Hand hoe for potatoes

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Many truck farmers, at the time of potato planting, still use obsolete methods of farming. Initially, they make an approximate markup of ridges, using a shovel dig holes, plant tubers and then fall asleep with their land with their hands. The hilling of potatoes is done by chopping, which complicates the process itself and makes it less effective. Using self-made hillers for potatoes - you can achieve a more rational result, which will save time and physical strength.

How is the handmade stubble?

Structurally, the hiller looks like a tool of the simplest assembly. The only difference from a shovel or chopper is that you need to work with him alone. This is a two-tool tool, in the case of which a cutting knife is mounted. The front linkage is designed so that one trucker can pull the hillter in front, and the second - pushes him forward with the help of two rear handles.

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Drawings of a hand hovel for potatoes made by one's own hands can be found both on the Internet and in specialized magazines and brochures on this subject. It can significantly accelerate and facilitate the care of the plot, not only in the potato area. It is very convenient for them to cut the beds and loosen the ground.

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In order to make your own hiller, you need to have the following materials:

  • A hollow water tube that will be needed as a vertical rack. Diameter - 1 inch, and length - 1 m.
  • I get a tube, ¾ in. Cross-section, which is needed for the front and rear traction.
  • Sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm, from which the dumps themselves are made;
  • The lanyard required for the connecting part between the front link and the vertical stand. It provides the possibility to steplessly adjust the attacking angle. If the lanyard can not be found, then the assembly of a manual disk hiller for potatoes, produced by hand, it can also take place with the help of a steel plate, in which holes are drilled for stepwise angle adjustment tilt.
  • A tool for bending pipes or a lamp for soldering, in particular cases, even a simple gas burner is suitable for heating the metal parts in the places where they are bent.
  • The unit for welding.
  • Bulgaria for grinding joints.

How to collect a hiller without recourse to specialists

Any hiller should be multifunctional, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the adaptability of its regulation. The height adjustment is carried out using the telescopic apparatus of the central part. To do this, insert a smaller tube into the tube, which goes into the rear traction. This approach allows you to adapt the hiller to the individual parameters of human growth when cultivating the land.

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The attacking angle is controlled by means of the slopes of the central pillar, in relation to its placement to the horizon of the earth. This effect is achieved by changing the angular difference between the vertical frame and the front traction.

How to make a manual potato hoger on your own so that the tool frame is movable? To do this, the front link is connected to the central post by the hinge, and the adjustment itself is carried out with the help of the turnbuckle. This allows you to change the angle of inclination gradually, depending on what type of soil you have to work on and the parameters of the lead person. In the absence of the turnbuckle, the angle is adjusted by moving the plate to the desired position and fixing it with bolts in the correct grooves.

The tube of the vertical frame is bent at a distance of 40 cm from the end, the bend angle is 15 degrees.

This rack is then welded to the rear link and the dumps themselves, and the front linkage is fixed, using a hinge mechanism and a long bolt. The rear linkage looks like a large letter "P the width of which is 50 cm. The length of the handles is not less than 20 cm. In the center of the plug, a vertical tube is welded, it is 30 cm in length, and this end is inserted into the vertical thrust cavity.

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To be able to adjust the height of the rack, at the upper end of it, open the holes, and do the same with a vertical fork. The front rod width must correspond to the rear. However, the length of the handles of the front rods must match the parameters of the owner, so that he can safely fit between the handrails and comfortably take on them.

To make disk dumps - from a steel sheet two identical plates are cut out. They are given a semicircular shape, similar to the discs from the classic agricultural plow. Both halves of the plow are fixed on a vertical stand. The welded seam should be smooth, without chipping. All welded parts must be sanded with a Bulgarian, and the edges of the cutting discs should be sharpened. The undercutting part will assume the main resistance of the soil when processing the plot. It is not necessary to buy ready-made discs, since it will be possible to sharpen such metal only with the help of special and expensive equipment.

What to make a manual hiller - video

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