Features of autumn fertilizing of currant and raspberry

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Tell me, what fertilizers can I make in the autumn for currants and raspberries in the country? There are several bushes of both cultures, they have been growing for a long time and in recent years the berries have noticeably crumbled.

Raspberries and currants are perennial shrubs that grow in one place without transplantation for many years. Without additional fertilizing for a few years, they choose from the soil the entire supply of nutrients. Many beginning gardeners, having removed a couple of times a plentiful harvest, often wonder why the bushes began to bear fruit poorly. And the reason lies somewhere on the surface - just cultures do not have enough strength for this. Even with the introduction of fertilizers in spring, this is often not enough.

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Why fertilize raspberries and currants in the fall?

Autumnal fertilizing for fruit bushes is no less important than spring:

  • they make up for the lack of trace elements that were consumed in the process of fruiting;
  • stimulate the laying of the future harvest on young branches;
  • healthy shrubs, not lacking nutrition, better tolerate winter even without additional shelter.

Regarding what fertilizers to bring in the autumn under raspberries and currants in the country, in this period fruit bushes need potassium phosphate preparations and organic.

How to feed the currant?

Before frosts come (approximately in the middle of October), under the bushes of the currant must be introduced organic. Leaving from the center of the bush 50 cm, spread the diameter of the stump of the humus, manure or compost in the amount of 6 kg for each plant, and dig out the soil.

It is only possible to apply organic material to moist soil in order to avoid damage to the root system from burns.

Mineral fertilizers help the currant to survive in winter frosts. For each square meter of soil, you need at least 20 g of potassium sulfate and 50 g of superphosphate. You can make them once every two years, individually or combined, including with organic.

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Complex preparations containing potassium, phosphorus and other microelements are also quite effective. The advantage of using them is that the nutrient composition is already balanced and it is simply impossible to make a mistake with the dosage of a mineral. One of these drugs is fertilizer AVA in granules, which after the application lasts up to 3 years, gradually feeding the currant.

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How to feed raspberries?

The first 2-3 years after planting raspberry seedlings, they require only nitrogen-containing preparations, provided that during the planting the pit was well tucked. The introduction of phosphate-potassium fertilizers starts when the bush is already sufficiently adult (for 3-4 years of life).

In September, you need to make a groove at a distance of 25 cm from the bush and pour in it 20 g of potassium salt and 30 g of superphosphate. You can also add 3-4 kg of humus. Fix fertilizers in the soil.


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