The best sorts of cucumbers for Siberia

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The benefits and taste of cucumbers can not be underestimated. They are pleasant to eat fresh, pickled and pickled, they savor with many dishes, are low-calorie and appetizing. In cucumbers a lot of vitamins and trace elements, and even a huge amount of moisture needed by man. This vegetable culture is thermophilic. It is not so easy to grow cucumbers in the cold region, the best varieties for Siberia, however, you can choose to please yourself with a useful vegetable.

Features of cucumbers

Ordinary cucumber belongs to the family of Pumpkin cultures and is an annual herbaceous plant. His fruit, which we are accustomed to eating in salads, marinating and sour, botany described it as a false berry. Its shape can be different, depending on the variety.

Cucumbers have already existed for more than six thousand years. Their homeland is the foot of the Himalayas, located in the subtropical zones of India. Over the years, vegetable culture has spread throughout the world, and even in regions where conditions are not natural for its growth.

Siberian cucumbers are most often a hybrid of an ordinary cucumber. Hybrid varieties better tolerate unfavorable conditions and bear fruit well. Their harvest is always abundant, since they do not need pollination or are bee-dusted. Hybrids have many varieties, the best are early cucumbers - the Murom - they simply grow on beds and in greenhouses, as their fertility is very good. They quickly ripen and early finish fruit. Between the shoots and the first harvest of such cucumbers passes a month and a half. This is a very convenient feature that is suitable for a short Siberian summer.

Hybrid varieties of cucumbers are indicated by the symbol "F1". It is obtained by crossing parental varieties. Such cucumbers are nice to eat, but they are not suitable for a planting. Collecting the seeds of hybrids does not make sense, because often they do not re-emerge.

More about the best varieties of cucumbers for Siberia

In addition to the Murom cucumbers, there are other varieties. Selecting for themselves the seeds of cucumbers for Siberia, one should choose those that have passed state analyzes and are regionalized in the Siberian regions. They will be more resistant and bring a good harvest. The most optimal option - varieties grown directly in Siberia.

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These include:

  • Firefly;
  • F1 Brigantine;
  • Gusto;
  • Champion;
  • Serpentine;
  • F1 Apogee.

Such varieties are listed in the State Register and are considered suitable for the conditions of the cold region, they are more resistant to diseases such as bacteriosis and transplant.

About fifteen varieties of cucumbers are zoned in the Western part of Siberia, some of them are obsolete, and some are calculated exclusively for greenhouse cultivation.


Cucumbers for Siberian greenhouses can be of the following varieties:

  • F1 Carnival (in its fruits there is no bitterness);
  • F1 Guardian;
  • F1 Stimulus.

These hybrid varieties have good fertility, their fruits are excellent for conservation.

The most widespread types of Siberian cucumbers for open ground:

  • Altai is a popular sort of cucumber, early-ripening and bee-dusted. It has high resistance to colds and an average resistance to diseases. Can be grown in greenhouses or outdoors. Its fruits are excellent for pickling.
  • Altai Early - a variety of early ripening, refers to varieties of Siberian cucumbers for open ground. Very well tolerates low temperatures. Such cucumbers are most often used for salads.
  • Cascade and Mig - both varieties are similar to each other and can be grown, both in greenhouses and in beds. Fruits are great for salads and for conservation. Their shape is elongated and cylindrical. The yield varies from eight to twelve kilograms per square meter. For good fruiting requires fertilizing.
  • F1 Claudia is another kind of cucumber of the best varieties for Siberia. The hybrid can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors. The plant self-pollinates, so the crop can be about 27 kilograms from one square meter. Ripen in about two months, the collection must be carried out every couple of days. The form of the fruit is finely lumpy, there is no bitterness in the taste, so the vegetable can be eaten raw and canned.
  • F1 Herman - a variety of hybrid Siberian cucumbers. The variety is early, self-pollinating, with good yield and resistance to diseases. One knot gives about six cucumbers. The shape of the fruit is small, similar to cornichons, 10-12 cm in size. Taste without bitterness, so the cucumber is suitable for salads and salting.
  • F1 Zozulya - a hybrid variety, partly self-pollinating. Gives a great harvest, is distinguished by long fruit bearing. It has cold resistance and resistance to certain diseases. You need to know when to plant cucumbers in Siberia of this kind, so that they grow well. They are sown in a greenhouse in the middle of May. Collect cucumbers must be produced at least three times a week. The variety is popular due to its unpretentiousness, early maturity, high yield and long fruit bearing.
  • Manul - from such seeds of cucumbers for Siberia fruits with a length of about 20 cm are obtained. This is a medium-ripe variety, bee-dusted, high-yielding. This plant belongs to the female type, so it should be planted next to the pollinating varieties. For example, a cucumber is a hothouse. The plant is unbranched and not whimsical to conditions and care.
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How and when to plant cucumbers in Siberia

It is necessary to know how to properly grow cucumbers in Siberia. In this region, most often planted this culture in greenhouses, like seedlings, sometimes grow cucumbers in barrels. Selecting varieties of cucumbers for Siberian greenhouses, you should give preference to self-polluting varieties.

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To land in the open ground requires a surface shelter. It can be made from a high pillow based on straw and manure. A layer of fertile soil is poured over it and then the seedlings are planted. The soil must be medium loamy, breathable. Suitable ground after potatoes, peppers, onions or cabbage.

The most optimal time when planting cucumbers in Siberia is a period without frost. The temperature should not be below +20 ° C. Cucumbers can be planted with seedlings or seeds. In the first case, warmed soil is required, a temperature of + 15 ° C is suitable for seeds. The depth of the groove where the seed is placed should be about 3 cm, the distance between them is about 15 cm. Place with planted cucumber seeds is best covered with a film to avoid freezing of the soil.

Care for cucumbers is insignificant. They need regular, abundant watering. When weeds appear, the ground needs to be weeded and periodically loosened. For watering, warm water of room temperature will approach, moisten it with cucumbers best in the evening. Also, for a good harvest, fertilizing is needed. During the vegetation period, they should be repeated two to three times.

The peculiarities of how to properly grow cucumbers in Siberia are not too confusing. The main nuance lies in the choice of a suitable variety and quality seeds. Care for cucumbers and harvesting will be almost the same as in warmer countries. In order for cucumbers to grow well, they need warm conditions and moisture, and the amount of harvest depends on the selected variety.

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