For work on beds, double hoe from China


Every gardener should have many tools, including a hoe, rake, shovel and so on. They take up a lot of space, but each of them is really necessary. Nevertheless, not so long ago a tool called double hoe appeared on the market.

A double hoe is an unusual tool that combines a rake and a hoe. That is, on one side is a hoe, and on the other hand - a rake. With this unique tool, you can conduct any planting and cultivation work. In addition, the small size of a double hoe allows you to work both in the garden on the bed, and at home in pots of indoor plants.

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Advantages of double hoe:

  1. Little weight. Despite the fact that the tool combines both the rake and the hoe, it weighs much less than a normal-sized hoe.
  2. Versatility. Working in the garden, the gardener will not have to be distracted in search of the necessary tool. After all, everything is at hand: worked a little with a hoe, then turned over the instrument, and you can continue to work.
  3. Replaceability. If the stalk is broken, it can easily be replaced. Nozzle is suitable for any handle.
  4. Strength. A double hoe can withstand any weight.
  5. Stability. This tool is able to survive any weather conditions.
  6. Convenient storage. Because of the small size, the double hoe can be stored even on the shelf. A hole at the end of the handle allows you to simply hang the instrument.
  7. Root protection. The special shape of both rakes and hoes allows you to gently work the ground near plants without damaging their roots.
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The tool, of course, is good, but there is another question: how much is a double hoe? Online stores in Russia and Ukraine sell this inventory for 670 rubles. A bit expensive for such a small tool.

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But on the site Aliexpress you can buy a double hoe for only 590 rubles. This is almost 100 rubles cheaper. In addition, it differs for the better from the tool that is offered in local stores.

Characteristics of Chinese double hoes:

  • length - 40 cm;
  • material of the handle - textured rubber;
  • the material of the nozzle is steel.

Based on this, the double hoe, which is made in China, has more attractive characteristics for a small price. Therefore, if you decide to purchase this tool, order it directly from a Chinese manufacturer.

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