We grow cucumbers in the open ground: popular fruit varieties

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This year, the cucumber beds did not particularly please us. Whether the lack of rain or the seeds turned out to be "wrong". Tell me, which cucumbers are the most productive for open ground? I would like to make sure in advance to be in the next season with vegetables.

The choice of seeds is a responsible business for truck farmers, especially for cucumbers. The thermophilic culture has a relatively short vegetation period in comparison with the other "garden inhabitants". In addition, the summer, at first warm and moist, quickly becomes hot and lean for rainfall. Therefore, gardeners are important to have time to grow vegetables, while the whips and ovaries are not burned under the scorching sun rays.

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In the presence of a greenhouse, the timing and periods of fruiting vegetables can be controlled, but on the beds it all depends on the weather. In this case, it is necessary to choose the most suitable varieties that meet the requirements and regional conditions of cultivation.

Before talking about which varieties are the most productive for open ground, it is worth noting that the most suitable for beds are self-pollinated cucumbers.

When choosing a variety of cucumbers, you should also pay attention to such factors as:

  • the size of the fruit;
  • for what they will be used (conservation or salad);
  • resistance to disease and adverse weather conditions.

If the region is characterized by a short summer - it is better to plant early ripened cucumbers, in the case of a long summer period, late varieties are suitable.

Early cucumbers for planting in open ground

Of the early ripening cucumbers grown outside greenhouses and greenhouses, it is worth highlighting varieties:

  1. Madame. Fruits ripen after 48 days, each weighing up to 85 g. Grow in bundles, up to 7 pieces in each. Cucumbers have small tubercles, a thin rind and do not bitter. Are good in salads and salting.
  2. Delicacy. A powerful strong-bush bush richly and harmoniously fructifies small (up to 13 cm in length) fruit weighing not more than 140 g each. Cucumbers with loose skin and sweet crispy flesh, suitable for pickling. The variety is resistant to diseases and well tolerates a non-prolonged drop in temperature.
  3. Salted. The medium-sized bush fructifies long and stably. Fruits weighing up to 135 g with large tubercles, do not overrun. The variety is ideal for canning and is resistant to major diseases.
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Cucumbers with medium maturity

From medium-sized species a good harvest of cucumbers is given by such varieties:

  1. LordF1. Fruits small fruits of no more than 12 cm. Suitable for canning and pickling. Virtually not affected by powdery mildew. Requires pollination by bees.
  2. MarindaF1. Dark green cucumbers weighing up to 75 g have a dense crisp flesh and are widely used in conservation. One square meter of the garden can grow 30 kg of cucumbers.
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Late-ripened cucumbers for open beds

Cultivation of late varieties of cucumbers allows you to get fresh vegetables before the onset of cold weather, and also to harvest them for the winter in any form. Among the most productive species, one can distinguish:

  1. Phoenix. Gives a rather large (up to 220 g) fruit with a crispy and sweet flesh.
  2. Winner. Long cucumbers with large tubercles grow to the frosts. The variety is rarely sick.

Video about the best varieties of cucumbers for open ground

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