How to choose a dishwasher: tips on choosing brands + review

Dishwasher, refrigerator, stiralku or other appliances, not usually buy for a year or two, but at least for the next decade. Therefore it is important not to take the first available model, and analyze several suitable dishwashers that fit into the framework of the family budget.

Let us find out how to choose the dishwasher, it is possible to meet the needs and did not disappoint after the first week of use.

The content of the article:

  • The possibilities of modern factory design
  • The size and type of installation
  • Which components are most important?
  • Specifications PMM
    • Deciphering the energy values
    • Electronic or mechanical control?
    • Review of popular programs
    • Basic and advanced features
    • Whether to focus the noise level?
  • The importance of the brand when selecting
  • Expert guidance on the selection of MMP
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The possibilities of modern factory design

When choosing kitchen appliances especially striking her appearance. If the unit does not meet the tastes of the customer, it is unlikely he will choose it.

Exceptions are built-in models, but even they have different content of internal compartments, decoration baskets for the dishes, the design of the control panel.

Manufacturers detached and partially embedded machines offer both cost-effective standard model without unnecessary frills, and a dishwasher in a retro style, with rounded corners and daring colors scheme.

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Dishwasher Extra Class

Retro line Smeg brand can be identified by the smoothed outline, unusual shades - from ivory to lime - and the high price

Technic model of high-tech

Recessed and partially recessed aggregates without decorative panel selected to match the color or design of the rest of the art Furniture

Removable decorative panel for interior

Door built model usually decorate the plate, repeating the design of the facade of the kitchen furniture set

Compact tabletop dishwasher

Small in size models look as microwave ovens or standalone ovens, and even occupy the same space

Dishwasher Extra Class

Dishwasher Extra Class

Technic model of high-tech

Technic model of high-tech

Removable decorative panel for interior

Removable decorative panel for interior

Compact tabletop dishwasher

Compact tabletop dishwasher

Standard models, especially the built-in type, similar. If important tone bezel or housing in general, it is better to clarify this question in advance. Manufacturers are developing several variants of popular models that differ only in color.

If you find yourself in selling a car with a white case, the alternative option of a steel or silver hue, most likely, are available upon request.

The size and type of installation

Choosing a place for the machine and the type of a method of installing interrelated, since all dishwashers are divided into:

  • freestanding model;
  • recessed units;
  • partially embedded cars.

Detached are not attached to the furniture, they can be installed stand-alone - alone equipment, with all parties having a decorative finish.

Equipment for embedding no external decoration of the walls and the front panel is designed for mounting facade lining.

Partially built-in dishwasher

Partially embedded machine control unit differ rendered out - he is at the top, in a prominent place. The door is not always under the kitchen decorated facade, some models are completely open for viewing

Regardless of the type of installation of the machine are full-size, ie the maximum volume, narrow, reduced in width, or compact.

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The full-size dishwasher roomy

This is the most voluminous equipment types average height 80-86 cm, 54-63 cm wide depth of 54-60 cm. Characterized by a maximum range of programs and options

Narrow model of the dishwasher for a small kitchen

Despite a more modest size, narrow dishwashers are not inferior to full-size functionality. Average dimensions: height and depth as the previous models, the width - 44-45 cm

Compact machine does not take up a lot of space

On average, the tabletop models size within the following dimensions: height - 43,5-60 cm, depth - 49,5-55 cm, width - 55-60 cm. Simultaneously service to 6 sets of dishes

Custom broader model dishwashers

Separate series brands go beyond generally accepted standards. For example, the height dishwashers Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.1 90.8 cm, which is higher than the standard

The full-size dishwasher roomy

The full-size dishwasher roomy

Narrow model of the dishwasher for a small kitchen

Narrow model of the dishwasher for a small kitchen

Compact machine does not take up a lot of space

Compact machine does not take up a lot of space

Custom broader model dishwashers

Custom broader model dishwashers

If the place is small, and the machine need to mask, suit embedded compact model. For larger kitchens are various options, but choose the freestanding dishwashers less frequently.

To a large number of different techniques do not clutter the kitchen, it is normally hidden behind the facade. Manufacturers are oriented to demand, so offer a great range of embedded units - pick them up easier.

Which components are most important?

Modern models work through an inverter motor, equipped with a frequency converter. Due to the special apparatus speed, the engine speed more accurately regulated.

The first models were equipped with a collector with brushes that loud noise, wear out quickly and spent a lot of electricity.

The main system nodes relates filters pump water pump (pump), the liquid supply device at a pressure leak protection device for water softening, condenser, heater. But these details are hidden from the user.

Some parts of the dishwasher are located in direct access, to be able to be cleaned regularly.

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Retractable baskets for dishes

To plates, pans, cutlery was conveniently placed, baskets pushed forward through the roller mechanism. Depending on the size and functionality of the device, the kit includes from 1 to 3 large baskets plus additional folding holders

Rocker water splashing

There are several types of arrangement of devices for spraying water: top, bottom and combined. The latter is considered to be the most productive - dishes washed on all sides, the water supply to the boxes on the different levels of regulated

Replacement filters in the dishwasher

Filters located at the bottom of the housing. They are responsible for the purity of the withdrawn water used and need to be regularly cleaned. To brush up access to filters, remove the basket. The top element is generally unscrewed, the rest just gets

Detergent compartment

The compartments (cuvettes) salt, tablets, capsules are a convenient location - with the inside of the door. Some are designed for pouring a gel or powder filling and are equipped with a dispenser. Thanks to sensors, machine signals the need to supplement funds

Retractable baskets for dishes

Retractable baskets for dishes

Rocker water splashing

Rocker water splashing

Replacement filters in the dishwasher

Replacement filters in the dishwasher

Detergent compartment

Detergent compartment

Before choosing a car, make sure that the use of baskets or containers convenient for washing and caring for the interior portions did not take long.

Ask whether you can rearrange the boxes to change their inclination, or the use of additional holders. When the dishes a lot, number, shape and size of the compartments are important.

Specifications PMM

Examine your dishwasher inside and out and making sure that it is suitable in size and capacity, always be sure that the technical parameters of the task.

Simply put, to find out if the car wash a certain amount of quality dishes will be able, at the same time spend a minimum of water and electricity.

Deciphering the energy values

To understand whether you can save by using the model chosen, it is sufficient to examine the markings on the label energy.

Classes are usually denoted by the letters "BUT" before «G». They represent a gradation of quality washing, drying and spending on e / energy. Deciphering labels which are bound to have at each device is given below.

energy efficiency label dishwashers

Current models are competing for energy efficiency classes, so more and more can be found labeled "A", "A +", "A ++". The more advantages, the higher the percentage of savings

Under the old type of marking considered only two criteria: the number of downloads and the number of sets spent e / energy. Energy efficiency was expressed in kWh.

After 2010, further included the standby mode, the calculation is made based on 280 washing cycles, and the class is displayed depending on the EEI index.

energy efficiency classes dishwasher

Quality class appliances "A" and is able to save up to 45% more energy compared with the equipment marked «C» or «D»

Dishwashers «F» classes or «G» is not recommended to purchaseAs they recognized uneconomical. This means that you will constantly pay for the extra kilowatts of energy, and a liter of water.

The difference between the classes "BUT" and "A +++" It is about 25%. If the machine is used frequently, the savings are significant.

Electronic or mechanical control?

There are two types of machines - mechanical rotary knobs and buttons / touchscreen. The second type of instruments 95%, since the mechanics less convenient and more difficult to clean.

Partially mechanical control

Dishwashers with mechanical control can also be fitted with LED indicators, digital displays or additional buttons for easy setup programs

The buttons are usually located in one or more rows on the top panel of the door. However, if a partially built units they are in sight, then polnovstraivaemyh become available if the door slightly open.

Pushbutton models have only negative - difficulties with the departure. Dirt falls into the small gaps between the buttons and the housing, it is difficult to remove, and further it makes it difficult to use.

Touch control dishwasher

Touch dishwasher deprived inconvenience in the care. Smooth panels are easy to clean, grease and dirt do not stay anywhere else. Touch models often equipped with child protection - Key Lock prevents accidental operation

Convenient addition of electronic models - information display that shows the time of operation, the designation of the selected program or option.

Some machines are equipped with a comfortable option "Ray on the floor". During operation, the panel is hidden, and it is impossible to monitor the cleaning process, but about the running time information is projected on the floor in the form of digital signage. According to color wash the end of the beam can be varied.

Review of popular programs

The greater the number of programs designed for different types of cookware, the better. However, to strive for a large list is not necessary, since, in practice, few people use more efficient modes 2-3.

When buying usually guided by the parameters of the two programs: "Standard" or "ECO".

Table PMM programs

A detailed description of each program can be found in the instruction manual. It includes a brief description, recommendations on the use of detergents, cleaning time, water consumption and electricity

With the help of the table easy to pick up mode for: best short, economical or intensive.

According to statistics, the biggest load of dishes, including the heavily polluted happens after dinner. Consequently, for the night is better to run the machine in operation "ECO" - it is more durable, but economical and "diligent".

During the day you can get the program express cleaning to quickly remove light dirt.

Basic and advanced features

Main functions - washing and drying - are incorporated in the work of all, without exception, dishwashers. However, both steps can be fundamentally different.

Sinks come in with pre-soaking especially fatty and blackened pans or additional rinsing the glass, at different temperatures, water heating, by a variety of duration.

Drying differs by type:

  • condensation - natural drying in the process of cooling;
  • convection - turbo, under the influence of the circulating hot air;
  • zeolite - drying under the influence of hot air mineral;
  • Intelligent Sensor Dry - analysis of the temperature in the room and air cooling.

The principal difference between the choice of the type of drying is not, especially if you plan to wash on the night period - breakfast dishes dry anyway.

Additional features at representatives of different brands may differ, as from time to time the company to introduce new, more technological and economical development.


By common features include "delayed start" that can be used to transfer time washing dishes at a more convenient time - at night or, on the contrary, the interval from 9 am to 12 noon, while there is no one houses

half load mode "Works" does not in all models, but can be useful for small families or single people. It allows you to speed up the cleaning process, reduce energy and water consumption.

System AQUASTOP It prevents the occurrence of leaks within the housing and in the hoses. If the program fails or one of the parts of the machine fails, the machine stops. The used water is discharged into the sewer, and the arrival of new locks.

If the machine is not equipped with AquaStop, you can buy a hose, operating on the same principle.

Easy-lock - forced closing function of the door. If it does not shut, the machine simply will not turn on, so the lock is provided, which automatically tightens the door and latches it.

PowerDry - development of the company Whirlpool

PowerDry - development of Whirlpool for quick drying of dishes from different materials. The manufacturer claims that even the plastic dries in 1 hour

Dual Wash - the ability to wash dishes with different characteristics in a single load. Pots and fragile glasses are cleaned at the same time, but with the only condition - are loaded into different compartments.

The most dirty dishes placed in the lower tier, glasses and cups for rinsing - in the top.

OptoSensor - a very useful feature associated with the determination of water hardness. If the sensors report the risk of scale, the amount of salt in the water for washing is increased.

Rackmatic - the possibility of adjusting the height of the extension and the upper basket for a successful arrangement of objects.

VarioSpeed ​​Plus - fast washing system

VarioSpeed ​​Plus - a system that increases the cleaning speed by increasing the pressure of the supplied water and adjust the rinse. With this feature, the time is reduced three times

To learn about the functions of a particular unit, you must examine the technical documentation carefully. Modern machines useful options much more, but better to choose those that are required for daily cleaning.

Whether to focus the noise level?

Noise dishwashers, as well as the rest of home appliances is defined in dB. The average values ​​of the latest models are about the same and stacked in the border of 40-50 dB. These are machines that allow calmly go about their business and do not cause discomfort.

Noise dishwasher

Quiet operation and motor units, the feed / outputting water quality provided soundproofing. Additionally protect against noise wall furniture modules are built in dishwashers

Low noise sounds are considered, not going beyond 45 dB. For example, the model Bosch SPS66XW11R he is only 43 dB. If you get a powerful set of 55-60 dB, and take care of the availability delayed start.

The importance of the brand when selecting

To choose a particular brand of dishwasher should be based on the following criteria:

  • technical and functional capabilities;
  • unique design;
  • design features;
  • connectivity;
  • cost.

The last item is not as important if the manufacturer presented several series, from budget to premium. However, there are brands, all models which belong to the elite.

Dishwasher Smeg

Most "cheap" and little functional Smeg dishwashers are more than 35 thousand rubles., While the cost of expensive passes for 140 thousand rubles.

Expensive and promoted by representatives of dishwashing world: Asko, Smeg, Miele, AEG, Kuppersbusch, De Dietrich, Fagor.

The average price segment: Bosch, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Gorenje, Siemens, Neff.

cheap dishwashers: DeLonghi, Beko, Ariston, Zanussi, Midea, Indesit.

In expensive cars safer motor and pump, a stylish design, a lot of useful features, more convenient operation. But some models do not differ from efficient, so the high price - not always an indicator of quality.

Expert guidance on the selection of MMP

Here are some tips from fans and experts: how to choose a reliable dishwasher and not to miscalculate.

If the financial possibilities allow you to choose any model, in any case, do not pick the technique of the most expensive price tag.

Choosing a dishwasher

Compare several models. It so happens that an expensive car makes noise, creating a noise level of 60 dB, take up much space and requires constant care

For a large family or need a high built freestanding model. The width is not critical, as not inferior to narrow the wide functionality. Their only drawback - less capacious boxes.

Compact built model

Family of 2 people staged a compact machine. If the kitchen is already installed, you can purchase a board dishwasher - it takes as much space as microwave

If you have a cottage, compact machine can, if necessary, to travel with you and make it easier for the crockery care throughout the warm season.

If the new household helper is allocated a certain amount, it is better to select 5-6 models and compare their options.

Most likely, they will differ in the number of programs, two or three additional options and sizes. Choose a priority criterion and repelled him.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Expert advice on the selection of MMP - considered details and are given useful tips for selecting the optimal model:

The following video provides guidance to doctors, to which it is useful to look for when choosing a dishwasher:

Overview of the basic criteria that play an important role in choosing a dish for home appliances:

Dishwasher equipment manufacturers a huge amount, and each year produces new models of the market. Select the dishwasher for the home, given the range, it is difficult, so try to take into account the important points: the size, capacity, performance, ability to repair. Study reviews about your favorite model and select the one that best fits your needs.

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