Fan rakes made in China

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Rake, an indispensable garden tool, so often mentioned in Russian proverb. There are several types of rakes:

  • serrated garden;
  • garden fan;
  • lawn rake.

A fan rake is used when cleaning the area, especially the use of the tool in the spring when the site is cleared from last year's foliage, or in the autumn. The website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" offers an excellent fan rake "PALISAD" for 1120 rubles.

The fan rakes are adjustable, have 15 round steel teeth curved at the tips, the range of the working part varies from 19 to 55 centimeters. Telescopic handle is made of aluminum, with a handle consisting of two parts. The length of the aluminum handle can reach up to 50 cm. Teeth with a handle are connected by a special sleeve, which can move along the handle, thereby adjusting the distance between the teeth of the rake. By changing the reach of the rake, you can set up a garden tool both for collecting large foliage and for cleaning smaller items from the territory of the dacha. A fan rake is often used to collect leaves, torn grass, cut branches and various debris. Round steel teeth will allow to use a rake in order to loosen the soil. The teeth are made of spring steel 65 G, which speaks of their increased rigidity, to ensure ease of operation. Galvanized teeth are rust resistant.

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Analogues offered by Russian sellers are cheaper and more expensive.

RACO fan rakes in the online store:

As we can see, they are almost identical to the previous ones, but the price is 2 times lower.

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The fan rakes offered in the OBI hypermarket:

The tool is 3 times cheaper than the Chinese PALISAD.The only difference is that these rakes are not regulated, and have a wooden handle. But this can hardly be called a disadvantage, because the wood is stronger and more convenient, and such a pen will not slip out of hand.

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There are more expensive rakes, also offered by the OBI hypermarket. The price depends on the manufacturer and the raw materials from which they are made.

It is no secret that the rake is not a scarce and hard-to-reach product. They can be found in any construction market, in many hypermarkets and shops for a garden and a kitchen garden in your city. Should I wait 2 months for delivery of goods from China? There is hardly any point in this if the rake can be bought even on the way to the country.

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