Decorate your garden with an unusual chair - a luminous cube with Aliexpress

How pleasant it is to relax in your own garden after a hard day’s work. Enjoy beautiful plants, watch the fish in the pond, drink a summer drink and just relax. But for this you need to equip the garden table and chairs. Immediately there are many questions: what kind of furniture to buy and where to buy it - from domestic or from a Chinese manufacturer? Let's consider one of the options.

Not so long ago, a luminous cube appeared on the market, which can be used both as a chair and as a small table. On such a chair, you can relax even at night. Its light is soft, does not hit the eyes. In addition, thanks to the control panel, you can change the color and brightness of the cube.

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Having ordered several such cubes, you can hold a party in the garden, inviting all your friends. They are conveniently located on the cubes, and one of them can be used as a table for drinks.

In addition, this cube can be used to illuminate the garden. For example, you can put cubes around the perimeter of the pool. They perfectly complement it. Do not worry that the cube will be close to the water, because it is waterproof.

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Advantages of a glowing cube for the garden:

  1. A comfortable resting place.
  2. Lights at night in various colors.
  3. Cube made from environmentally friendly material.
  4. Easy color change using the control panel, which is made of waterproof material.
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Soft light.
  7. Can be used as a chair and table.
  8. There are different sizes.

Now you need to solve the main question: where to buy a glowing cube? Of course, in the online stores of Russia and Ukraine this cube already exists. True, it is quite expensive - 7,500 rubles.

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But in the Chinese online store such a cube will cost only 2962 rubles. It is almost 3 times cheaper than in the domestic store. The answer is obvious - it is better to order the product directly from the Chinese manufacturer.

Characteristics of the Chinese cube:

  • Material - polyethylene;
  • Battery, which works from 8 to 18 hours;
  • 16 colors.

As you can see, the Chinese manufacturer offers a lower price. That is why it is better to order a glowing cube on the website Aliexpress than in domestic online stores.

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