Cabbage whiting - pest of the crop

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This harmful insect brings a lot of harm, destroying cabbage. It occurs very often, but not everyone knows how to get rid of it. In this article in detail we will consider what is a cabbage soup, where it lives and how to fight it.

General information

Probably, many know what a cabbage looks like. An adult (also called imago) is a cabbage whitecox, the photo of which is located below, of a very large size. It has white wings with black corners in front, the swing reaches as much as 6 cm. Caterpillars of cabbage whitecoats are yellow-green, on the body there are a lot of black dots, and on the back - strips. Their size is about 4 cm.

In winter, they occur in the form of pupae of green color with black dots. In spring they already appear in the form of butterflies, which lay about 200 eggs at a time. They are very easy to see on the sheet. If the eggs are not destroyed immediately, then in a week the larvae will hatch, which will devour cabbage leaves. Butterflies begin to fly in the afternoon, especially actively behave in sunny weather.

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What harm does cabbage do?

Beginning with the second half of summer, cabbage whiteworks destroy the harvest. They eat leaves at the edges. If there are a lot of larvae, they can destroy the flesh of the head, and after a couple of days and the whole head of cabbage.

The cabbage whale development cycle

Before the adult appears, the cabbage leaves several stages:

  • In the winter, these are pupae. They hibernate on trees, various shrubs or walls of buildings. After a short period of time after the departure of the individual, they begin to lay their eggs on the leaves of cabbage. Lay the females of their eggs from 15 to 200 piles.
  • After a few weeks there are caterpillars that have molting (this process lasts from several weeks to a month). After that, a cabbage whiting - a butterfly grows.


Beginning in July, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the leaves of cabbage, immediately destroy the eggs. In case of detection of cabbage, immediately resort to measures to prevent them.

Measures to combat cabbage whiting

Fight with a pest can be various methods, there are a lot of them. Consider the most effective. But first a few tips:

  • When spring comes, the garden must be removed from old weeds and grass, because butterflies like to use them before laying eggs.
  • Every day, inspect the bottom of cabbage, pests live there.
  • Immediately destroy the accumulations of eggs of cabbage.
  • In autumn it is necessary to dig a garden.
  • Plant cabbage better early, before the start of the flight of butterflies.
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The most effective method, as mentioned above, is a daily inspection of cabbage. It will not be superfluous to inspect neighboring crops, since pests can also settle there. But this method does not completely get rid of the cabbage. Yes, and it takes a lot of effort. Best in this case will be the use of special drugs - poisons. To destroy the cabbage scoop, there is a mass of funds, but the most effective are such insecticides as Kinmiks and Fitoverm. They will help to completely render harmless these and other pests of cabbage.


A drug that is used to control any kind of harmful insects. Treat plants better with a fresh solution of the poison, equally moistening both sides of the leaves. Do it all in the morning or in the evening in the absence of wind. Keep it in ready form is prohibited. Work is necessary in clothing that reliably protects the body, as well as in a special bandage. Kinmiks is very dangerous for humans, so observe all precautions. Dilute the powder in 10 liters of water.



Another effective tool in the fight against garden pests. Work is also necessary in the absence of wind and rain, in protective clothing. After 6 hours, pests will stop gnawing cabbage. For 250 ml of water, use 2 ml of the solution.

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Popular folk remedies for combating cabbage whortleberry

There are also folk methods of combating cabbage whiting. These methods are widely used by many truck farmers. They are more popular, because they are absolutely safe for human health and pets. But folk methods are less effective.

  • Take 10 liters of water, be sure to be hot, add there 100 grams of dry mustard. Stir well and insist a few days. After that, dilute again with water, but already cold, in the ratio:.
  • When wormwood blossoms, it is necessary to collect it, finely chop it. Take 1 kg of grass, pour a small amount of water and boil for 15 minutes. After complete cooling add another 10 liters of water and sprinkle cabbage once in 7 days.
  • Widely used and chamomile, it can be easily found in the pharmacy. Take 1 kg of grass for 10 liters of water. Insist half a day, then strain and add another 20 liters of water and 100 grams of soap.

As a preventive measure, you can water the garden bed with an extract from the leaves of a tomato. Cabbage does not like this smell. The most important thing is to carefully inspect the leaves, this will help prevent the development of cabbage whitewash.

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