When to plant raspberries in spring, the pros and cons of spring planting

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Tell me, when to plant raspberries in spring? Agreed with a neighbor in the country, she will give me a patchwork of raspberry raspberry. In autumn it is not possible to plant - we have poor soil. But just the opportunity and the time to prepare the site and make fertilizer.

For fruit and berry bushes, including raspberries, autumn is the best period of planting and propagation. Autumn planting is guaranteed to ensure the flowering of raspberries already in the next spring, and accordingly - the harvest. However, it is not always possible to plant seedlings before winter. Working dacha workers simply do not have enough time. Quite often, you can find the coveted variety in time. In this case, the planting works are carried forward to the spring, which is also quite acceptable. When to plant raspberries in the spring, so that recurrent frosts do not kill the young bush?

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Advantages and disadvantages of spring raspberry planting

The planting of raspberries in the spring has its pluses and minuses. The advantages can be safely attributed to such facts:

  1. The saplings planted at this time have all the conditions for the formation of a strong and developed root system. In the soil, there is still enough moisture after the winter, which minimizes the concern for plants with respect to watering. The exception is spring without rain - then irrigation is simply vital.
  2. By the arrival of hot summer days, such bushes already have time to firmly take root. The risk of death of the raspberry plants in the summer is minimal. But raspberries, planted in the fall, may not survive the winter, especially if you tighten with a landing.

As for the shortcomings, the only disadvantage of spring planting is the lack of fruiting. Most often young bushes tie the first berries only in the next year.

When to plant raspberries in spring?

The exact time for planting a tasty and useful shrub depends on the growing region. In the area where spring comes early and quickly, it can be done already from the third decade of March. But in regions with a long winter and late and cold spring it is better to postpone landing operations at the end of April - early May.

The only condition that is desirable to observe - the buds on the seedlings should not have time to open. In this form, raspberries are easier and faster to take root than shrubs with leaves.

In any case, having decided to plant raspberries in the spring, it is important not to miss the right moment. Too late planting will only aggravate the position of the seedling. In a dry land that has managed to evaporate the moisture, it will not develop, but fight for survival. And not the fact that the struggle will be successful. So be guided by the weather in your region, and then by autumn you will get a fully grown plant.

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