Than to process fruit trees and bushes in the spring?

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In the fall, a young garden, raspberries, currants and gooseberries were planted in the cottage. Prompt, than to process fruit trees and bushes in the spring to protect them from diseases and pests?

Every gardener knows the truth - about a good harvest and the health of growing crops should be taken care of in advance. With the advent of spring, an important stage of work in the garden begins, on which the quantity and quality of the fruit depends. To fruit trees and shrubs less sick, as well as to prevent the appearance of pests, they must be treated with special medications. As soon as the air temperature reaches stable values, you can start spraying the plantations.

Popular preparations for garden trees

To date, the market has a lot of different tools that are used in the garden. Therefore, it is not surprising that the gardeners are faced with the pressing question: how to process fruit trees and shrubs in the spring?

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When choosing a drug, you need to consider its purpose and the processing phase.

Based on the practical application, well-proven drugs such as:

  1. Fundazol - used for primary treatment before swelling of the kidneys as a prevention of scab.
  2. Neonon - for sprinkling after the buds swell. To disinfect the trees from the gall mite, they are also treated with a solution of urea (500 g per 10 liters of water).
  3. Kinmiks, Fury - for processing on the first leaves. Applied as a preventive against the appearance of caterpillars. As a repeated prophylaxis against scab, as well as to protect against powdery mildew, Skvor is used.
  4. Against the leaf rollers, aphids and moth fruit trees twice (with a break of 3 weeks) are sprayed with Fury.
  5. If the trunk is damaged with black cancer, the bark is treated with copper sulfate (1% solution) and the damaged areas are closed with a garden crock. Copper vitriol is also good against lichens and mosses.

The first treatment is carried out before the buds dissolve. Before the flowering begins, a minimum of 3 approaches should be made.

Means for spraying shrubs

Shrubs need more rare treatment. So, against gray rot and powdery mildew, as well as from fungal diseases of raspberries and gooseberries, they are sprayed with Fundazol or Topaz. From the American powdery mildew on gooseberries Skor helps well, and from the red-headed aphid on the currant - the Commander.

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Klinmixol and Fosbetsid are used for the prevention of leaf rollers, gall midges and sawflies, and Metaldehyde is sloured from slugs between bushes.

Traditional methods of processing

A hot shower will help to get rid of pests that have overwintered in the bushes. In early spring, while the sap flow has not yet begun, the bushes are poured with hot water. A good effect is obtained by spraying with salt solution (150 grams of salt on a bucket of water).


In summer, to prevent the appearance of aphids, garden trees (and shrubs) are sprinkled with infusion of potato leaves. On one part of the leaves add 2 parts of water, insist 5 hours, and then 40 minutes soared in a water bath.

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Against caterpillars and leaf rollers, infusion of tomato leaves is used. For this 2 kg of hardwood pour 5 liters of boiling water and insist 5 hours. At the end of this time, the infusion is brought to a boil and cooled. They process shrubs 2 times with a break of 7 days.

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Sprinkling of trees and shrubs in the spring - video

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