How to choose a dishwasher 45 cm

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Today, the most reliable helpers of each hostess are a washing machine and a refrigerator. The dishwasher for many years was a rare guest in Russian cuisines, but over time the situation radically changed. Today PMM is a necessary and indispensable technique. If you have not tried her work and just think about buying, you will not be hindered by a detailed review of popular models.

This publication is devoted to the selection of a compact and narrow dishwasher - for small kitchens. We will tell you how to choose a dishwasher 45 cm, and explain how it compares favorably with machines of other sizes.

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Content of the material:

  • 1How to choose a dishwasher 45 cm according to specifications
    • 1.1Dimensions
    • 1.2Full-featured machines
    • 1.3Connection and power consumption
    • 1.4Baskets
    • 1.5Washing Quality
    • 1.6Programs
    • 1.7Drying
    • 1.8Costs of water and energy
  • 2Top 5 most successful dishwashers 45 cm
    • 2.1Bosch SPS 40E12 EN
    • 2.2Candy CDP 4609
    • 2.3Siemens SR24E205R
    • 2.4LERAN FDW 45-096 WHITE
    • 2.5Electrolux ESF 2300OS
  • 3What does an experienced consumer
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How to choose a dishwasher 45 cm according to specifications

If you go for the first machine caught in the eye - it's like poking your finger in the sky. You can then wonder at the missing or, vice versa, superfluous functions, and buying can significantly spoil the design of your favorite cuisine. To ensure that the dishwasher completely satisfies the requests and becomes a complement to the interior, and not its "black label you need to carefully approach the choice.

Before proceeding, you need your own rating of models, compiled taking into account personal priorities and requests. Experts recommend paying attention to such parameters of the PMM:

  • dimensions and technical nuances of connection;
  • possibility of embedding;
  • configuration and method of placement in the hopper of dish baskets;
  • quality of washing;
  • functional and list of programs;
  • the presence of drying and its possibilities;
  • consumption of resources.


Speaking about the size of the dishwasher and placing a bet on the model at 45 cm, it is necessary to recognize that a narrow model is an ideal option for a kitchen of modest size. But you should be aware that the small car capacity is more modest. After a noisy meal it will take several times to start the car wash. It is unprofitable and inconvenient, if parties and holidays are your way of life, and you need to wash dishes in large batches.

Dimension parameters

Full-featured machines

Much more logical if you look narrowly at the narrow 45-centimeter model with the possibility of embedding. Such built-in equipment can be "hidden" in any modern kitchen set, and no one will guess what is behind the door of the locker. Therefore, make an emphasis on such a model - in a fully integrated PMM there are more advantages: despite the modest performance, it will not spoil the interior.

Embedded models

Connection and power consumption

Connectivity is associated with the power consumption of the device. If it is possible to connect directly to hot water, then the heater will not be used so intensively, and you will pay less for light bills. But this option will increase spending on water, so it's hard to say - why it is better to overpay.

Important! Experts are sure that the optimal connection is to a cold water pipe. This will protect details from the harmful effects of industrial water and will have a beneficial effect on the quality of washing.


Picking PMM for the house, boldly consider the baskets - you will have to use them for many years, so they should be quality, durable and comfortable. In modern dishwashers, 45 cm manufacturers have managed to place more than two regular baskets, adding to the design of trays for cutlery and other compartments. The more functional containers and containers, the more convenient.


Washing Quality

Another parameter that requires increased attention of the buyer. At purchase it is impossible to test a new dishwasher. But you can look in the technical documentation, where the wash class is prescribed:

  • A - the highest level;
  • B - excellent;
  • C - good;
  • D - above average;
  • E - satisfactory.

These letters of the Latin alphabet are assigned to the typewriter during the factory tests, so you can be sure of their plausibility.

Important! When buying a washing machine, pick up models in which the quality of washing is indicated by the letterA,B orC. If you are offered to buy a class carD orE, refuse such a purchase.


On the wash class, the selection criteria for PMM do not end. You should be interested in the functional - the set of programs proposed by the manufacturer. From the list of dishwasher programs with a width of 45 cm depends on the quality of work. Experts agreed that the modern narrow model should contain such a minimum:

  1. Basic mode. He has many names, but the main point is that the dishes are washed in hot 60-degree water for several hours (2-3 hours).
  2. "Super-mode".His idea is that the dishes are washed with the maximum heated water for 90 minutes.
  3. Soak. In this mode, the dishes become soaked - suitable for plates and appliances that have been standing after use for a long time.
  4. "Fast".On this program, kitchen utensils and cutlery are perfectly cleaned, and the average time consumed is 40 minutes.


This is a basic set of functions that must necessarily be equipped with a 45 mm deep PMM. Full-featured models run on 10-15 programs, but usually for the daily use of four of these modes.


It is difficult to incorporate drying into a small 45 cm dishwasher. But some manufacturers succeeded, and they equipped their compact models with useful functionality. The dishes in the car with drying after washing and rinsing remain in the box, where drops of water drain and the plates dry naturally. There are improved, but more energy-intensive models in which convectors are installed, heating and circulating air in the box - so the dishes are dried many times faster.

If you are looking for a more economical option, stop on the natural way of drying dishes.

Flow direction

Costs of water and energy

If you are accustomed to rational use of resources, pay attention to the profitability of the PMM. When will the costs be higher? For example, if the machine has forced drying, which can not be disabled. With water in the same way: the more productive the washer, the more water it uses.

Important! In the latest rulers of dishwashers 45 cm there are unique nozzles that, when sprinkled, save 30% of water, keeping the quality of work at the level.

Now you know about choosing a narrow dishwasher almost everything. It remains to compare the most successful models, and decide - which is better. This will help our rating.

Top 5 most successful dishwashers 45 cm

Here are the best models from the world's leading brands. Find out how much it weighs, how it washes and how much a particular PMM consumes.

Bosch SPS 40E12 EN


The model from the German brand "Bosch" took the first step of the rating due to its parameters, functionality and price. About all in more detail:

  • Narrow machine, the width of 45 cm.
  • High capacity: it cleans up to 9 sets of dishes of different caliber;

Important! A set is a set of dishes from 4 plates, 1 cup, 1 saucer, a pair of spoons and forks.

  • There are several washing programs that are sufficient for daily use: preliminary rinsing, "Economy "Auto" and "Fast" modes.
  • It is possible to manually adjust the water temperature - from 30 to 70 degrees.
  • There is a delay in the start, the replacement of the container container, taking into account the height of the dishes, "parental control".
  • "Can" to recognize the type of detergent.
  • Provides protection against leaks.
  • Relatively low noise level.

Narrow model

PMM from the brand "Bosch" is a budget model, costing only 19 000 rubles.

Candy CDP 4609

The firm "Kandy" continues the rating of narrow machines. Despite the Chinese production, the characteristics of the machine is almost inferior to the previous counterpart. It has fewer programs, no protection from children and a detergent recognition system. Other parameters at the level:

  • provides a high quality wash;
  • narrow (45 cm);
  • roomy and productive;
  • saves resources;
  • is sold at a record low price: around 12 000 rubles.


It could compete with the Bosch car, if not for the assembly of the PRC. Users often complain about the poor quality of the parts and the difficulty in replacing them.

Siemens SR24E205R

Another narrow "German" from "Siemens". If you compare with Bosch SPS 40E12 RU, there is no difference, including the identical price - 19 000 rubles. But there is a difference that sent this machine to the third step of our rating. The thing is this: with complaints to the service owners of this PMM are treated much more often than users of previous models.



The penultimate place of the Top-5 went to a Chinese car - this dishwasher with electronic type of control and high performance (up to 9 sets) costs only 1, 00 rubles.


Important! The brand "Leran" comparatively recently entered the world market. But even this did not prevent her from gaining steady recognition of buyers due to inexpensive, but high-quality goods.

Features of the model:

  • 6 useful programs;
  • economy;
  • modes "Fast "Intensively "Economy" and others;
  • delayed start;
  • "parental control
  • full system "Aqua-Stop
  • regulation of baskets for dishes by height;
  • Partial load mode to save resources.

In all respects, the model deserves to be the leader of our rating, but the experience and years of work of the "old-timers" of the market "Bosch" and "Siemens" must be respected.

Electrolux ESF 2300OS


The "best of the best" parade closes this model, although it is not considered narrow with the parameters 54x44x51 cm. But it weighs only 21 kg and works almost silently (48 dB). Another plus: economical work. In addition to these, there are other advantages:

  • 6 modes;
  • electronic type of control;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • protection against accidental pressing;
  • tank of high-quality stainless steel;
  • the productivity in 6 sets of dishes, which is very good for a compact body;
  • price in the region of 20 000 rubles.

Of course, there are decent options for other world brands, such as "Hansa" or Miele, but they are not included in the rating because of the high price or insufficiently thoughtful functionality. Therefore, we will focus on the listed five brands - they are enough to add the opinion of dishwashers 45 cm.

What does an experienced consumer

We offer you real reviews of those who have personally tested this or that dishwasher model. Perhaps the opinion of other buyers will help you make the final decision.

Elena Romanovna, St. Petersburg

Has got CANDY CDP 4609. Of the good can not be said about the quality of washing - otdraivaet even the most dried up pollution. There are also minuses: constantly it is necessary to clean the filter. I do not know how bad this is, but I'm a little annoyed that you need to spend money on special pills - without them, the dishes are washed disgustingly.

Irina Vladimirovna, Sochi

I started to dream of a dishwasher, after hearing the advertisement "You are a woman, not a dishwasher". I firmly decided that I would not spoil my manicure any more, therefore half a year of diligence - and the total amount was accumulated. Consultant in M-Video advised to take BOSCH SPS 40E12 RU. In principle, I'm happy with everyone - I do not even know how I used to wash everything myself! Now after the holidays I put the dishes in the basket, threw a pill, pressed the button, and relaxed. By carelessness, they broke a grate in one basket with her husband, and sometimes some small saucers fall out, but here we ourselves are to blame.

Now you should have a full opinion on the dishwasher 45 cm - you know how to choose it, what to compare and what to look for. We wish you a successful purchase!

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