Cultivators for giving on Aliexpress

The dacha plot is not only outdoor recreation, but also hard work, which is associated with tillage and weed control. To facilitate this work, many lovers of the rural area use mini cultivators. Such machines fully replicate the functions of rakes, shovels and choppers. With the help of mini cultivators, you can prepare a site for planting, as well as provide further care for it. They will perfectly cope with such tasks as:

  • loosening and hilling the ground;
  • weeding beds;
  • weed removal.

Depending on the size and power, all cultivators are divided into several types, namely:

  1. Small devices that have a weight of 15 to 25 kg and an engine capacity of up to 5 liters.with. Such devices are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. They are perfect for processing small suburban areas( up to 15 acres).
  2. Semi-professional devices have engine power up to 6 liters.with. and weigh about 40 kg. Such devices operate on a gasoline engine and can handle medium land( 35 acres).
  3. Heavy vehicles with engine power up to 10 liters.with.and weighing up to 50 kg. They are used with attachments to handle large areas.
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You can buy mini cultivators in specialized online stores or on Aliexpress. For example, one of the popular models on the Rosette is the Forte HSD1G-25 mini cultivator.

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Main features:

  • power 2.5 liters.with;
  • working depth - 16 cm;
  • width of capture - 30 cm;
  • gasoline single cylinder engine;
  • weight - 15 kg;
  • cultivated area - up to 15 hectare;

A similar product can be purchased on Aliexpress.

Mini cultivator 52cc Tiller has the following characteristics:

  • width of capture - 300 mm;
  • working depth up to 160 mm;
  • single cylinder gasoline engine;
  • strong hardened steel blades;
  • maximum power of 1.9 liters.with;
  • light weight.
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This model is very popular on the Chinese site, but for Ukrainians it makes no sense to order it. Delivery of this product will cost about 10,000 USD.In such a situation, it is much cheaper to order goods on the Rosette. For residents of Russia, this model of cultivator is much more accessible. With delivery, it will cost less than similar products in specialized stores.

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