Do not grow ovaries in parthenocarpic cucumbers: the causes and solutions to the problem

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Hello! I have a parthenocarpic variety of cucumber on the windowsill, he is 40 days old. Fruits are tied up a lot, but in sizes they almost do not increase. What to do?

Parthenocarpic cucumbers are gaining popularity among truck farmers, especially in greenhouse cultivation. The reason is simple: for a good harvest of a green vegetable, its pollination by insects is absolutely not required. The plant has only female flowers and ovaries are formed independently, and in large quantities.

However, to ensure that the harvest was not only large, but also high-quality, parthenocarpitis require a little more attention than ordinary varieties. The fact is that such plants grow very fast, forming many new shoots. Therefore, most nutrients go to new ovaries. Because there are a lot of them, the fruits grow slowly. It seems that this situation happened to the author. To redistribute the consumption of nutrients, and to direct them to the growth of cucumbers, the plant should be plucked.

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How to form cucumber-parthenocarpathi correctly?

The pinching of parthenocarpic varieties differs from simple cucumbers. Non-hybrid varieties usually begin to form after the fifth leaf, since the male flowers are laid on their main shoot.

In parthenocarpites, flowers grow in the same way, but it must be borne in mind that they are feminine, so do not prick after 5 leaves.

Formulation is better done this way:

  • In the sinuses from the first to the fifth sheet, remove lateral shoots and inflorescences;
  • the next six side lobes to leave (the length of each should not be more than 25 cm);
  • growing behind them two or three shoots to pinch, shortening them to 35 cm;
  • the length of the next three lashes to increase by 10 cm, after which also pinch.
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The main shoot should be secured, and when it reaches the maximum length, also pinch it or toss it over the support (to grow towards the ground).

In secondary shoots, which appear from lateral weaves (not basic), after the first sheet, you must remove the growth point.

What other reasons may be that the ovaries do not grow?

If the bush has been formed correctly and in time, and the fastened fruit does not grow anyway, the reason should be looked for in the following:

  1. Too many ovaries, which the plant can not "feed". Solution: remove them before blooming flowers, leaving one bush no more than 30 pieces.
  2. The "young age" of the plant. Uneven bushes have a weak leaf apparatus, but they can form lateral shoots with ovaries, however, there is not enough nutrition at all. Solution: if the bush is not yet strong enough, the first ovaries should be removed and give them time to gain strength.
  3. High humidity of air. Solution: ventilate the room more often.
  4. The room is too hot. The decision: to lower temperature or to transfer a plant in other place.
  5. Sharply changes in temperature.
  6. Heavy soil. Solution: to feed cucumbers with growth regulators (Zircon, Epin)

Parthenocarpic varieties of cucumbers during the formation and ripening of fruits need a weekly feeding, for example infusion of mullein with urea.

Parthenocarpic cucumbers: popular hybrids - video

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