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Vegetables are an important part of food and the main source of natural vitamins for a modern person. After harvesting, there is always the problem of preserving many vegetables fresh in the winter. Not an exception and carrots, given the popularity of this vegetable, it is worth looking at how to grow carrots on video. This will help to avoid many mistakes both in sowing seeds and in further growing them.

How and when is it better to plant carrots on the plot?

A good harvest of vegetables depends on the correct and timely planting on the site. Carrots are grown through seed sowing. To determine when it is better to plant carrots on a plot, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the germination of the seeds of this vegetable culture.
Seeds of carrots have a fairly long period of germination, the first shoots can appear only three weeks after sowing. Given the slow germination of seeds, but their good winter hardiness, carrots can be sown not only in the spring, after thawing the soil, but also for the winter.

It is better to plant carrots under winter in the second half of October, and in some regions - in the early days of November.

Carrots, when sown for the winter, are suitable for eating after harvesting, for long-term storage in the winter, it is usually not suitable.

To bookmark the storage is suitable carrots, sown in the spring. The best breeding varieties and hybrids are:

  • Vitamin 6;
  • Samson;
  • Altair;
  • Shantana;
  • Morevna.
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When growing carrots for long-term storage in the winter it is necessary to withstand the timing of harvesting, then the shelf life of carrots will be long, vegetables will remain in good condition almost to the new harvest. A few tips will help truck farmers harvest the crop at the right time and keep it fresh until spring.

How to keep carrots at home?

The preservation of carrots affects not only the variety, but also the timing of harvesting. If you hurry, dig out the carrots before, it will very quickly become unusable. If you are late with the frill crop, the vegetables may suffer from autumn precipitation, so you can give general recommendations how to save carrots, and amendments to the climate and weather conditions of the region truck farmers will contribute themselves.

Do not rush with cleaning carrots, designed for storage in fresh form, dug too early, it does not gain the right mass.

In many regions truck farmers hurry to dig up root crops before the autumn rains season, when the streets are still warm enough, forgetting about three important things:

  • the main set of mass in carrots falls on September-October;
  • Late varieties, excavated before the time, have low taste qualities;
  • In early September, it is quite hot and in the storehouses the temperature is too high for storing vegetables.
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The signal to start harvesting carrots can serve as a yellowed tops.
To start harvesting carrots should be in dry weather, in late September - early October. It is at this time that the temperature regime decreases, the growth processes of root crops slow down. Carrots are more conveniently collected by hands or by digging with pitchforks, rather than with a shovel. Dug up root crops must be sorted. Too small, with a weight that does not correspond to the variety, is taken for processing, damaged and deformed vegetables also go here. Storage is laid flat, not damaged carrots without signs of rot.
Very often the question arises: what to do with the tops and how to store carrots, with or without tops? The carrot tops must be removed immediately after the carrots have been excavated from the soil, since it is capable of drawing a part of the moisture, which can lead to premature drying out.
You can do this in the following ways:

  • twist the tops of the hand at the root of the root;
  • Cut with a knife at the root of the root, leaving up to 5 cm of leaves;
  • cut off at the head;
  • cut with a knife with the head part.
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After the carrots were dug, the tops were removed, it should be dried in a cool room at a temperature of + 8 + 10 degrees.
Prepared for storage of carrots, you can put in boxes, pouring it:

  • The sawdust. On 500 kg of carrots it will be required approximately, a cube. m sawdust.
  • Sand.
  • Onion husks.

Prepared boxes with carrots are installed in the cellar.

Carrots stored at a temperature of +1 +3 degrees, in a dark place.

A small amount of carrots can be stored in an apartment, laying it on 5 - 10 kg in even rows in cardboard boxes, and in each box add 1 to 2 horseradish roots. Boxes set in the coolest place of the apartment. If there are a lot of carrots, it can be stored by pouring hurts into a special storage, the height of the edge can be from one meter to four. This method is convenient for industrial or semi-industrial cultivation of carrots for realization. The storehouse for the placement of herds should be ventilated and in it it is necessary to maintain the temperature 0 +1 degrees. Compliance with the above recommendations will extend the shelf life of carrots until the next harvest.

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