Reusable, raincoat raincoat from the Chinese manufacturer


Every gardener, lover or professional, periodically drizzling rain prevents to continue to work. At such times, we think - how nice it would be to have a waterproof raincoat on hand, because holding one umbrella is very inconvenient. Even a light rain prevents the continuation of work in the country site - clothes get wet, and this, of course, causes discomfort in any person and threatens a cold. On the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" the most inexpensive raincoat will cost you 285 rubles 57 kopecks (with delivery to Russia - 353 rubles 45 kopecks), and during the discount of 19% - only 231 rubles 15 kopecks (with delivery to Russia - 299 rubles 3 kopecks), the delivery price - 67 rubles and 88 kopecks.

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Characteristics of raincoat:

  • size - for adults;
  • material - plastic;
  • type - waterproof;
  • weight - very light;
  • length - 128 cm;
  • width - 70 cm.

Quite comfortable raincoat with six kinds of colors. Due to the fact that the cloak is light, it can be easily folded and put in a bag, bag or car.

On the website of the "OBI" hypermarket, such cloaks are presented, for example:

Cloak-raincoat is not transparent, and costs already 599 rubles exactly, the shipping cost is not included.

Characteristics of a raincoat:

  • size - large (XL);
  • length - 34 cm;
  • width - 27 cm;
  • depth - 15 cm.
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There are 4 colors to choose from. As indicated by the seller's website, the cloak is made of high-strength polyethylene, is able to provide protection against any type of rain, except meteoric.

Also there are whole suits from the rain, for example:

The price of a suit is neither more nor less than 999 rubles, the price of delivery is not included in the price. The costume looks much stronger, but should such raincoats be designed for long-term use? Nevertheless, these types of costumes are much more necessary for fishing or hunting, when there is nowhere to hide from the weather.


Characteristics of the costume:

  • size - adult (XXL);
  • weight - 661 g;
  • height - 3, cm;
  • width - 28 cm;
  • depth - 2 cm;
  • material - plastic.
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Based on the above examples, let's sum up. Waterproof raincoat-raincoat, of course, must be at hand for every dacha or gardener. This thing can be used not only in the completion of work in the suburban area, but also trite to run to the car or bus, without soaking your clothes. Again, such things are not scarce, and they can easily be bought in your city's store. But the "Alyexpress" raincoat will be cheaper. Not the best quality - but it is quite suitable for "summer" purposes.

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