To increase the yield of cucumbers in the open ground, we use the garter of the whips

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Among the garden crops cucumbers are distinguished by rapid growth and intensive fruit bearing. Knowing how to tie cucumbers in the open ground, the summer resident can significantly prolong the life of the plant and multiply its yield.

To provide a truck farmer with a harvest of juicy crispy greens, cucumbers of modern varieties form powerful whips, strewn with male and female flowers. Their number can be estimated in tens and hundreds.

But how much ovaries are formed depends on the growing conditions:

  • lighting and airing beds;
  • coming to plants moisture;
  • food supply;
  • The presence of insects, if the birch planted bees are planted at the dacha.

Without garter cucumbers in the open ground are quickly intertwined. The bed becomes like an impenetrable thicket, as a result:

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  • It is difficult to weed the soil under crops;
  • access to flowers of bees is difficult, but to stems and leaves of air and sunlight;
  • intertwining, clinging to each other with a mustache, the whips choke each other;
  • it is difficult to trace the adequacy of watering and to carry out feeding;
  • because of the crowding and abundance of stems and leaves, the risk of fungal diseases increases.

Neglecting a garter of cucumbers in the open ground threatens a serious decrease in the quantity and quality of the greens. Orderly, raised above the ground whips can greatly simplify the care, without too much effort to collect grown cucumbers and save precious space in the garden.

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Terms and methods of gartering cucumbers in the open ground

Beginner farmers often believe that they will always be able to choose the appropriate method of garter. Before the flowering of cucumbers there is still time, the whips just begin to grow, and it will not be difficult to raise them. This opinion is a serious mistake!

The experienced summer resident is engaged in the formation of the bush during the whole life of the plant, and dullness to their garter follows with the growth of 30-40 cm, that is, at the stage of 4-5 real leaves. If delayed, rapidly growing stems can easily be broken off and lost a crop.

How to tie cucumbers in the open field, what are the ways? In the open ground for the ordering of cucumber stems traditionally used:

  • horizontal garter, when transverse ropes or wires are stretched between two or more vertical supports;
  • Vertical garter on trellises installed over each row of plants planted in the ground;
  • garter on the mesh, simplifying the procedure for the formation of bushes and allowing to combine the advantages of the first two methods.

Among the summer residents there are many adherents of planting cucumbers along the fence. In this case, an improvised trellis for cucumbers in the open ground is the fence itself, to which plants cling to the mustache and gradually braid all available space.

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Garter cucumber on the trellis in the open ground

The trellises installed above the beds allow fast and secure fastening of the whip and allow them to grow up freely. Before you tie the cucumbers in the open ground, you need to take care of making a U-shaped trellis. To do this, take a metal or wooden supports, which are installed at both ends of the row.

If there is a horizontal garter, a rigid cross member is not made, and at a distance of 20-30 cm from the ground and to the very top, rows are tightly tightened with wire or strong ropes. When the whips reach the height of the first row, the whiskers will grasp the rope and fasten the plant. As the stems grow, they themselves rise higher, and for each shoot there is a place.

The only weak side of horizontal tying is the inability to make such a trellis for cucumbers in the open ground too high. A moment is inevitable when the tops of the lashes begin to hang from the upper rope tier.

Cucumbers on the trellis in the open ground tie up and upright. To do this, a rigid U-shaped structure is constructed, to which, at the top, the ropes or strips of dense fabric are successively tied and lowered downward. The lower end of the free loop, which does not injure the shoot, is attached under the first real cucumber leaf, and the stem is directed upwards.

To each plant cucumber on the trellis in the open ground must stretch at least one rope. If the bush is strong and formed several shoots with ovaries, several guides of vertical twines are attached to it at once.

How to tie a cucumber in the open ground on a grid

Today, for such plants as cucumbers, melons, loofah, muscat gourd, an elastic plastic mesh with a mesh of different sizes is produced. Using such an improvement in the country, you can save time and provide cucumbers a very high quality support, combining all the positive sides of the vertical and horizontal garters. At the same time, the mesh easily and without damage to the weaves sustains not only them, but also the weight of the growing greens.

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Before you tie the cucumbers in the open ground on the net, on both sides of the beds are installed strong supports. For long ridges, additional pillars are provided to prevent sagging and falling of plants together with the trellis.


Instead of a plastic or rope mesh, you can use rigid wire or wooden grilles. Choosing a similar material, it is better to give preference to grids with a large mesh, which will not interfere with the growth of leaves and ovaries.

We make trellis for cucumbers with our own hands - video

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