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Vegetables and greens are good for health - this is a well-known fact. Carrots are widely used in medicine. This root vegetable contains many useful substances - fiber, carotene, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, essential oils. Carrots for people is a dietary food, a cosmetic and a remedy. It is used in raw and cooked form, prepare salads, add to salting, squeeze out the juice. Curative properties are endowed with all parts of a valuable plant - root crops, tops and seeds.

Description and composition of carrots

Carrots - a two-year culture, belonging to the family of celery. In the first year of life the root crop is formed, in the second year the seeds ripen. Varieties differ from each other in the shade, shape and size of root crops, the period of their ripening. Carrots are grown by many truck farmers, the plant loves moisture and nutritious soil. The most valuable are the varieties with an average root size of a saturated orange shade with a reddish tint.

Carrots occupy the first place in the content of carotene, assimilated in the human body as vitamin A.

The therapeutic properties of carrots are determined by the valuable composition. Vegetables contain a complex of biologically active substances - alpha, beta, gamma-carotene, dietary fiber, acids, macro and microelements, esters, flavonoids, phospholipids, starchy substances. It contains carbohydrates and proteins, there is no fat. The composition of the root vegetable includes phytoncides - natural antibiotics, which suppress the activity of pathogenic microflora in the body.

The use of carrots is diverse - it is eaten in fresh, boiled and baked form, prepared salads, canned, squeezed juice. Carrots are in demand in medicine - it is useful for vision, skin and hair, nervous, excretory, circulatory and digestive systems. Carrots with oil for vision are needed. The root crop has a low calorie content, so it is included in the diet for weight loss.

Carrots in the diet of children and adults

Back in ancient Russia, people called carrots food and medicine, growing a healthy root crop near the house. In today's world, people have become no less than using carrots in medicine. Valuable vegetable is recommended to include in the daily diet of children and adults, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly.

Only 20 grams of raw carrots contain a daily dose of vitamin A for humans.

In carrots, there is beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is responsible for the growth and development of the body, so it is especially necessary for young children. If you constantly give the baby raw carrots, it helps strengthen the gums and teeth. Vegetable cleans tooth enamel from soft plaque, which remains on the surface of the teeth after rich in fat and carbohydrates food.

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The carrot pulp contains insoluble dietary fiber, which positively affects all parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Fiber creates a feeling of satiety, enhances the intestinal peristalsis, promoting a full and regular cleansing of the body.

This product has a low calorie content, so it is indispensable in nutrition of people with excess weight. Rootfeed normalizes metabolic processes, lowers the sugar level in the blood, so it is especially useful for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder.

The maximum transformation and assimilation of vitamin A (carotene) from carrots occurs if you combine vegetable with vegetable oil.

An additional advantage of carrots is that this vegetable is an affordable price category, which is present on the table all year round. It is a source of vitamins, minerals, salts, glucose, fructose and other elements vital for a person at any age.

Carrots in medicine and cosmetology

Prevention and treatment of carrots is carried out inside and outside. To preserve the beauty of the face, neck, decollete, women are put on carrots that effectively purify, whiten the skin, restoring elasticity and elasticity. Keep the mask for a short time, 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. In a week, you can repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times.

For treatment it is best to use carrots, grown with your own hands. Then the root crop is guaranteed not to contain nitrates, phosphates, other substances harmful to health.

The carrot compress helps with trophic ulcers, burns, frostbite, varicose veins. Root is a tinder on a small grater, squeeze it off. The resulting gruel should be wrapped in gauze, put in a bandage on the painful patch. Change the bandage 2-3 times a day. The optimal course of treatment is a week.


Carrot juice has disinfectant properties. With a cold or sore throat warm carrot juice with honey rinse the throat. From a cough it is useful to drink carrot juice, mixed with milk and honey. With a cold, a few drops of juice from the carrots are buried in the nose. If the gums inflamed and hurt, then the carrot juice is kept for several minutes in the mouth, and then spit.

The healing properties of carrot seeds

If the root crop is left in the ground, then in the second year of life the plant will turn into a seed bush. Seeds mature at the end of autumn - August or September. Collect dried rosettes, which are rubbed through a sieve through the holes of which the seeds fall through. Storage of carrot seeds is carried out in glass containers, while observing low humidity, they retain their germination and useful properties for several years.

Carrot seeds are in demand in medicine and pharmacology. On their basis, known drugs - Daukarin, Urolesan. Daukarin is drunk with angina pectoris, coronary insufficiency. Urolesan has a pronounced spasmolytic, choleretic and diuretic action.

The medicinal properties of carrot seeds are widely known:

  • a decoction of carrot seeds helps to soothe the cutting pains in the stomach accompanying an ulcer, gastritis, pyelonephritis;
  • helps carrots from stones in the kidneys, bladder, bile ducts, if daily 3 times a day to drink water infusion of seeds;
  • steamed ground seeds, as well as decoctions and infusions on their basis, improve the work of the intestines, eliminate dysbacteriosis, flatulence, colic, constipation.
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Useful than carrot juice

Carrot juice is the elixir of youth, health, beauty and longevity. It increases appetite and improves digestion, helps the body recover under overloads and overwork. High concentration of biologically active components makes it possible to use it to strengthen immunity, increase appetite, normalize the hormonal background. It is proved that with the regular use of juice, the condition of patients improves with oncological tumors and cancer diseases, immunodeficiency states.

Carrots are useful in liver disease, since it contributes to the natural recovery of cells of an important organ. With the intake of potent drugs, fruit and vegetable juices reduce the toxic effects of antibiotic and hormonal drugs on the body.

Carrot juice for the treatment and prevention of various diseases must be freshly squeezed, it is not subject to storage. It is recommended to combine carrot juice with other healthy vegetables and fruits. Do not add sugar, starch, sugar substitutes to the drink.

Used carrot juice for the kidneys. It has a mild diuretic and choleretic effect, promotes the excretion of sand and stones from the kidneys, urinary ducts, gall bladder. To do this, the vegetable tinder on a small grater, eat one to two tablespoons three times a day for food.

Carrots instead of medicines

The composition of carrots is a complex of vitamins - A, C, PP, E, group B and others. They have a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, the work of the heart, the tone of the vessels and arteries. Juice from the root helps to thin the blood, eliminates cholesterol plaques, tones the smooth muscles of the internal organs.

Positive effect of the state of the circulatory system is infusion of carrot leaves. For a glass of boiling water, you need to take 2 tablespoons of dried and chopped leaves. The received liquid is insisted for 30-40 minutes, filtered and drunk twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Carrots in medicine are used to prevent anemia, vitamin deficiency, anemia, loss of strength. Dishes and drinks made from it are included in the ration of nursing mothers with a lack of milk, weakened and often ill children.

Regular consumption of carrots, juice from it is the prevention of eye diseases. The elements that are part of the vegetable positively influence the mucous eyes, strengthen the retina, improve the condition of the eyeball. Indication for the use of carrots is myopia, cataracts, fast eye fatigue, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and many others.

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Recipes from carrots for vision are diverse:

  1. As a healthy snack in raw form, 1 serving is equal to 1 peeled root crop.
  2. In the composition of salads, soups, side dishes, hot dishes, desserts or baking.
  3. An important component of juice therapy, treatment with juices is effective, tasty, and useful.

The result of an acute shortage of carotene and lutein can be blindness. These substances that are useful for acute vision are contained in carrots.

Carrot oil for treatment

In medicine, carrot seeds are used for cooking oil. This product is widely used for the treatment of skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis. It is recommended to apply the oil before and after tanning, the product will moisturize and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Carrot oil can be rubbed into the scalp, it promotes the nutrition of bulbs, accelerates the growth of hair.

Carrot oil increases the elasticity of the skin, smooths wrinkles, so it is included in many cosmetic products - creams, masks, lotions.

Application of carrot oil:

  • in dermatology with skin rashes, ulcers, keloid scars, couperose, benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • as an antiseptic for bacterial and fungal infections developing on the skin and mucous membranes;
  • promotes sexual activity of men and women, increases libido, enhances potency, improves spermatogenesis;
  • normalizes the balance of hormones in the body, restores the menstrual cycle in women, alleviates the symptoms of menopause, menopause;
  • removes inflammation, relieves pain, restores joints in arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism;
  • to improve general and local immunity, purification of the body of toxins and toxins;
  • to strengthen the respiratory system - lungs, bronchi, disinfection of the oral cavity, tonsils, tongue;
  • removes inflammation in the ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, pancreas;
  • It is used for intestinal and gastric colic in children and adults;
  • is used as a vomiting agent, in this case the oil is drunk on an empty stomach by a tea or dessert spoon, depending on the age and weight of the person.

Before you take carrots, you should learn about allergies to carrots. It is the allergic reaction that is the only restriction to the use of culture for treatment and prevention.

Carrot seeds, pulp, juice, butter are widely in demand in folk medicine. Nutritionists recommend to include this vegetable in the menu for each day in a fresh and cooked form. The consumption of carrot juice requires a strict dosage, for a day should not drink more than one or two glasses.

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