Harvesting fresh cucumbers and zucchini for the winter

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Pickled cucumbers and sauce squash in winter are a great success, with their help, you can slightly diversify the meager diet. However, conservation can not completely replace the fresh vegetables that you want to taste. In order not to wander around the shops in search of expensive imported vegetables, stuffed with nitrates, fresh cucumbers and zucchini can be prepared for the season using a freezer.

Zucchini freeze

Young courgettes must be pre-treated:

  • wash;
  • peel off;
  • to clean the flesh with seeds.
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The preparation of zucchini for winter can be done in several ways:

  1. Frozen in circles. In this case, you do not need to clean the pulp, just cut the peel. Zucchini cut into circles with a thickness of at least 1 cm. Dip all the mugs in the flour on both sides, put on a board or a tray and place in the freezer. Then they can be transferred to the courts or sorted by package.
  2. Freeze the grinded mass.Grater to use depending on the further use of vegetables: for drapery - to take larger, for pancakes - less. Grated zucchini put on a colander to stack the juice. Then expand the mass into molds. You do not need to add water!
  3. Freeze in cubes.Very convenient way to prepare zucchini for stew.
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Frozen zucchini circles must be fried without preliminary defrosting, so that the vegetables remain intact during the frying process.

Another way to freeze zucchini involves pre-roasting zucchini. Already ready vegetables cool and expand on trays. In this case, before use, they should be thawed.

Freezing of cucumbers

The advantage of this way of preparing cucumbers, like freezing, is that it allows you to preserve all the taste qualities of vegetables. The aroma and taste of frozen cucumbers is the same as if they had just been torn from the bed.

For freezing it is desirable to use young cucumbers of small size.

Vegetables must be thoroughly washed, drained of excess water and peeled, since when frozen, it becomes sluggish, while the cucumber pulp itself retains a dense structure perfectly.


Depending on the purpose of the vegetables, they can be cut:

  • medium cubes for olivier;
  • slices - for vegetable salads.
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Cut the cucumbers immediately put into packages, squeeze out the air and close them tightly.

Frozen cucumbers and zucchini for winter - video

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