The difference between the repair raspberry and ordinary varieties


Repaired raspberry is a plant that fructifies twice a year - in summer and in autumn. This is due to the peculiarity of its development. In the southern regions of Russia, you can get two crops from a repair raspberry. The berries of the second harvest manage to mature before the frost, and the bush fructifies abundantly.

In the central part of Russia, the cold comes much earlier. Because of early frost, berries do not have time to ripen in autumn, and therefore it will not be possible to grow a repair raspberry in the usual way, as the second crop turns out to be meager. You can get a good second crop only in greenhouse conditions. Therefore, raspberry bush is grown as an annual plant. In this case, raspberries bear more abundantly, and the berries can ripen before frosts.

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Let us consider the fruit-bearing cycle of ordinary raspberry and raspberry.

How does ordinary raspberries grow?

In the spring, last year's shoots bloom. In the summer next to them grow new radical shoots, and last year's branch begins to bear fruit. Immediately after the end of fruiting, it is desirable to cut old shoots, as they pull on themselves nutrients. In the autumn, annual shoots shed their leaves, and the sap flow stops. In the spring, last year's shoots bloom ...

In order for raspberries to winter overwinteringly, it must be covered with snow.

Growing of raspberry raspberry

In the spring, the patch raspberry blossoms in the same way as the usual raspberry, in summer it lays young shoots. Then the old branch begins to bear fruit. The first harvest ripens quickly, so by the end of summer, the old shoot should be cut so that young shoots have time to mature and begin to bear fruit. Before the start of frost, young shoots manage to give a full harvest, but not the whole ovary can ripen due to the onset of cold weather. Young shoots discard the leaves, but they leave a dried ovary, which is a distinctive feature of the raspberry raspberry. So raspberry hibernates until next spring. In this way the repair raspberry is grown in the southern regions of Russia, receiving from it two crops.

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In the middle zone of Russia, with a patch of raspberries, only one harvest from young annual shoots can be harvested. In autumn, raspberries are cut completely.

Cut raspberries under the root, as pests can overwinter the pests.

Next spring, raspberries will give young growths that fertilize more abundantly, because the plant has accumulated a lot of nutrients in the past season. Harvest will ripen in late August - early September.


Soil needs to be fertilized with organic every year, since raspberries require a lot of nutrients.

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