Garden planter from China

The first autumn month is a “hot” time for owners of six acres. Despite the importance of preparing the site for the coming winter, the first place is still harvesting. In central Russia, various varieties of apple and pear trees are planted.

Many gardeners know from experience that fruit ripening is uneven. It is not recommended to wait for one day, because overripe fruits lose their taste and are stored for a short time.

Harvesting brings a lot of trouble, and do without "helpers" will not work. There is not always room for stepladders near fruit trees, therefore, in the hardware stores there is a huge assortment of fruit collectors.

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The product is a small bag attached to the rim with teeth. A special hole on the side is designed for the stick, which allows you to reach the upper branches. The teeth cut a thin stalk, and the fruit lands safely in the pouch.

The cost of a collector in Russian online stores starts from about 200 rubles. In the most simple products, the bag is made of cotton, the body of carbon steel prevents the appearance of corrosion. Expensive models( from 600 rubles) are distinguished by a strong plastic cutter and the ability to adjust the position of the collector relative to the rod.

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Offering prices are offered to buyers by the famous AliExpress site - only 143 rubles for a tool for picking fruit. A similar cotton bag and rim with teeth and a hole for the rod - Chinese manufacturers have decided not to change the design, tested over the years.

Opinions about the fruit basket from China divided. On the one hand, buyers note the strength of the product: the bag is well sewn to the case, and the teeth are very difficult to bend. On the other hand, the modest size of the bag is designed for two or three small fruits, and the lack of tilt adjustment requires additional effort.

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The main disadvantage of the Chinese tool is still paid delivery, which increases the final cost of the product to 330 rubles. Based on customer reviews, we do not recommend ordering fruit containers on AliExpress, because in any Russian online store you can easily find a more successful model with a turning mechanism and pick up a convenient telescopic barbell.

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