When it is better to sow carrots in Siberia

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Carrots are one of those vegetables, without which it is difficult to imagine any vegetable garden. Even if the owner has at his disposal a very small plot of land, he will certainly find a place for this vitamin vegetable. This will not be hampered by the climatic conditions of Siberia. To get a good harvest of carrots every gardener should know the basic rules of planting and caring for the plant.

Choosing the right time to plant carrots

Experienced gardeners of Siberia know perfectly well when it is better to plant carrots. For planting a vegetable two seasons are suitable: spring and autumn. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of autumn carrots over spring:

  1. Time-saving due to the absence of the need for soak and drying procedures;
  2. Carrots, sown in autumn, grows larger than spring;
  3. Fruits have a high resistance to disease;
  4. Autumn planting is intended for earlier harvesting.

But before making your choice in the direction of this option, you need to consider that such a carrot is absolutely not subject to storage.

Advantages of the spring landing:

  1. Possibility of storage of root crops;
  2. High content of vitamins in carrots;
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  1. Necessity of preliminary preparation of seeds before planting;
  2. Difficulties in care caused by a large number of weeds.

If, after carefully analyzing the above factors, you are still inclined to the first option, it is necessary to take into account the basic principles of the Siberian carrot planting at this time of year.

Autumn landing

It is necessary to choose those varieties of carrots, which are intended for the landing podzimney. Also, pay special attention to the exact time of sowing. The most favorable period for these purposes is considered to be the middle of November. Planting seeds at this time, you can avoid the germination of planting material before the due date. To insure and not to remain at a loss, it is recommended to plant more seeds than at a spring planting.

Before you begin to plant carrots, you should feed the soil with mineral fertilizers. For these purposes, potassium salt (10 grams) and superphosphates (20 to 24 grams) are ideal. Special attention should be paid to the seed sowing site. It is not recommended to plant carrots in the same place two times in a row. It will be much better for the crop if you plant the planting material where cucumbers, potatoes or onions previously grew.


Soil, which will soon grow carrots, should not be sour. Otherwise, it must be enriched with wood ash or sawdust. Such a simple procedure can significantly increase the looseness of land resources.

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A good owner never forgets about the secrets of growing carrots, namely:

  1. Before sowing carrots should be convinced of the dryness of the planting material;
  2. Pits under the landing should not be smaller than 5 centimeters;
  3. Already planted seeds should be covered, prepared in advance by warm soil and sand;
  4. In winter, be sure to ensure that the carrot beds were generously sprinkled with loose snow;
  5. Harvesting is to be carried out no later than June.

Spring landing

Despite the fact that the spring sowing does not yield such large fruits as the fall, it is still more typical for Siberia. Such a landing, in principle, nothing significant does not differ from the autumn one. The difference is that the seeds require careful preparation and drying.

You can start the procedure of planting in April. Seeds should be placed as evenly as possible. For this, they can be mixed with sand or sawdust. Also, for convenience, summer residents stick the planting material to the strip of paper with the help of a paste. This type of planting can significantly save your time, and the same weed will be much less.

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Optimal carrot varieties for the climate of Siberia

The special climate of this region does not allow much "acceleration" when choosing a variety of carrots. There are special varieties of carrots for cultivation in Siberia:

  1. Altai shortened. This carrot is good for consumption in both raw and processed form. The fruits of such plants do not differ in large sizes, only 80 - 120 grams, but they can be stored for a long time. This variety is more suitable for spring planting;
  2. Nastyona - sweets. Sowing this variety is best done in May. It is recommended for squeezing juice, since it differs with a rich sweet taste;
  3. Dayana. This variety of carrots is more suitable for winter planting. Such carrots are distinguished by high yield and fruit size. Suitable for making baby food due to its sweet taste;
  4. Variety "The Queen of Autumn". Suitable for both autumn and spring landing. Fruits differ red - orange color and an equal surface. Suitable for both raw use and long-term storage with subsequent processing.

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