Secrets of growing Brussels sprouts

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Brussels sprouts are one of the most useful among other varieties of this garden culture. In addition to the huge amount of useful vitamins and trace elements, it contains protein. Nutritionists claim that the soup of such a cabbage on the composition of trace elements is equated with chicken broth. Unfortunately, the useful high-ranking beauty can not be found on the beds very often. Most gardeners frighten away the capricious nature of the plant and the peculiarities of agricultural technology, not to mention a fairly long period from sowing to ripening of the crop. However, having given a little attention to Brussels, it is quite possible to grow small, but such tasty and nutritious kochanchiki on the site.

Grow Brussels sprouts best in seedling.

To sow the seeds of cabbage you will need a youngster or a greenhouse. There shoots will be until the time when they are not formed 4 of this leaflet. Then the seedlings can be dived immediately to the prepared beds.

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Soil preparation and planting of sprouts of Brussels sprouts

For cultivation of cabbage of this sort, it is necessary to divert the lighted area, but which is in the "delicate" shadow, for example, near large shrubs. They will cover plants from direct sunlight, under the influence of which cabbage is badly tied head.

Plants for cabbage should be prepared in advance and put on the plot:

  • humus;
  • wood ash (1 liter of ash per 10 liters of humus).
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Plant seedlings should be staggered, leaving between the bushes a distance of at least 60 cm, because the adult plant occupies quite a lot of space. On acidic soils, a handful of ashes are added to each well.

The vegetative period of Brussels sprouts is longer than that of white cabbage. To place on the beds is not empty, you can plant beets between the seedlings.

Care of plantings

Care of planted plants includes:

  • regular watering:
  • weeding and loosening of soil;
  • periodic top dressing.

The first fertilizing can be done 10 days after picking seedlings on beds, using nitrogen fertilizers. For subsequent feedings it is good to use herbal infusions and complex mineral fertilizers. A total of 3-4 feeding is enough for a season. To the long trunk of brusselski not fall to the side, after fertilization or watering it periodically hills.


Experienced truck farmers recommend pinching the top of the bush during the beginning of tying kochanchikov. Thus, all the forces will go to the formation of the crop, but not to the overall growth of the plant, and the heads themselves will be larger. Although it is noted that hybrid varieties are able to give a sufficiently large yield even without this procedure.

As the cabbage grows, its lower leaves turn yellow. You can also delete them.

For harvesting, cabbage is usually started at the end of September. In regions with a warm climate, the plant is able to stay on the beds until November, because it is fine to tolerate small frosts (up to 2 degrees below zero).

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