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A popular variety of raspberries is remontant, which is distinguished by the ability to yield several crops. Varieties of raspberries can bring a very large and profitable crop.

Growing Raspberry Repairing - Plant Specific Features and Care

Repaired raspberry is one of the raspberry varieties, which is popular in Europe and the CIS due to its unique ability to bear fruits several times a season.

The term "repair" means "replenishment". In Europe this raspberry variety is better known as "everbearing which means "bearing fruit continuously".

The main feature of the raspberry variety is that it is a special feature to grow fruits for both one and two crops. After planting a repair raspberry, you can take off the first harvest in August-September after one year of nursing. The next crop will be given a bit earlier - in the middle of June. However, it is worth noting that the second crop at the two-year-old stems has a much worse quality than the annual stems. The berries obtained in the second year of cultivation are soft enough, bony and too dry.

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In addition, the summer harvest of varieties of raspberries can significantly worsen and delay the second autumn harvest. This is due, above all, to the fact that all the forces will be spent on the first summer harvest. The plant spends most of its power on the formation of annual stems and shoots, which will serve to ripen further harvests.

Reproduction of raspberry can be very beneficial for summer residents. Having planted several varieties of raspberries on your dacha, for example, early, mid-late and remontant you You can get several times more harvest and provide yourself with your family delicious berries for the whole year.

Planting raspberry raspberry - rules and features

Planting a patchwork raspberry is a rather laborious process that requires a lot of attention and planning. This type of raspberry requires special care, as the undue care can lead to poor plant development and poor harvest or its absence. Before planting plants, it is necessary to choose the most comfortable place for this. It is best to give priority to the southern side of the suburban area with a loose and fertile patch of land. However, when planting raspberries of the specified variety, darkened and separated places will not suit you. In this area, as a rule, the plant will not be able to give a normal harvest.

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The best time for planting a plant is autumn, but if you wish, you can also make a landing in the summer.

The main thing that must be considered when cultivating raspberries remontant is: the time of planting, the depth of planting the seedlings in the ground and the density of planting.


Timing- the time for planting a raspberry may be significantly different from other varieties. Typically, a similar plant variety should be planted at least a week before the designated frost. This variety has a fairly active metabolism, which allows you to get good fruits even during a considerable cooling, but it gives some complications when planting new material.

Some gardeners start planting right after the last frost and, in most cases, this gives a much more result than when planting a canopy. However, one significant problem arises - in the first 5 months after such planting, the seedlings will not have time to reach the necessary maturity and give a normal, large harvest. The first berries with a similar planting can be obtained only in the second year after planting.


Landing in the ground- as a rule, raspberry plants have a length of up to 250 cm, rather thick stems, but they also have a root of the beam type. This feature allows the plant to receive food only from the depth where the lateral roots are located. That is why planting raspberries of this variety is necessary to a depth of 30-50 cm, which will allow the plant it is comfortable to receive all necessary substances for nutrition and to justify a large area for collecting minerals.

Density of planting- when planting a raspberry of the specified variety, it is necessary to take into account the height of the bushes and the thickness of the stems. Based on these parameters, the plants should not be planted too close and plant 2 or more bushes for 1 running meter. Planting raspberry bushes is not every year, but only once in the interval of 7 to 15 years, which is why it is necessary rather carefully and carefully treat this procedure, that the plant would grow properly and bring good harvest. Remember that raspberry bushes should not sit too close, because in this way it will interfere with their normal growth, and you properly take care of them.

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It is worth noting that when reproducing raspberries, great attention should be paid to fertilizer. As a rule, when planting the plant on the bottom of the prepared fossa, it is necessary to put compost with a calculation of two buckets per one running meter. You can also use humus and several glasses of potassium fertilizer. If desired, you can use wood ash instead of fertilizer, which will also give a very good result for planting and growing the plant.

It is necessary to cover the trench layer by layer:

  1. The first layer contains pre-prepared fertilizers,
  2. the second is the land mixed with fertilizers,
  3. the third is a clean layer from the fertile land.

There are different ways of planting a repair raspberry:

  • Ordinary way of planting - implies landing, in which the distance between rows of bushes does not exceed 2 meters, when planting seedlings - 1 meter;
  • Tape planting method - means planting plants in one or several rows, the gap between which is, a meter.
  • A shrub planting method means the planting of raspberries with the placement of squares of the square in the corners, the sides of which are from 1 to, meters; With this method, plants are planted arbitrarily, choosing the most sunny ones for planting places.

Pruning raspberry raspberry - what you should pay attention to

If you want to get a good and large harvest every year from a repair raspberry, you need to take good care of the plant, and also cut off shoots every year. If there are early varieties of raspberries on your summer plot, then two-year-old stems of bushes should be cut after harvesting. As a rule, pruning is carried out in November and December.

If you want the next year to get a rich summer harvest, you need to cut off all the shoots to the ground level.

When pruning raspberry raspberries, it is necessary to take into account such rules:

  • pruning is done every year 2 times;
  • The best time for pruning is November-December and April;
  • it is not necessary to trim the tops of the stems, it is from them that fertilization begins;
  • Cuttings of branches are made only in the case when you want to delay the harvest period.

The main mistake of many summer residents is the fact that they begin circumcision from the tips of the stems. This significantly reduces the yield and time of its receipt, because it is from the tops that the fertilization of the plant begins.

In order to get a rich harvest of high quality, you need to regularly carry out spring pruning patch raspberry. Spring pruning involves the removal of 10-15 cm from the first bud of the plant.

Removed only those parts of branches and stems that are withered and frozen during the winter. Pruning of this type is done in early April, the period when the early buds are just beginning to appear, swell and it is fairly easy to find the damaged links.

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The new varieties of raspberries are the best for your garden

It is worth noting that there is a rather large variety of different varieties of raspberries. New varieties of raspberries repair allow you to get a rich harvest of different quality. Before you start the planting of raspberries, you need to decide which kind of variety you want to plant on your site. Today there are more than 200 different types of repair raspberry and each of them has its own characteristics and yield.

The most well-known are:

  • Atlant - a grade of raspberry, the bush of which can reach up to 5 m in height and is considered quite rare, it practically does not have extra runs, which makes it possible to significantly improve the convenience in harvesting. The bush has small, sparse thorns, leaves of dark green color, large berries;
  • Perseus is an early variety, it has rare shoots, up to 2 m height, large dark red berries, one-dimensional, sweet and sour. This variety is considered a variety of simultaneous ripening, resistant to dryness and fungus;
  • The yellow giant is a medium-late variety, with thick, powerful shoots, up to 2 m in height, has large yellow berries, one-dimensional, sweet. This variety has an extended maturation process, is characterized by stable crop, has a high cold resistance;
  • Cumberland - a medium-late variety, has dense sredneroslye shoots with frequent spines, small fruits of black color, round, sweet. A variety of simultaneous ripening, resistant to cold and dryness, to diseases, parasites and temperature changes;
  • Golden domes - early variety, has medium, sprouting shoots, large, bright-yellow berries, conical shape, sweet and sour. This variety is quite resistant to various diseases, high temperature, pests, fungal diseases.
  • Heritage - late sort, has large, straight, strong shoots, medium-sized berries, bright red, stable, long-lasting, round, sweet and sour. This variety is considered one of the most high-yielding, fairly resistant to diseases and various pests, poorly tolerates cold and dampness.

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