Retractable mount for hanging pots made in China

Putting the dacha in order is not an easy task. If we are talking about the traditional six hundred square meters, then there will definitely not be enough space for a greenhouse, open beds, a lawn and an alpine slide with flowers. Practical people are unlikely to sacrifice a future harvest for the sake of beauty, but it is simply impossible to imagine a summer house without flowers.

It is quite possible to find a compromise without an invitation from a professional landscape designer. Suspended pots are sold at any hardware store. Depending on the size and shape of the tub with flowers can decorate the wall of the house, porch or veranda. First of all, you need to choose a reliable mount that will stand pots.

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brackets made of cast iron are best suited. Products have incredible strength, resistant to temperature extremes and precipitation, and the appearance remains unchanged for many years. In addition, modern brackets - this is an additional decoration of a country site. Fancy patterns, dragonflies and butterflies, birds, domestic and wild animals, as well as laconic hooks for lovers of the classics - in the assortment of domestic online stores are hundreds of brackets for hanging pots at a price of 500 rubles and above.

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The only minus of the cast-iron bracket is the inconvenience of watering and processing plants. Alternatively, manufacturers from China offer a product with a retractable mount. Unusual merchandise presented on AliExpress. On both sides of the round case there are carabiners - one is mounted on a hook to the ceiling, and the other holds a flowerpots with flowers.

Durable strap allows you to lower the tub by a distance of 20 cm to 90 cm down, and the maximum load is 15 kilograms. For the elderly, each climb up to the purpose of watering flowers can be dangerous, and with a retractable mount, they perform this task without any outside help.

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Buyers recommend to pay attention to this option of summer décor, and the strict black color is ideal for any interior. In hanging pots, flowers are usually placed for one season, so for a time of cold weather, retractable mounting is easily dismantled.

Analogues of products in Russian online stores has not yet been presented, so we recommend making an order on the AliExpress website. Price - from 140 rubles to 300 rubles, depending on the number of products in the package.

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