Salt in the dishwasher: how much, where, why?

Means that we use in the dishwasher are divided into two types. Some contribute to the laundering of pollution, others soften the water, that is, they do it so that it does not form scale. Salt belongs to the second group, since its task is to help fight solid sediments. How much should it pour and how does it work?


  • 1 How does it work?
  • 2 Why not use regular salt?
  • 3 Standards

How does this work?

Water that flows in pipes and flows to our house contains metal impurities. As is known, the presence of potassium and magnesium leads to the fact that on all surfaces in contact with water, hard deposits are formed. This is a scum that causes:

  • water stagnation;
  • destruction of materials;
  • thermal conductivity reduction.

An ion exchanger is provided in the dishwasher for it to work properly. This is the reservoir in which the resin with chlorine ions is located. Water, passing through such an ion exchanger, leaves it with magnesium and potassium ions, and thus clears, becomes softer. And why, then, need salt?

Salt( NaCl ) containing chlorine is added to replenish the ion exchanger with chlorine ions. Negative chlorine ions attract positive ions, such as magnesium. Thus, the cleaning system works.

Some dishwasher models even feature a salt sensor. If he gives a signal, you must immediately pour the desired substance.

Why not use regular salt?

This question probably worries many economical hostesses who are used to using cheap improvised means. Kitchen salt can not pour, because it contains a lot of impurities. Impurities spoil the dishwasher rather than prolong its service life.

What salt should I pour? Special salt under the same name is sold in stores among other means for dishwashers. It is packaged as powder in cardboard boxes or other similar containers. Usually each package contains about a kilogram or one and a half kilograms of money.


Before answering the question of how much salt to pour into the dishwasher, you must answer the question of how hard water is used.

Many of us already know the answer to this question, because we have noticed how quickly lime builds up on taps and other surfaces in the bathtub, in the kitchen and in the toilet.

  • There is another way: lather the soap. If it is well washed and washed badly, then the water is soft.
  • Close to scientific method - use a special device or test strip offered by foreign companies.
  • There are already known hardness indicators for each region. Therefore, you can use this data.

Why determine stiffness? The fact is that very hard water requires more salt to be poured into the dishwasher. For soft water it needs much less.

If you fill the salt in insufficient quantities, you will see white stains on the dishes.

When first turned on, the dishwasher adjusts to the stiffness that you have determined.

Pour the reagent into the hole, which is usually located at the bottom of the machine. To perform the procedure carefully and not sprinkle salt, you must use a funnel.

Now a little more about how much salt to fill. If the water is high hardness, then pour a kilogram of salt. With medium and low stiffness will be half a kilo.

Usually this amount is enough for several months, but it all depends on how often you use the machine, and what the value of water hardness is.

It should be noted that the composition of modern detergents already includes the necessary substances to soften the water. These are tablets that include three ingredients: a detergent, a rinse, and a softener. Whatever substance you use, always pay attention to its composition.

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