The roses fall leaves and buds dry - what's the reason?

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Last year, planted a very beautiful rose: it has a maroon petal, almost black. This is my first rose, they did not grow them before. After returning from a week-long business trip, I discovered that my beautiful woman had thrown off half of the leaves, and two young buds had dried up. Tell me why the roses fall leaves and buds wither?

Charming roses can not only please their appearance, but also grieve, if suddenly the leaves of the bush fall, and the buds - wither. Why this happens, experienced growers know.

For what reasons does the rose lose its leaves and buds?

Rosa is a tender plant and reacts sensitively to any changes in conditions of detention, what can we already say about various pests and diseases that can fairly damage the flower and even lead to its death.

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If the rose bushes began to fall apart leaves and fade buds, the reason must be sought in the following:

  • incorrect watering or location;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • lack of nutrients;
  • presence of diseases and pests.

Lack of light or moisture

Rose loves well-lit places, and when planting a bush in a dark corner of the site, she will miss the sunlight, not only for normal development, but for flowering. Therefore, the plant begins to discard leaves and buds.

Along with this, it is not recommended to plant roses on a site that stays in the sun all day, as this will lead to a similar problem. It is better to give preference to the flowerbed, which is well illuminated in the morning - so there will be enough light, and leaves with buds will not burn in the scorching midday sun.

The drying of buds and leaves can be the first sign of a lack of moisture, especially if you miss another watering in the hot summer. Conversely, in the presence of signs of decay on the shoots, the cause is the decay of the root system as a result of waterlogging and stagnation of moisture.

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It is important to choose the right place for planting a rose and regularly water it so that the flower has enough strength to grow leaves and bloom.

Weather conditions

In the summer, it often happens that after a lot of rain the sun is very bright. Abundantly moistened with rain buds do not have time to dry up and wet petals under the sun are simply dried, and not having time to open, with burns and leaves. Especially prone to this terry varieties.


Improper diet

For luxuriant flowering, the rose needs regular supplementation with complex mineral preparations. If the flower is not fed, especially on poor soil, the bush will dump leaves and buds to survive. However, fertilizers should be applied very carefully, avoiding overdose. An increased concentration of minerals is also harmful to any plant.

Drying buds and falling leaves can indicate an excess of nitrogen in the soil, as a result of which the rose simply burns.

Diseases and pests

Dropping of leaves and buds occurs if the rose has a lesion of the root system or disease. Most often, shrubs react to diseases like this:

  • powdery mildew:
  • spotting;
  • rot;
  • stem cancer;
  • rust.
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A lot of harm brings roses and various pests. If a bush is settled on a bush, soon the leaves and buds become covered with cobwebs, dry and fall off. In addition to it, the plant can be damaged:

  • caterpillars-leaf-eaters;
  • rosacea aphid;
  • thrips;
  • sawflies.

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