Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 960
  • The best offers on the market

Options and performance

iClebo Omega robotic device is manufactured by Yujin Robot (South Korea). This is not their first experience in the manufacture of the robot cleaner. The previous model of this line, iClebo Arte, has long found its fans.

Variant iClebo Omega made not as a more advanced, but rather as an additional embodiment of the vacuum cleaner. As with other devices of this type, it is packaged in a beautiful box, equipped with a handle to make it easier to carry.

Inside is a standard kit that will provide job-vacuum robot: the basic and additional brushes, power supply, remote d / y, the HEPA-filter, manual and tape-limiter. The remote has two AAA batteries. The main brush and the battery is already installed in the unit.

Appearance Iclebo Omega

Thus vacuum can be controlled by means of corresponding buttons located on the housing, and a remote control

It is not always a buyer can choose not only the model, but also the color of the robot cleaner. In the case of iClebo Omega offers two variants of the chassis: silver and brown. Light device easier to find if it is stuck in a dark corner. Dark version looks more stylish. The body is made of very durable plastic, which is not afraid of scratches.

Just like any other vacuum cleaner robot, iClebo Omega is a low cylinder. If you look from above, it becomes clear that the configuration of the device looks like an irregular circle, a bit like an egg.

Partly due to the presence of such a design of bumper sensors on the front of the appliance. The unit is attached to the small shock absorbers, and extends slightly beyond the housing.

The downside Iclebo Omega

On the underside of the cleaner iClebo Omega arranged wheels, and the central brush mounting sockets for the lateral brushes and nozzles through which wet cleaning is performed

Below there are two side wheels and one auxiliary. suspension travel allows the device to successfully overcome the obstacle height of less than one and a half centimeters. Usually this is enough to move from one room to another without assistance. All-wheel drive can be removed to clear the debris from: hair, thread, wool, etc.

Side brush iClebo Omega

The side brush are provided with bristles stiff beams of different lengths, with time such elements wear out and require periodic replacement

Side brushes provided with synthetic long bristle tufts are made in gray and black. This is done for the convenience of the user, so as not to confuse the installation location of each of them. Brush moving in different directions, if they are reversed, they will not collect and throw rubbish around. In addition to the color coding on these elements and inscriptions to facilitate installation.

Features Iclebo Omega

Specifications and design features iClebo Omega allow this device to confidently compete with the latest models on the market, the robot cleaner

The central brush is long and narrow drum provided with rubber ridges. They pick up garbage collected by the side brushes and move it into the housing. Thereafter, dust and other impurities enter the dust collector with a high efficiency HEPA-filter.

The capacity to collect dust tight to the body, the penetration of contaminants back into the room is completely ruled out.

After each cleaning the dust collector must ravage. It is removed through the top hatch space, which spring is provided with a reliable lock. HEPA-filter is cleaned with a small brush, which is also available in the bundle.

It can be used for this and other brushes if "native" break. Wash the HEPA-filter can not, usually after a year of operation, it is replaced with a new element.

Options iClebo Omega

The package includes a detailed instruction in Russian, it is described the installation of required elements and rules of operation of the device, as well as the control (1); database for charging (2) wipes (3); cleaning brush (4); tape to limit the harvested area (5)

The display built into the top cover of the instrument, information on the current mode, battery level, error, if any, and other information. Nearby there is a push-button control panel whose functions are duplicated on the remote control.

The side of the building there is one more useful button, with which you can completely turn off the power and turn it on.

Nearby is a connector for the power adapter, through which you can perform battery charging directly. But it is more convenient to do it through the charging station, it can connect the device by yourself. Contacts for charging are located on the bottom of the cleaner body.

Wipes for wet wiping the floor

For wet floor treatment microfiber cloth is used, which can moisten the tap water prior to activation of the robot. This lack of preparation for the cleaning of a large room with no additional wetting

The package also includes two nozzles for wet cleaning the floor. They are designed to handle a variety of surfaces. Is performed, this service is very simple. It is necessary to dampen the microfiber nozzle water or a solution of detergent and then run a program working device.

The effect of this treatment is, of course, not be compared with a traditional floor-washing or wet vacuum cleaning.

There is a detailed video review of the model of the robot cleaner:

View video, we can conclude that this model is easy to operate, it does not occupy much space and not bad enough to cope with pollution both on flat surfaces and on the carpets.

Modes of operation and features

The abundance of a variety of sensors - a feature iClebo Omega model. More than thirty different types of elements provide an almost perfect device to navigate. Besides a camera mounted on top of the housing, the robot cleaner is also provided with sensors:

  • distance traveled;
  • provisions;
  • obstacle detection;
  • search for the charging station;
  • other infrared elements.

The camera is needed to map the premises. By the end of the cleaning device approaches the charging station and calls in on its bottom panel, where there is another pair of contacts. When they connect the battery charging starts. The station is provided with a large battery level indicator, which is easily seen from different sides.

Sensors iClebo Omega

Under the front bumper of a vacuum cleaner is a set of different sensors, so iClebo Omega never faced with the furniture and other obstacles

The battery of this model is made up of eight elements such as 18650, in the amount of its capacity is 19600 mA / h. The battery is accessed through a hatch on the underside of the robot cleaner, if necessary it can be replaced with a suitable analogue without difficulty. But the engine, as well as control board, safely hidden in the casing from outside interference.

Camera Iclebo Omega

According to data from the camera processor iClebo Omega is the room card, it can handle even the room with lots of furniture or a non-standard configuration

without collector design ensures high reliability of the engine, you can use it for 10 years.

Almost all other external and internal fittings cleaner iClebo Omega: dust bag, wheels, brushes, etc. - can be removed, cleaned or washed and set in place. they are easily removed and removed, clearing the dust receptacle and the outer surface of the cleaner does not require great effort and long time.

A few steps treatment process

Hoover collects dirty side brushes. Then the central brush with long rubber ridges collected captures and moves it into a dust collector iClebo Omega, where all collected is passed through a HEPA filter. The smallest particles is sucked by means of a turbo-engine

The remote control allows you to switch cleaning mode, the acceleration device, and change the direction of movement of the vacuum cleaner using the arrow buttons. This eliminates the need to manually carry the vacuum cleaner, for example, to the place of the local cleaning.

Magnetic tape, glued in a suitable place, the robot is seen as an obstacle. You can use it to restrict access to certain areas in the room, for example, to place cables and clusters etc. If such a tape is stuck in the passage site, eventually it may come off, this point must be take account of.

Reviews and advice customers

Evaluation owners iClebo Omega models are generally quite high. Almost all reported a high degree of absorption, which does not go to any comparison with the quality of the cleaning robot cheap Chinese production.

Cleaning carpets with high pile

In operation, the carpets and coatings having a nap to 20 mm, this robot cleaner also shows high quality results. For cleaning napped surface iClebo Omega turbo mode includes

Navigation properties are very good. The vacuum cleaner does not beat on the walls and furniture, it slows down at every obstacle and just gently touches it. However, it was noted that the sensors do not always capture the low furniture edge, edge of the bumper sometimes rubs against such an obstacle, light abrasions may appear on the surface.

Before buying advise measure the height of the threshold between rooms, as well as the dimensions of the space under the furniture, and then compare them with the characteristics of the device. Premises with a complex configuration for iClebo Omega is not a problem, but here cleaning can take a little longer, respectively, and the battery consumption will be higher.

The owners recommend the use of such a device on a daily basis. If cleaning is not carried out within two to three days, you should use the "double serpent". If the device starts to move from the charging station, the cleaning at the end he will come back to the station. At the beginning of the cycle in some other place, the vacuum cleaner will return it to this point.

Wheels Iclebo Omega

iClebo Omega cleaner wheels are provided with high for such suspension devices, they can easily overcome porozhki in living rooms. Vacuums perfectly overcomes sills up to 15 mm, to move from room to room, down the stairs is not falling

Cleaning corners and baseboards robot cleaner spends just as well as the processing of the main surface. Approaching such a remote place with a vacuum cleaner lifted slightly. The design of the side brush allows you to thoroughly sweep debris from corners.

The device can be successfully used for automatic cleaning in a time when no one is home. But in this case must be removed from the floor clothes, toys, light pads and other items that could be perceived as an obstacle or who can suck the inside of the vacuum cleaner.

It should also be raised from the floor wire extension cords, appliances, etc. Hanging to the floor curtains can also interfere with cleaning, they should be raised. Or you need to install a tape in places where you may experience these problems.

Of course, the wet cleaning to take place in the automatic mode will not work as intended for this purpose must be periodically wet napkin.

Benefits for collecting animal hair

With wool and long hair iClebo Omega copes very well, virtually all such contamination fall into the dust collector. The wheels and brushes can wrap around a small number of such debris, but they will be easy to clean

The battery is estimated to be reliable, after a year of operation of any changes in this area have been noted. Some owners conducted an interesting test. They performed the usual cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and then ran iClebo Omega. Dust bag filled with half that is regarded as proof of the efficiency of the device.

Rubbish from Iclebo Omega

Debris caught in the dust collector, gradually compacted, so it does not scatter to the sides when the container cleaning

For comparison, when cleaning the same area only robot cleaner, dust collector was filled to the top. Cleaning the dust container takes less than one minute, usually housewives talking about five to ten seconds.

Garbage in the container is compressed, so does not scatter when it shake in the bucket. It is noted that the noise level during operation of the vacuum cleaner high enough to be a long time in a room with a working device can be uncomfortable.

Compare with similar models

In order to understand whether or not to stop your choice on iClebo Omega, be sure to compare it with similar models from other manufacturers. Below we describe the robot vacuum cleaners, which are in the same price segment with the subject and can make him worthy competition.

Competitor # 1 - Wolkinz COSMO

This model is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 6,700 mAh. Battery life is 120 minutes. This index iClebo Omega almost half.

possible to use a magnetic tape that comes with the device for limiting the cleaning zone. Among the additional features it is possible to program the vacuum cleaner for cleaning on certain days of the week.

Responsible for clean air HEPA filter cartridge 14. And to ensure that the appliance does not scratch the furniture housing mounted rubber bumper.

Users enjoy the quality of cleaning, good power, quiet operation and easy operation of the vacuum cleaner. And pet owners have even pointed out that it is perfectly removes hair their pets.

Competitor # 2 - Neato Botvac Connected

It is a device intended only for dry cleaning facilities. The Neato Botvac Connected worth of lithium-ion battery, which allows for action to clean up the area of ​​465 sq.m. without recharging.

The manufacturer has equipped the device many additional features simplify the management and operation of the vacuum cleaner. Among them it is worth noting the possibility to interact with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Home, a phone management.

As the dust collecting cyclone protrudes. And to limit the harvesting area can use a special tape that is attached.

Some users have already appreciated Neato Botvac Connected in. All of them are inclined to believe that the device is pretty high quality and fast cleaning service gets even in hard to reach places, it runs quietly.

The only drawback for users opinion, is too inflated price. Now you can buy a device with similar functionality, but it is much cheaper.

Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 960

Vacuums iRobot Roomba 960, like its predecessor, is intended only for dry cleaning facilities. Responsible for the work of optical sensors, and control is possible with either the console or remotely using a smartphone.

Unlike iClebo Omega, this model has a weak battery, which is enough to operate autonomously for 75 minutes. There is auto-install on the charger.

The dust collecting unit has a cyclone filter 1 liter. Of useful functions it is possible to program the cleaning per day, which is very convenient.

Many users like vacuuming. They note that the device copes with obstacles, thereby providing a good level of cleaning.

Among the shortcomings, some users have noted a weak suction power, as well as the restriction of harvesting using the virtual walls - in some cases it is ineffective.

The best offers on the market

Overall iClebo Omega can be called a great robot cleaner for daily wet and dry cleaning. Especially to be happy about this gadget housewives who have to clean the house or apartment with a large area. It does not interfere with it, and those who keep cats, dogs and other "worsted" pets. Price iClebo Omega is approximately two times higher than in the low-end models, but the quality and the device, and cleaning these costs fully justify.

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