Carrots and beets on the same bed

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The guarantee of a good harvest is timely sowing, successful selection of a variety and observance of agrotechnical conditions. The first factor is very important for beets and carrots, since the right seeding time promises good results.

Carrots and beets on the same bed do not get along well together, so gardeners do not recommend sowing them near. Nevertheless, if you comply with all the conditions, you can grow a good harvest of these vegetables. On the compatibility of these two vegetables is a lot of controversy.

When to plant carrots and beetroot on one patch

It is necessary to know when to plant carrots and beets in the spring, and not to delay this moment. Ogorodniki identified several favorable days for this:

  • 11 April;
  • 8 or 9 May;
  • from May 12 to 17;
  • 27 May;
  • 4 or 5 June.

Sowing can be done on other days, but the numbers mentioned are considered the most favorable. There are also unfavorable days that define each year according to the lunar calendar. The yield depends on the sowing period, and the root crop variety influences it.

Carrots and beets differ in cold resistance. Carrots are cold-resistant and normally tolerate frosts with a temperature of 4-5 degrees below zero. Sow seeds can be at a temperature of at least 3 degrees of heat. The sowing time for carrots should be selected based on the root crop variety.

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They are:

  • early ripening (up to 100 days of vegetation period);
  • mid-ripening (about 120 days);
  • late-ripening (no more than 140 days).

Early carrots begin to sow in late April, tentatively from the 25th day to May 1 inclusive. After these terms, it is already possible to sow mid-ripening varieties, sowing lasts until May 10. Starting from the second decade of May until the twentieth of June, carrots are sown for long-term storage.

Planting carrots and beets will be approximately the same, if you choose medium-ripening and late-ripening varieties of carrot seeds. Beet is considered moderately cold-resistant, the plant can grow at 3 degrees of heat. Plant dry seeds in the soil is best at a temperature of not less than 10 degrees of heat. If the beet is planted too early, its shoots may die in the case of spring frosts. You can sow beets in the past, about the same numbers as the early-ripening carrots. But then it must be covered with film. To store fruits in winter, seeds can be sown from the second half of May to the middle of June.

In the old days knew how to properly plant carrots and beets. People were guided by changes in nature, preserving people's signs. So, carrots can be sown after the mother-and-stepmother's blossom, but the beetroot - when aspen blossoms.


How to care for carrots and beets?

Features of care for root vegetables include watering, weeding, feeding and pulling. To carrots and beets on the same bed you need to approach differently, because vegetables are demanding to care.

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The first thinning of carrots can be done after the first real leaves appear. Two or three weeks after this, thinning should be repeated. Carrots do not need frequent watering, but at the same time water "requests" a lot. Weeding is also necessary, together with it we can carry out loosening.

Not only in planting carrots and beets differ among themselves, but also in care. Beets love light, so it will yield a bad harvest without regular weeding. It needs more frequent watering, but not as abundant as for carrots. Irrigation should be systematic, especially when the seeds germinate. In the first month after sowing seeds, the soil should be fertilized.

If you are interested, when carrots and beets are planted in the spring, remember that you can simultaneously plant beetroot and medium-ripened or late carrots. Root beet root requires more loosening. For the period of maturation, two twitchings are needed. The first approach comes at a time when one or two current sheets were formed. The second pulling can be done after two to three weeks, observing a gap of 5-7 centimeters.

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Collected after the second thinning, the plants do not have to be discarded, they are perfect for a green salad. In addition, many gardeners use the extracted beet plants for secondary planting. Tear off the tip of the root and plant the beet on another bed. With proper care, you can get a good harvest. During the whole ripening period, the beets need to be weeded and loosened. When the diameter of the root crops reaches 3-4 centimeters, they can be eaten.

On the question of how to plant carrots and beetroots more correctly, there is no single answer. Many factors influence the crop yield. However, the recommendations converge in one: if space permits, it is better not to sow these two plants next to each other. It is believed that they can change each other's taste. It is useful to plant carrots next to garlic or onions, their smell drives away the pests that spoil the fruit. Beets also get along well with onions and garlic, and also with beans, cabbage, zucchini and cucumber.

It will be good to grow carrots and beets, planted on a broad bed through a row of onions or garlic. If you observe the conditions of sowing carrot seeds and beets and the conditions for caring for them, both vegetables can be raised together. The main thing is to weed them in time and water them in hot weather.

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