Order in the garden with an ax Laoa from China

The winter period of rest is coming to an end and we need to restore order in the garden. Many trees and shrubs need annual pruning. For these purposes, the ax of the Taiwanese company Laoa was created. This attribute of home inventory will be the perfect assistant to the master. With him he will be able to build in his garden a bench, a gazebo, an arch and other decorative items. This model has many advantages over an ordinary home ax.

Features of the ax

The quality and durability of the ax will depend on the quality and durability of the material from which the object is made. Very often, many take it on trips or on country rest. They have to cut not only trees, but also other materials( plastic or food).To make the tool convenient to perform various kinds of work, manufacturers of TM “Laoa” made it in accordance with the following parameters:

  1. Length - 38 cm. It is convenient to wear it on a belt and it does not interfere during squats or tilts.
  2. Handle. From its shape and material depends on the productivity of the home logger. The ax is made of two components, one of which is thermoplastic rubber. Rubber inserts allow you to firmly hold the ax. As a result, it will not slip out of the hands and wound its owner.
  3. Blade. Width - 105 mm, and length - 145 mm. Thanks to the rounded edge of the ax, you can cleave the wood( relevant for winter blanks), as well as cut off the edges( an indispensable procedure in the carpentry business).
  4. Weight. Less than one kg. With such a light subject master perform more work. If he was a little easier, he would have to put more effort.
  5. Storage pouch. On a black canvas, a bright green border is made to match the color of the model. A fastener - a wide flypaper from above.
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Particular attention should be paid to the strength of carbon steel, from which the ax blade is made. This ensures the optimum hardness of the cutting element required at maximum loads. Top coated with a durable coating to protect the work area from corrosion. The matt surface reduces friction when in contact with materials of different density.

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Compliance with safety regulations plays a leading role in extending the life of an ax. There are types of work that are strictly forbidden to do this tool. In addition, everyone wants to maintain their health, as well as the integrity of the processed items. Here are some expert tips: the

  • tool should never be sent to a master;
  • constantly check the strength of the wedge attachment on the ax;
  • work to carry out only well-sharpened blade. If it is cracked, burrs, potholes or knocked down, then it is better not to use it;
  • make a cut along the fiber so that the blade does not go to the side.
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Following these simple rules, an ax will serve a gardener for more than one year. At AliExpress there is a model Laoa for sale at a price of 1,542 rubles. It is much cheaper in other online stores. A set of an ax and a sharpener in an online store costs almost 2 times more expensive.

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