Wireless wake-up bell made in China

Modern summer residents most of all appreciate peace and solitude. In the villages, deaf fences have long been built and do not leave the door wide open, so it can be difficult to reach or call a neighbor. Wireless calls come to the rescue, which today can be seen on every wicket.

It’s easy to choose the right model - there are door bells for every taste in domestic online stores. Wireless and wired, with a different range and a list of melodies - prices start from 150 rubles. Calls can also combine the function of an intercom and show everything that happens near your wicket. Devices for 16 000 rubles connect the guest via Wi-Fi with the host in case of his absence.

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However, you do not want to leave such an expensive “toy” unattended for the gate, so most suburban real estate owners choose simple models. In the event of a breakdown or theft, gardeners simply buy a new device.

An ordinary doorbell in a Russian online store will cost about 400 rubles. The device does not require a network connection - all elements work on autonomous sources. After installation, you can choose a ringtone and adjust the volume, which is especially important in the house with the elderly or young children. Communication range is 100 meters.

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Assortment of wireless calls, presented on the AliExpress website is almost no different from domestic stores. For those who love diversity, the Chinese have made a device that allows you to change the melody every day for a month( only 32 beeps).

The cost of 300 rubles includes a small panel with a button and the call itself. The device runs on batteries, the range is up to 100 meters. Customer reviews mark the excellent quality of the wireless doorbell from the Middle Kingdom. Thanks to standard white color, the device organically fits into any country interior.

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The disadvantages include the need to buy 23A button batteries, but you can also order them on AliExpress. Similar models of calls to online stores in Russia and Ukraine are twice as expensive, so buyers recommend placing an order immediately from China. Carefully consider the choice of the seller and its rating, because according to some reviews, the device may be defective.

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