Therapeutic properties of rosemary and contraindications to the use of herbs

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The therapeutic properties of rosemary and contraindications have long been known. This unique plant is able to fight many diseases. The culture grows in the form of a shrub with needle-shaped leaves. The height of the stem can reach two meters. Has a pleasant rosemary aroma. This is a very thermophilic plant. It does not tolerate cold, therefore in our climate it is grown exclusively as a house flower growing in pots.

Therapeutic properties of rosemary and contraindications

This culture contains half of Mendeleyev's table. Useful properties of rosemary grass, in the first place, have a positive effect on the respiratory system. Also, the plant is able to strengthen immunity and restore the work of the cardiovascular system.

Seeds of rosemary have the same beneficial properties as the leaves.

In leaves and stems there are such useful substances as:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • manganese;
  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • provitamin A;
  • essential oils;
  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates.

People suffering from insomnia, frequent headaches, dizziness simply can not do without this plant.

Rosemary has been widely used in medicine to treat a variety of diseases. It is often used in cosmetology for the manufacture of products that have a positive effect on the skin, hair, and also help in the fight against cellulite.

In addition, drugs based on this plant have calming and relaxing abilities. They perfectly combat depression and nervous states, strengthen memory, increase work capacity and brain activity.

Grass helps with diseases of the genitourinary system, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and even expectorant effect. It should also be noted that rosemary perfectly increases the pressure.

In the field of cooking, grass is used in the form of spices, gives the dishes a unique delicate taste and aroma. This spice is ideal for marinating meat. It is also used as a note of freshness in the first and second dishes, and even suitable for making desserts.

Decoction based on rosemary fights well with pancreatitis.

And having prepared tea with rosemary and having tried it once, you will no longer drink without this wonderful medicinal plant.After all, it turns out not only tasty and fragrant, but also very useful.

The plant is often used for making sauces.

With caution, you should combine rosemary with a laurel leaf, and it is undesirable to use it for cooking fish dishes.

Despite all the useful properties, rosemary also has contraindications. It is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers and children who have not completed three years. Also should be taken with extreme caution to people suffering from allergic reactions.

Rosemary tincture and its application

Infusion of rosemary is a popular remedy for many diseases. It can be prepared, both on alcohol and on water, while all the useful properties of the medicinal plant are preserved completely and completely.

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To prepare an alcohol tincture of rosemary, you will need:

  • leaves of fresh grass - 50 grams;
  • alcohol - 250 grams.

Take a suitable container, put the leaves there and top with alcohol. The container should be tightly closed with a lid and left in a cool dark place for about ten days. Then the parts of rosemary should be squeezed and discarded, and the prepared drink should be filtered.

To relieve fatigue well help baths of rosemary.

There is another way where you use plant oil, which you can buy already ready in the store, as well as cook yourself. To do this, it is sufficient to overtake the leaves of the plant with water vapor. To prepare the tincture, three grams of oil is poured into one liter of alcohol. Further actions are the same as in the previous method.

To prepare a tincture on water, use the following recipe:

  1. Prepare two teaspoons of rosemary leaves, grind them in advance.
  2. Put the chopped grass in a suitable container, and pour a glass of boiling water on top.
  3. Leave the mixture under the closed lid for thirty minutes.
  4. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve.

Use tincture with rosemary should be moderate amounts three times a day. The obtained medicine is good for cardiovascular diseases. Also, the product has a calming effect.

If you add lavender to the tincture with rosemary, then immediately notice the improvement in vision, memory, the activity of the brain will increase. In addition, this mixture helps to recover after myocardial stroke.

With regard to taking funds based on rosemary during pregnancy, you should be as cautious as possible. Its benefit is that it helps to relax, improve mood, get rid of swelling of the legs and nausea, relieve fatigue. However, it is not recommended to take infusions and decoctions if there are problems with the stomach, a tendency to allergic reactions.

Decoction of rosemary

Widely used as a decoction of rosemary, which is very easy to prepare. It is important to properly collect the leaves, they should be without any damage, stains, and especially rot. You can also use the youngest shoots of rosemary, which is not more than a year old. Collection should be carried out before the flowering of the bush. Then you should dry the leaves, preferably in the open air, but in no case should they not be exposed to direct sunlight.

To preserve all the beneficial properties of rosemary, it must be dried at an air temperature of about 350 ° C.

To prepare the broth prepared leaves chop with a meat grinder or blender, enough will be two teaspoons.Place the leaves in a saucepan, pour a glass of boiling water and simmer on a slow fire for another thirty minutes.Drain the resulting broth through a fine sieve.

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The drink turns out to be very tasty and fragrant, and most importantly, useful. Take medication should be with such concerns as gastric colics, neuroses, diseases of the cardiovascular system. For men, a decoction of rosemary will help with problems with potency.

Drink such a drug preferably three times a day for thirty minutes before meals. At one time it will be enough to use one teaspoon of broth.

Rosemary tea

From rosemary it is also possible to prepare a very tasty and healthy tea. Grind in pre-collected and dried leaves. In 250 milliliters of boiling water, dissolve a teaspoon of rosemary leaves, close the lid tightly and let it brew for twenty minutes. Such therapeutic tea is recommended to be taken in the morning and at lunch.

In addition, you can simply saturate your favorite classic drink with the unique aroma of rosemary. To do this, add the dried leaves of grass to the usual brewing and pour all with boiling water. This drink strengthens immunity and helps with various colds.

Feature of rosmarinic acid and tablets

Extract of rosemary is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It is very effective in case of colds, especially with rhinitis and sinusitis.

Rosmarinic acid has the following properties:

  1. It is one of the best antioxidants.
  2. A good antidepressant, helps to calm the nervous system and relax.
  3. It has an excellent antibacterial effect, is used for the treatment of shallow wounds and skin lesions.
  4. Helps to fight the inflammatory processes of the body.
  5. Has antiviral effect.

Rosmarinic acid has found wide application in medicine for the manufacture of various medications, in the food industry, as well as in the cosmetic industry.

Also in the pharmacy you can buy ready-made tablets of rosemary. They are used mainly to normalize the secretion of bile, as well as to stabilize the gallbladder. Before applying the medication, it is always advisable to consult a doctor, because self-medication can be dangerous to your health.

With proper reception, the first improvement can be felt after three weeks. During this period, adults should take two tablets three times a day. The full course of treatment is three to four months.

Since the medicine is made from natural plant matter, side effects, as a rule, do not occur. This drug is not addictive, and allergic reactions.

Decoction of rosemary for the skin of the face

As already mentioned, rosemary extract is widely used in cosmetology. On the basis of this plant, a lot of means for skin care of the face, hair, and also for fighting excess weight are made.

The main function of the formulations is to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to stop the aging of the skin. This is a fairly safe remedy, suitable for women of any age. Daily skin care will bring an incredible effect. Rosemary tones the veil, gives it freshness, relieves fatigue. It also soothes the skin after prolonged exposure to sun or frost, helps with peeling and other minor injuries.

Decoction of rosemary can be used as a conditioner for hair.

Without much difficulty, you can prepare a decoction of rosemary at home. It will not take you much time, besides it will significantly reduce your financial expenses. Despite the safety of the medicinal plant, it is advisable to consult the dermatologist before use, especially if there are serious skin problems.

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To prepare a mixture for the healing of various scars or scars, you need:

  1. Use any essential oil (olive, almond, peach). Twenty milliliters is enough.
  2. Connect it with three drops of essential oil of rosemary. Gently mix everything.
  3. Apply to a cotton swab and apply to the necessary areas on the face skin for about fifteen minutes.

After the used compress, you need to wash yourself with cool water. Apply decoction of rosemary to the skin of the face should be twice during the day. The course of treatment is a month.

To prepare a refreshing tonic for cleansing the skin of the face, you need to pour 30 grams of dried rosemary leaves with 250 milliliters of boiling water. Insist decoction should be about 30 minutes. Then strain the liquid through a fine sieve. Use tonic in the morning before applying makeup, and in the evening to remove it.

Rosemary Herb for Hair

Undoubtedly, rosemary has only a positive effect. Using special masks and broths from the grass, you can not only improve your skin, but also cure damaged hair from the inside.

Applying the broth regularly, the hair will strengthen in a fairly short time. Just a month they will get a healthy shine and will grow faster.

In its pure form, rosemary is not used, as this can lead to burns of the mucous membrane.

To prepare a decoction of rosemary for hair, you need:

  1. In a saucepan, boil, a liter of water.
  2. Add two tablespoons of dried rosemary to the container. If you use fresh twigs, ten will suffice.
  3. Stir the mixture and remove the pan from the heat.
  4. Leave the broth under the closed lid for half an hour to insist.
  5. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then mix and strain everything.

To this remedy, if desired, you can still put sage, which will help remove excess fatty hair. The broth prepared in this way is added to the mask. To make it necessary to mix a small amount of tincture and thirty-five grams of castor and burdock oil.Stir the mixture and apply to the scalp. Then carefully wrap the towel and hold for 30 minutes. After that, you should wash your head as usual.Such mask promotes hair growth and their strengthening.

Video about the properties of rosemary oil

As can be seen from the article, rosemary is a unique remedy for many diseases. If it is right and timely to use infusions, you can achieve the desired result in a short time.

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