The start area for the cook is a bamboo board. from the Chinese manufacturer


The process of cutting takes away from the cook a considerable part of the time allotted for cooking. His culinary life is inextricably linked with the cutting board. He needs such a thing for processing:

  • fish and meat;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • pastry and confectionery.

In the kitchens of chic restaurants for each product from this list is intended a separate board. Of course, at home, such a set is a great luxury. Therefore, a qualitative and dimensional cutting board made of bamboo of Chinese origin is suitable for many people.

Bamboo is a reliable friend

The Japanese used this material first. First, bridges, boats and even houses were built from it. Later they started to use for making dishes. The advantage of bamboo cutting boards is obvious:

  1. Strength. Items are so hard that they are put on a par with oak products.
  2. Elegant design. From this material, craftsmen create an original form of kitchen implements. At the same time, its color does not burn out and is not washed off.
  3. Ecological compatibility. A humid environment is a beneficial condition for the multiplication of bacteria. But the bamboo cutting boards very quickly dry out, not absorbing water. Moreover, they do not emit toxic substances.
  4. A light weight. Regardless of the size of the product (24X34 or 28X38 cm), it is quite light. Thickness of the product cm.
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Practice shows that wooden objects can be grinded and deformed from moisture. However, bamboo boards from China are made in a special way. First, the stems and leaves of the plant are ground into crumbs. Then it is pressed chemically or mechanically. Such processing does not spoil the quality of the material. The advantage of cutting boards made in this way is that they do not blunt the blade of the knives.

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Evaluation of the most demanding user experts

In this model of the cutting board a flat handle is provided, which is screwed with screws. A convenient and practical device that allows you to carry, and also store a thing. Metal processing, of course, wants the best.But several circular movements of the file solve this defect. The same can be said about the material itself. In the eye immediately throws burrs on the surface. Some customers found the remains of glue. Such errors had to be removed by sandpaper.

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In general, many are satisfied with the purchase. Cutting board is convenient to use, and most importantly, everyone is comfortable with its price.On the marketplace, AliExpress customers paid for it 1 317 - 1 513 rubles (different sizes).If you buy the same product in another online store, then it costs from 2 to 5 thousand. rub.

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