Inflatable pool for the whole family, made in China


Make your own swimming pool in the villa area is a great idea for those who prefer to spend a lot of time in nature and just want to swim without ever going to large water bodies.

Installing a real pool is a costly and time-consuming task. In addition, this requires a lot of space. Another thing - an inflatable pool. It is used not only for children. In the modern specialized shops of seasonal goods a huge number of swimming pools for the whole family - thanks to their size, at the same time two or three people can comfortably accommodate in basin.

The inflatable pool is easy to install and can also be easily removed for the cold season. All that is needed for the installation is a pump. The only drawback of such a product is fragility. Unfortunately, it is very susceptible to mechanical damage, so you should use the inflatable pool carefully. For further use, you may need:

  1. A set of tools for patching possible "holes".
  2. A glue or a cloth for sheltering water at night (so that leaves, dirt, dust, etc.) do not fall into it.
  3. Heating system. In some cases, to create maximum comfort, a comprehensive system of regular water heating is used.
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How to choose an inflatable pool?

To purchase a truly high-quality product, be guided by the following principles when choosing a swimming pool:

  1. First, decide how many people will use the pool. Based on this information, choose the size of the product.
  2. Calculate the approximate amount that you want to spend. Consider not only the cost of the pool itself, but also the water flow, heating, repair and other components that may be needed over time.
  3. Choose the place where the pool will be installed, clean it of dirt, stinging and sharp objects. Keep pets away from the product.
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After you have decided on the interesting parameters of the goods, you should find a place where you can buy it at the best price. Typically, most consumers prefer to shop online. This allows you to save considerably. In domestic Internet shops an inflatable pool for the suburban area (large size 457x107) will cost you 5 200 hryvnia, which is 14 000 rubles (based on the data of a large online store Ukraine).

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Quite an impressive cost, besides, it does not include a set for cleaning the pool.

If you want to buy goods at a lower price, you can use the services of all the well-known Aliexpress. Here is one of the most popular inflatable pools of the site:

The seller suggests to choose the necessary size of the goods (the size is indicated for the external sides of the pool):

  • model A - 200х150х60 centimeters (5 970 rubles);
  • model В - 262х175х50 centimeters (8 321 rubles);
  • model С - 305х183х50 centimeters (10 568 rubles);

The product is completely made of plastic.

Video about buying a pool for a summer residence:

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