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Summer hot season, which summer residents are accustomed to spend often on their country estates, requires a mandatory presence of a shower. After all, after physical work in the garden or beds, I want to always refresh, and not only after work. Especially the soul saves in those moments when the house does not provide the presence of a bathroom with a functioning sewerage system. So the best option is a street shower, which allows you to swim in the warm season, and not only to swim, but also to temper.

It is possible, of course, within the countryside to acquire a pool in the form of a pool, but the usual shower for a summer residence is the most economical option, which every second can build.

For this purpose, the following tools are needed: roulette, bayonet shovel, construction trowel, wood and metal screws, screwdriver or drill.

Types of simple shower designs for summer cottages:

  • The simplest way to build a shower is by simply hanging a plastic bottle or a conventional bucket with a perforated bottom on elevation, which is suitable for any tree or pole; This kind of shower for dacha is practical, but completely unaesthetic in modern estimates;

  • the second no less effective option is a wooden shower for the dacha, an attractive rustic option, practical, requiring a minimum of time for its construction, several boards and a plastic tank, which can have the appearance of a barrel, either square or rectangular in metal or solid plastic;

  • A very practical option is a shower cubicle and profiled sheet for the construction of which several metal profiles and several sheets of profiled metal material;
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  • Aesthetical and practical option is a shower of polycarbonate; This design is easy to build, and innovative material polycarbonate can not be deformed under the influence of sunlight, allows the construction of various forms of shower designs, not is susceptible to corrosion under the influence of moisture and is not afraid of either fungus or mold, it does not need to be dyed and processed annually antiseptics.

Features of building a shower in the country

  • before the construction of the shower it is worth choosing a place well lit in the daytime, as the water in the tank should be as warm as possible for a comfortable bath, and it can warm up only under the constant influence of ultraviolet rays of the sun in sultry summer days;
  • a summer shower must be erected on the territory as much as possible closed from prying eyes, because swimming is purely hygienic procedure, the construction of a shower booth must be provided without fail by a door curtain or door;
  • in the shower equipped with their own hands there must be a quality outlet for draining water during bathing, such as sewerage, disposal of used water should be considered, since the effectiveness of the created drainage system depends on the stability of the building and the comfort of its operation;
  • The summer shower can have a system of natural water heating or a system of water heating due to electric fans.

The most acceptable of all the above options is a shower for a dacha made of polycarbonate.

How to make a shower in the country of polycarbonate?

The process of preparation for construction is as follows:

  1. First of all, a place without windy drafts is chosen;
  2. the second step is the drafting of the projected soul, it is at this stage that you need to decide on the number of shower rooms - just a washing shower or together with dressing room; very important are the dimensional characteristics of the shower, since this determines the comfortableness of its exploitation in the future by all members families;
  3. The third step is to decide on what basis the shower will be built, on the foundation to be laid, or on an equipped drainage pit;
  4. the last stage - the implementation of all necessary work.
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Sequence of work:

  • in the selected territory a rectangle or square is marked, equal to the parameters of the future shower, on the marked section a pit is digged with a depression in the twenty centimeters; Asbestos pipes are hammered along the perimeter of the walls of a clearly excavated rectangle, which will serve as a support for the shower cubicle; after installation columns in the pit itself is filled with fine gravel mixed with large, this is done with the goal of creating a so-called drainage natural system that will to absorb water;

  • from the purchased improvised means a booth is formed, for this purpose metal profile pipes are welded into a fancy-shaped frame, whose legs fall into Angular asbestos pipes and fixed with concrete solution; The base of the cubicle can also serve as wooden beams; the distance between the littered rubble and the floor surface booth should be at least ten centimeters, it is necessary to create a natural effective ventilation zone between two wet surfaces - the floor and the absorbent drainage;

  • The metal fixed profile frame is covered with heat- and sound-insulating polycarbonate, which is sold in sheets; the material is very it is easily cut, bent, so that it is very easy to make any designs out of it; The polycarbonate is fixed to profiles using self-tapping screws and Screwdriver;

  • after the walls are plastered to the roof, which can be flat, since on top of it you can install a plastic tank of any modification, or round, which is capable of hide the tank inside the building, while the water can be connected to the heating from the mains, which does not require the sun to hit the installed water tank;
  • no less important is the moment of creating the door, it can also be constructed from metal profiles and polycarbonate, the only moment that is necessary Think about it, so this is the way to fix it; it can be kept on welded hinges, there are options for arranging the opening of shower doors as a coupe;
  • the floor in the booth is often covered with wooden, for future comfort and acceleration of draining the water in the desired direction, you can install a shower in the sexual opening.
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In the shower with the floor and walls without a single crack and a closed door is not cold to take water procedures at any time of the day.

The closed type of equipped showers is more acceptable than open, so-called beach. Closed design completely hides the person taking a shower, causes comfortable bathing without absence of drafts, comfortable hanging of your things separately from the bathing area, which remains completely dry.

Modifications polycarbonate showers very much, the main thing is to realize your idea. A minimum set of building innovative low-cost materials contributes to the development of imagination, embodied in the garden.

The most important thing during the construction of a shower cubicle at the dacha is to pay attention to the safety of water heating, if you connect heating tees to installed tanks, then only low-voltage ones.

Modern plastic tanks for the shower always cause the presence of heated water in large quantities, which in summer time does not require any additional devices for heating the water. Another question is if the shower is used during the demi-season periods.


Making a shower for a summer residence from improvised materials (video)

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