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Cabbage is a valuable vegetable. Due to the balanced content of vitamins, essential trace elements, fiber, this plant has become a unique dietary product. There are many different delicious dishes, the main ingredient of which is cabbage. Due to the fact that this vegetable does not require special care in growing, has a good yield, is stored for a long time and has an affordable price, cabbage has become a popular food product.

No feast can do without a salad from pickled or fresh cabbage. This vegetable goes well with meat, fish, potatoes. He was widely used in traditional medicine as an effective drug for many ailments. How to store cabbage every self-respecting hostess should know, so that this store of useful substances is always at hand.

Popular cabbage varieties for long-term storageAnd the varieties of cabbage are constantly displayed, more useful, tastier. They are more resistant to various kinds of diseases. The most popular type is white cabbage.
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Late and middle late varieties that have a long growing season are ideal for storage in winter. Thick cabbages of such cabbage are well sour and stored in the cellar.

Due to climate change, the formation of heads is going on in extreme heat, which is why the development of the plant slows down and, accordingly, the volume does not increase. But you shouldn’t be particularly upset, domestic scientists were able to bring out the heat-resistant F1 cabbage hybrids specifically for cultivation in Russia. Here are their names: Mariyana

  • ;
  • Wizard;
  • Olympus;
  • Quartet;
  • Orbit;
  • Valentine.
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Such hybrid varieties of cabbage for long-term storage are unpretentious to dramatically changing weather conditions. The maximum mass of a single head of Valentina or Orbit variety is eight kilograms, which is why they are very popular among Russian farmers.

Proven over the years, characterized by high yield varieties of cabbage for long-term storage:

  • Glory. The heads of this medium late cabbage have good resistance to cracking. You can get a good harvest in three to four months after planting. The weight of one head can reach five kilograms. Storage of cabbage of this variety - at least 90 days.
  • Türkiz. Excellent variety for pickling. Ripening heads in four months. Storing fresh cabbage in the winter doesn’t take much trouble.
  • Moscow late. Large cabbages, some weighing about eight kilograms, long retain their useful qualities, provided the cabbage is stored in a cold place.
  • Amager. Maturation occurs in four months. The average weight of a single head with high density is four kilograms. During the storage of cabbage in winter, its taste is only improved.
  • Krumon F1.Small juicy cabbages( maximum two kilograms) can be stored in the cellar until spring. It is possible to harvest cabbage four and a half months after planting.

There are still many wonderful varieties of this important vegetable crop that deserve attention. Through trial and error, many gardeners and farmers will be able to choose suitable high-yielding varieties.

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Storing cabbage in the cellar of the

Before you start harvesting and sending it to the storage location, you need to know how to properly harvest the cabbage so that it can be stored for as long as possible.

Depending on the variety, the cabbage needs to be harvested either at the end of August or in the middle of October. At harvest, the following conditions must be met:

  • Cleaning should be done on a sunny, warm day. Dig a spade neatly. Do not cut off the stalk and roots.
  • Go through the cabbage. Remove damaged leaves. Remove plugs if the stalk has started to rot or has been damaged by pests.
  • Dry the collected fruit.

It is necessary to exclude the appearance of rodents in the cellar. It is also necessary to dry the cellar itself in order to avoid high humidity, which promotes the formation of mold and rot. It would be nice to treat the walls and shelves in the cellar with antiseptic.

The following methods are used for storage in the cellar:

  • In boxes. To do this, cut all cabbage stalks in cabbage and put it in wooden boxes. It is desirable that they were with holes or slots. Boxes should not be placed directly on the floor, but on a stand.
  • Pyramid. This method will require a special wooden platform with gaps between the boards. On it, in a staggered manner, the collected cabbage is laid according to the principle - at the bottom is the largest, and at the top is small.
  • Fill with sand. To do this, put the cabbage in the boxes and fill them with sand. The second option is to cover the cellar floor with a thick layer of sand, and put heads of cabbage into it.
  • Wrap in paper. To do this, each head must be wrapped in several layers of paper. Newspaper paper can be used, but not for the first layer, because of the lead contained in the printing ink. After wrapping, cabbage should be put in bags or boxes.
  • Hanging from the ceiling. For storage in this way cabbage should be left roots. It is necessary to hang a board or timber under the ceiling of the cellar at a distance of at least 30 cm from the nearest wall. Next on the side of the timber need to at the same distance to drive nails. The distance should correspond to the size of the largest head. The collected cabbage will be hung on these nails.

If everything was done correctly, then the harvest will be kept safe and sound until the very spring.

New way to store cabbage

Many farmers have repeatedly wondered how to keep cabbage for 12 months. Fortunately, scientific and technological progress does not stand still and, in addition to new varieties, they also invent effective ways of storing cabbage in the winter.

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Here's what you need to do to have fresh cabbage dishes on the table all year round:

  • Select more tight heads of cabbage.
  • Tear off all loose leaves.
  • If damaged, they must be removed.
  • Each head should be wrapped with a thin food wrap( three layers), purchased in advance in the store.
  • Put in boxes or bags and send to a prepared storage place.
  • Once a month it is necessary to check stocks for the presence of rot, which must be immediately cut.

Storing cabbage in cling film will keep it in good condition for almost a year. Thanks to this penny modern method, a healthy fresh vegetable will always be present in the diet, regular consumption of which contributes to the normalization of metabolism, longevity and beauty preservation.

How to keep cabbage in the cellar - video

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