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A gasoline braid is one of the irreplaceable things in the garden. With its help, you can easily cut out grass, weeds or small shrubs. It is equally suitable for large areas with tall grass, and for a small cottage, planted with bushes or fenced fence. Due to the low weight and optimum balancing of the scythes, removing the area from the grass is much easier.

The great popularity of manual gasoline braids forces manufacturers to produce all new models. This fact greatly complicates the problem of the correct choice of the instrument, so below we will consider its main varieties and popular models.

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To date, there are two main types of gasoline braids:

  1. Professional are designed for a large amount of work. They have a powerful engine (from, l. with.), relatively volumetric tank. Their main feature is the non-assembled rod, in the middle of which the shaft rotates. Depending on the location of the engine, professional motorcycles are divided into knapsack (the motor is on the worker's back) and monoblock types.
  2. Household suitable for use in suburban areas. They have a collapsible, curved bar and handle in the form of the letter "D". Engine power in such instruments is smaller, l. from.
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Now consider several popular models on different sites.

The main characteristics of this motorcycle are:

  1. Engine power, 6 liters. from.
  2. A modern system for reducing exhaust emissions.
  3. A special "bicycle" handle, which is convenient for use, both the right hand and the left.
  4. Work with a disc or trimmer head.

Petrol monocosa on the Chinese site:

The main advantages of this model:

  • 4-stroke engine with air cooling.
  • power, kWt.
  • The volume of the fuel tank, 5 liters.
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One of the popular models on the Rosette site is the Hyundai Z420:

The main advantages of this model are:

  • a quick start system, which reduces the effort required to start the motor.
  • the optimal length of the collapsible rod.
  • A special system for reducing vibration.
  • multifunction, adjustable handle.
  • the ability to quickly replace the cutting element.
  • knapsack type of engine.

Whichever motorcycle you bought, before using, be sure to read the instructions and see the training materials on the Internet. For residents of Ukraine it is preferable to buy a tool in online stores. After all, delivery increases the cost of the tool by almost two times.

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