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Last year my neighbor shared cuttings with me cuttings. For a long time I dreamed of such a plant, but the trouble is - the cuttings did not take root, but were safely rotten in a glass. In autumn I took the flower seeds already, maybe, at least one of them will manage to get a couple of bushes. Tell me how to grow geyher from seeds?

Among the herbaceous perennials of the geyher attracts attention due to its spectacular decorative appearance. Its colorful leaves, painted almost in all the colors of the rainbow, look very beautifully on the flowerbed and accentuate the small but beautiful bushes.

Leafs geyhery in their shape resemble the leaves of geranium, only they are denser and not monochrome, but painted with different patterns and spots. Probably, for this reason the flower is also called "spotted geranium".

The geiger reproduces both vegetatively and by seeds. The first method is used mainly for varietal specimens, since new plants retain all parental attributes. However, seed reproduction also gives good results: although varietal features are not preserved, but it is possible to get a new hybrid with an individual color.

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Cultivation of geyher from the seeds can be carried out by sowing them in the open ground in the month of May, and in early spring on seedlings. The latter method is preferable, because at the end of spring, when the seeds are only sown on the bed, the seedlings are already grown, strengthened and ready for transplantation into the soil.

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Soil preparation

For growing seedlings geyhery you can purchase a ready-made universal substrate and mix it with a small amount of sand (1:). If there is a desire, the soil mixture can be made quite independently by mixing:

  • 2 parts of sod land;
  • 1 part peat;
  • half of the sand;
  • little ash.

The home substrate must be roasted in the oven or sipped with manganese in order to disinfect. Similarly, you need to process the sand, which is added to the shop floor.

Preparation and sowing of seeds

To accelerate the germination, the seeds before sowing it is better to soak for a couple of hours, and then let it dry so that they do not stick together.

When buying planting material, you need to carefully look at the timing: the seeds of geyhery, packed in paper bags, retain the germination capacity of only 6 months. For a year longer, the seeds can be stored in foil.

To grow seedlings in a fairly high capacity (at least 5 cm in height), pour in the drainage and fill it with soil almost to the top. Dry the dried seeds with a small amount of sand and spread freely over the surface, sprinkling a thin layer of sand over them. Well moisten the crops, cover with a film and put on a light window sill.

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After germination of seeds, the film can be removed and the seedlings can be grown so, and when they form 3 leaves - dive into a separate bowl. From the second half of May, seedlings should be gradually accustomed to fresh air. Seasoned geyheru planted on a flower bed in early summer.


Video-instruction about seeding geyhery on seedlings

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