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In order to collect a rich harvest of raspberries, it is necessary to properly plant and follow the care of the plant. At the initial stage, during preparation it is necessary to choose a grade of raspberries, which will be taken and will bear fruit in the soil of the region in which the planting is planned.

Top of the best raspberry varieties

Since each grade of raspberries has certain requirements for compliance with the temperature regime, climatic conditions, as well as soil characteristics, it is better to choose universal varieties that perfectly show themselves in any conditions. To date, there are the best varieties of raspberries, which are popular with most gardeners in the country.

The most popular and, perhaps, sustainable varieties of berries include:

  1. "Hercules". These berries represent large-fruited varieties of raspberries, and are distinguished by excellent resistance to frost and various diseases. The berries of this crimson variety have a very large size and weight, which is about 12 grams. Taste qualities are also not inferior to external characteristics and differ with their pleasant sweet and sour taste.
  2. Cumberland. This variety is very often confused with blackberries, because the berries of this raspberry have an almost identical appearance. Harvest from such a berry bush can be collected throughout most of the summer. The berries, in addition to their unusual appearance, have a very pleasant aroma and sweet taste. An additional bonus of this sort is that bushes do not have thorns.
  3. The Yellow Giant. Rosely raspberry bushes of this variety are distinguished by good endurance and average yield. Large sweet berries have a non-standard color and almost no bones.
  4. "The Dnieper 2". This variety is popular not only because of its excellent external and taste characteristics, but also due to its ability to harvest twice a year.
  5. "Pride of Russia". The screaming name fully corresponds to the raspberry variety, as the berries of this raspberry are fragrant, have a large size, and also a bright red color.

But as mentioned above, not all raspberry varieties are accepted in certain areas. Therefore, before buying a particular bush, you should ask whether it will grow in this or that region.

The best varieties of raspberries for growing on the territory of the Moscow region

So, in order to choose the best raspberry varieties for the Moscow region, you should know that this region is characterized by early frosts. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that in the areas of this region it is best to plant remontant varieties of raspberries, which are excellent in dealing with frosts. Many years of experience of Moscow gardeners showed that the following raspberry varieties are the best fruit in this region:

  1. "Diamond". The complete absence of thorns on the bushes, beautiful large sweet berries, having a red tint, is the best variety that can be planted on the Moscow region.
  2. "Polka". This is one of the most popular varieties of the Moscow region, thanks to record yields. There was a sort of raspberry "Polka" with the help of Polish experts who crossed two varieties, different in their characteristics. This crimson variety belongs to the repair type, which, having a considerable height, is absolutely not whimsical in care. The peculiarity of this variety is its resistance to gray rot, spider mites and other diseases, since the peak of fruiting of the bush falls on a rather late period - the beginning of August. The resistance of the variety to frosts is reflected in its ability to bear fruit for a very long time. It is because of this peculiarity that such a raspberry is called profitable. Large dense berries almost scarlet color have a pronounced crimson aroma, sweet and sour taste and excellent indicators for transportability. Many housewives prefer to freeze the fruits of this variety, because after defrosting they do not lose their natural form.
  3. "Hussar". Like all representatives of the repair type, this variety is resistant to cold and easily tolerates it. Fruit ripening begins in July. During the ripening period, the berries are dark red. The peculiarity of the variety is that it is very easy to grow, raspberry bushes do not require a garter.
  4. «Amber Sadko». This raspberry variety is a kind of yellow raspberry. The peak of ripening of fruits can be called August, it is during this period on the bushes, which are about 2 meters in height, ripen large sweet berries.
  5. Raspberry "Patricia" description of the variety: bushes tolerate frosts well, and can withstand temperatures of -30. But in the suburbs it is better to protect bushes and to bend down for the winter. Raspberry "Patricia" was bred in 1986 in Moscow and adapted to the local climate. Fruit bushes annually and mainly in the first decade of July, so the variety can be called early. The berries have a beautiful canonical form and a pleasant velvety surface. As this raspberry is large-berry, the berries in sizes reach from 4 to 12 grams. Fruits are dense and do not crumble when plucked. The taste is sweet, and the aroma is pronounced crimson. A few seeds are buried in juicy pulp. It is best to use such fresh raspberries, but it is also ideal for processing and preserving.

In addition to these varieties, almost all varieties of patch raspberry will take on the lands of the Moscow region, and they will yield an excellent harvest.

Varieties of raspberries for a diverse climate of the middle belt

In order to choose varieties of raspberry for the middle band, you should pay attention to berry bushes, which can withstand the sunny, arid and hot summer, as well as the severe frosty winter of this region.

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But, despite such climatic indicators, local summer residents grow almost all known varieties in their gardens, among the popular ones were the following:

  1. "Atlant". This variety is distinguished by increased yield and special resistance to frost. The fruits of these crimson bushes are sweet and dense.
  2. "Early Surprise." The name of the variety speaks for itself, really the berries on the bushes ripen quite early. But, despite this, they are very sweet in taste. The berry itself has a ruby ​​color and an oblong shape.
  3. "The news of Kuzmin." Specially developed variety has bright and sweet berries, the size of which is more than 5 grams. This variety is very well established in the middle band, because it has high frost resistance, and also an average stable yield.
  4. Raspberry "Bryansk Divo description of the variety: Gardeners unanimously affirm the unique properties and unpretentiousness that distinguish this variety. It is derived from free pollination. Large-fruited varieties of raspberries are best reflected in this repairing form of berries. Fruits this variety late, in the second decade, but, despite the later maturation, the bushes yield the harvest until the frosts. The size of the berries is from 4 to 11 grams, the color of the fruit is light red, and the shape of the berries is elongated. The taste characteristics are not inferior to the name, the berries are sweet, while they have a light acidity that reveals all the brightness of the taste characteristics of the fruit. Landing "Bryansk Diva" does not require special skills, as landing bushes are carried out according to the standard scheme. Care also does not require special features. The only requirement that is mandatory to perform when growing, is sufficient lighting. If this rule is not observed, then the berries at maturity lose their sugar content.
  5. Raspberry "Fairy Tale" description of the cultivar: the large-pitted raspberry variety is relatively new. Some gardeners call this variety "crimson tree" because of the powerful stems, which require a garter for better yield. With one such "tree" you can collect up to 10 kilograms of berries. The berries are red and very large in size (15-18 grams). Ripen begins to ripen in early July. Fruits are dense, so they are well transported. You can consume raspberries both fresh and frozen and canned fruits. In this case, the berries do not lose either their natural form or flavor. The bushes resist the diseases and parasites well.
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Malinka for Siberian conditions

Varieties of raspberries for Siberia should be frost-resistant and meet local hard climatic conditions. That is why the most popular varieties here are:

  1. "Early Sweet." Corresponding to its name, this variety sang very early and perfectly tolerates Siberian frosts. The berries are small, but, despite this, they are very sweet.
  2. "Fire Siberian." This variety was selected by breeders specifically and adapted to local conditions. The fruits of the variety have a bright red color. The taste of the berries is sweet. Also, despite the conditions of ripening, berries appear in the standard for raspberry dates.
  3. "Reward". The variety is resistant to winter Siberian frosts and the fruit of the bush is sour-sweet, having a red tint.
  4. «Barnaulskaya». This variety does not apply to large-fruited, but it is very resistant to frost and is derived specifically for Siberian conditions. The fruits, though small, but, nevertheless, have a pronounced crimson taste.
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The best raspberry varieties for the Rostov region

Varieties of raspberries for the Rostov region do not have special requirements, because the climate here does not differ by specific conditions provoking crimson bushes to adapt and survive.

In order to get a rich harvest of this berry in the regions of the Rostov region, it is necessary to plant such raspberry varieties:

  1. "Indian summer". This patch cultivar is characterized by late maturation, usually fruits appear at the end of summer. The size of the berries is large, but in spite of this the taste of the fruits is excellent. The variety is resistant to almost all pests and diseases.
  2. "Balm". This variety is characterized by high yields, sufficiently resistant to frost and unpretentious in care. Diseases and pests of the variety are not fearful. Red berries of the variety can be called dessert, as the taste is bright and sweet. Large fruits have a canonical form.
  3. "Vera". High-yielding variety ripens early and has excellent resistance to frost and disease. But in special frosts, so that the raspberries do not freeze it, it is better to bend it and wrap it up.
  4. Raspberry "Beauty of Russia" description of the variety: a new variety, bred in Moscow, is distinguished by very large berries. The size of the fruit varies from 8 to 12 grams, and they have a canonical slightly elongated shape. In addition to the beautiful form, the berries have a rich red color and a shiny surface. Berries are dense, so they are easily removed from the peduncle and do not break. Due to this, they very well tolerate transportation. The taste is sweet and the flavor of the berries is very rich. Because the seeds in the fruits are few, the fruit is good to eat fresh. The yield of the variety is quite high, from one bush it is possible to harvest up to five kilograms. And with qualitative care, the harvest can be increased several times. The bushes are very compact and shoots do not multiply throughout the site. The plant itself is resistant to various diseases and parasites. But even if there are signs of disease on the shoots, the yield of the variety will not suffer from this.

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