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To lead a healthy garden, this is the diligence of man, multiplied by knowledge. A living tree is as susceptible to disease as we are. Only a person can complain, go to a doctor, and the orchard will silently wait for help. Signal of the weakening of vitality will be decay of fruits, bred insects and the state of the bark. An attentive horticulturist will determine why apple apples crack on the first signs and will not allow a deep defeat.

How to get a good harvest

The result of spring, summer garden works should be a decent harvest of apples. If the garden is abundantly bloomed, well pollinated, then the task of the gardener is to keep the ovary. The fall of the ovaries in the first period is the self-regulation of the tree. It can not bear all the fruits. According to scientists, only 5% of flowers turn into autumn harvest of apples. Otherwise, the harvest will break its branches with its weight and weaken the feeding tree itself.

Why do healthy apples fall off?

The tree is required to help, provide it with food, prevent disease. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with agricultural technology. It is to properly feed the tree and protect it. If in the beginning of spring and during the first two months of summer the tree regularly after two weeks give fertilizing organic and mineral fertilizers, the pouring of fruits is assured, and the question of why apple apples crumble in the first period, never occurs.

A healthy apple tree produces as much fruit as it has enough nutrition, obtained as a result of fertilizing, moisture from watering and light energy.

The poured apple in the future will need to create the same taste that a green young apple does not have. Therefore, from the first August, the composition of the dressing changes. Now the tree needs a lot of potassium and superphosphate. These substances serve as a tree feed in the autumn period, increasing its winter hardiness. They also contribute to the assimilation of the biological form of substances and the creation of amino acids, enzymes that make the apple red, tasty, fragrant. Feeding the tree, we expect from it a large harvest of delicious juicy apples.

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Of great importance is watering the apple tree during fruiting. Not getting enough moisture, for the purpose of self-preservation, the tree draws liquid from the fruit, which can wrinkle and fall. Therefore, regular watering of the garden during fruiting is mandatory. But the roots need oxygen supply, and if the rain goes on for weeks, the soil is oversaturated with moisture, dumping apples is also possible. In these conditions, aeration of the soil is required, its air saturation with the help of deep loosening of the near-bottom circle. It is not difficult to carry out these activities, and the question of why the apples are scraping fruit will never disturb a caring childer.

Diseases that lead to a decrease in yield

Any disease of the fruit tree leads to a loss of harvest at all stages. Each disease contributes. Often, diseases and pests work in close collaboration. Therefore it is important to keep the garden in compliance with the map of the agrotechnical activities at the recommended time.

To maintain a healthy garden, it is necessary to carry out treatment and prevention against diseases and pests at the recommended time in the locality.

Why do apples rot on the apple tree and can the disease be defeated? This fruit rot or moniliosis struck fruit. Disease of the fungus, multiplies by spores, hibernates in the mycelium in the ground and on plant remains. A great danger is the unclean decayed fruit left in the autumn in the garden. Next year there will be a new infection from the overwintered remnants. A gardener requires thorough cleaning and disinfection of the garden after the harvest is completed.

The moniliose of apple tree is distributed:

  • in damp, warm weather;
  • populated on damaged fruits;
  • goes to healthy fruit when touching.
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In order that the rot does not take away most of the crop, it is required to carry out the fungicidal treatment of the garden in two weeks, moistening every twig. Preparations of systemic action, permitted for use in subsidiary farms, are Skor, Topaz, Fundazol, Hom. They also act on other diseases associated with spoilage of apples, for example, scab, a harbinger of moniliosis. Therefore, when fungicides are treated simultaneously, there is a struggle with the scab on the apple tree. Effective will be any preparations based on copper, but their use during fruiting is undesirable. Copper preparations are used in the spring period.

Develops moniliosis of apple trees, starting with the formation of apples the size of a walnut. It is then at the first molt that the caterpillar caterpillars a hole in the skin of the apple and a spore penetrates into the fetus, which grows into the mycelium and destroys the apple. First, brown spots appear, then a gray coating, similar to mold. These are new disputes, ready for implementation. If there is a touch with another fruit, then the infection will occur and the rot will go further.

This can happen on the tree before harvesting or when storing fruits in winter conditions. Some varieties, especially winter and acidic, are slightly susceptible to decay, since they have thick peel and a dense waxy layer that protects the fruit from infection.

Fruit rot is the result of pre-damage to the skin by a pest, hail or predisposition of the variety, due to a thin skin, to infection through touch.

Fighting pests that damage fruits and are precursors of the emergence of moniliasis remains an integral part of agrotechnical activities. All kinds of traps and sprinkling of apple trees against pests in summer is a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy garden. Therefore, measures to combat the moth are at the same time protecting the health of the fruit.

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When asked why the apples are cracked on the apple tree, an answer was received, which once again confirmed that the manifestation of any disease lies in complex causes. Cracking of an apple is possible if its supply of food continues, and the skin is not elastic enough. It is known that the scab acts on a part of the plant so that they stop growing. The incoming nutrients tear the skin, and the fissure is cracked.

But there are reasons of a physiological nature. After a long drought, heavy rains followed. The roots drove the juices in large quantities, and the already pounding skin could not withstand the internal pressure. Why the apples cracked on the apple tree, which is not sick at all, in this case it is clear. It was necessary to arrange watering in the drought and cover the root circle of the mulch so that there is no sudden change in humidity.


The tendency to cracking is greater in fruits with rough skin. In addition, you can not keep harvest of ripe fruit on a tree for a long time. They, too, can crack and rot.


In order not to remain without a crop of apples, it is required to carry out the following measures for the preservation of the garden during the whole season.

  1. Autumn collection of all plant residues and their destruction by burning. Carry out cleaning of the bark, treatment and whitewashing of trees with special paint. Dig in the trunks.
  2. In the spring, it is necessary to repair the crown and tree trunks before the beginning of the sap flow. Spray with a strong urea solution. On a green cone, treat copper-containing preparations against fungal diseases.
  3. After flowering the garden, perform protective treatments every two weeks, combining treatments against fungal diseases and against insects. Do not forget in time to feed and water the plants.

It remains to follow the recommendations given in this article to preserve the harvest of your garden and to please your relatives with delicious fruits.

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