Cultivation of cucumbers in the open ground

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One vegetable grower wants to grow every vegetable gardener. It is not necessary to nurture them in greenhouses. There are a number of recommendations on how to grow cucumbers in the open.

Technology and secrets of cultivation of cucumbers

The main needs of all plants without exception are light, heat, moisture and nutrient supply. Some cultures can tolerate the shortage of one or the other of the components. Gent-cucumber requires enough of each of them.

  1. In the first place of these conditions is warm. The minimum temperature at which cucumber seeds germinate and the plant can normally develop is 12 ° C. But this is only a minimum! Therefore, before sowing seeds, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the soil. There is also a folk sign, helping to navigate in the correct timing of sowing. It is noticed that favorable conditions for cultivation of cucumbers in the open ground come at the moment of flowering of lilac and yellow acacia. From this time, you can sow cucumbers in the soil, they will grow well and develop.
  2. If, without sufficient heat, the cucumber does not grow at all, then the lack of light on it does not clearly affect it. But if there is not enough light to achieve a good result, it will not be possible to reach: the plant will stretch, the foliage will turn pale, the flowering will linger and will not be abundant, the fruits will grow tasteless. Conclusion - for cucumber choose a well-lit place.
  3. As for watering, there are two periods in the development of cucumbers, when abundant watering is needed, and a period when it is undesirable. In the very first period of growth, when the plant actively recruits its vegetative mass, it should be watered generously, but that the water does not stagnate, avoiding the possible rotting of the tender stem. When the first buds start to appear, watering should be reduced. This cunning stimulates the development of female flowers. In the future, watering gradually increases, becoming maximum by the time the lashes begin to fill with greens.
  4. Another secret of growing cucumbers and proper care for cucumber plants is to highlight the technology of irrigation. The temperature of the watering water should be 20-25 ° C. The best time for watering is late at night. Watering should be avoided on the foliage. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to the development of diseases, the deterioration of the quality of fruits, the appearance of bitterness in them.
  5. Of nutrients cucumber prefers organic: compost, manure, litter. Which of them prefer to depend on the capabilities and preferences of each gardener, you should only take into account that fresh manure and litter can burn roots, and manure, in addition, contains many seeds of weeds and pathogens diseases. They should be used in partially reparted form. Litter, being a particularly concentrated fertilizer, is used only as an additive. Compost - fertilizer is universal and most innocuous. And also, unlike manure and litter, does not create a risk of excess nitrates.
  6. Mineral substances for cucumbers are always introduced in a dissolved form, remembering the special sensitivity of cucumber roots. A wonderful way of introducing nutrients is foliar top dressing.
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Methods of growing cucumbers

The seedling method of growing cucumbers makes it possible to give the plant a "head start outstripping the standard planting dates and thereby creating the prerequisites for obtaining the long-awaited early harvest. The weak point of this method of cultivation is the increased sensitivity of cucumber roots, which are very affected during transplantation. An easy way to overcome this deficiency is to sow the germinated seeds in peat pots or tablets, with which later the seedlings will be planted in the soil.

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On a warm patch cultivate cucumbers from time immemorial. To arrange such a bed, dig a deep trench and fill it with manure or compost, which is not completely banned. You can use their mixture. Above them they fill with a layer of fertile soil, into which seeds are already sown, preferably sprouted. Continuing to rot compost and manure will as a result of this secrete heat, warming the bed.

In barrels. This way of growing cucumbers can be considered a kind of "warm patch as the barrel is also filled with rotting organic substances in the middle and nutrient soil - at the top.

The advantages of this method are:

  • possibility to save a scarce place on the site;
  • way to avoid soil frosts;
  • creation of favorable temperature conditions for cucumbers;
  • improvement of illumination of plants;
  • convenience of care for the culture.

It is important to note that the barrels must be taken for planting old ones, which have holes at the bottom and sides to drain excess water and improve the air regime of the root system.

On the trellis in recent years, grow cucumbers most often. If we proceed from the ease of its arrangement, the possibility of providing favorable conditions for plant development, simplicity of care for culture, cultivation of cucumbers in the open ground on the trellis is the most convenient of ways.


Growing cucumbers on trellis

The advantages of this method include the following:

  • rational use of the area of ​​the site;
  • convenience of care for the plant (watering, fertilizing, harvesting fruit);
  • when growing cucumbers on the trellis, the quality of the crop improves, the well-marked fruits do not overgrow;
  • creation of comfortable conditions for culture (better lighting, good ventilation);
  • growing in favorable conditions, cucumbers less sick and longer fruiting.
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What will be trellis for a cucumber - choose you.

  1. This can be a "wall" design. To mount it on both sides of the ridge, the stands are hammered into the ground, between which the net is stretched. As an option - along a number of cucumbers drive 3-4 pillars, which pull the cord.
  2. A popular type of trellis is a double one. In this case, a general construction is constructed for two rows of cucumbers. This kind of trellis has increased strength and it is recommended to arrange it on long beds, where the total mass of cucumber weaves is quite large.
  3. A small trellis can be issued in the form of a "hut" or "tent". This method is effective externally, easy to manufacture and ideal for small areas. Such buildings are popular with children.
  4. A variety of trellises can be considered the joint cultivation of cucumbers and such tall plants as corn or sunflower. These giants will serve as a protection against drafts for the thermophilic cucumber. They will also be the natural pillar that grows with him. So, several more advantages are achieved: the gardener's work is facilitated (it is no accident that this method is preferred by women), on one crop grows two crops at once, the plants get less sick. It should be noted that when using "live trellis" the soil on the bed should be sufficiently fertile to have enough nutrients in both cultures. Top dressing (root or foliar) is mandatory.

It is important not to be late with the timing of the arrangement of trellises for cucumbers, without waiting until the stems of the plants begin to lie, so as not to disturb the grown shoots. The optimum time for the cucumber culture to support the cucumber is when the sprouts have risen to a height of about 10 cm.

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