We study useful properties and contraindications to the use of cornel berries

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Large lush cornel bushes today can be found not only in the wild: landscape designers have long appreciated the quality of the shrubbery, and found it using, to create a hedge. However, there is a cornel and other useful properties with little contraindications for human health. What is the healing power of small berries, and with what diseases they will help to cope? Let's discuss this issue today in more detail, as well as learn about who should not get involved in dog-sore funds.

Than the dogwood is useful?

Red long berries are a real storehouse of microelements and nutrients. They contain such important for human calcium, magnesium, potassium, pectin, tannins and other components, vital for health. Due to the valuable composition, the dogwood berries have a number of useful properties, namely:

  • strengthen the vessels;
  • normalizes the metabolism;
  • promote the excretion of bile;
  • act as an easy diuretic;
  • increase immunity to colds and accelerate recovery;
  • remove toxins from the body;
  • act as a light laxative and purify the intestines;
  • contribute to lowering blood pressure;
  • help to remove inflammation in diseases of the skin, joints and internal organs;
  • tone up the body, increase tone and charge it with energy.

What else is useful for corpuscle human body? It is worth mentioning separately the low glycemic index and the low caloric content of the dogwood, which makes it possible to include it in the diet of people suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Sugars, which promote the rapid rise of blood glucose, are few in dogwood, besides, in 100 g of ripe berries contains not more than 4, kcal.

This makes the dogwood the desired and necessary product on the diabetic table - there is no harm from it, but the benefits are enormous.

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In eastern countries, special attention is paid to the beneficial properties and contraindications to dogwood for men. Drinks from sour berries can strengthen potency - at least, so assured local healers. In addition, dogwood will help a strong half in the treatment of prostatitis and protect men working in harmful production. Medicinal decoctions will remove the accumulated toxins and help to recover after a hard working day.

What diseases will help cornel?

A wide range of useful properties of dogwood dictates its application, the area of ​​which has large boundaries. Medicines prepared on the basis of medicinal berries, leaves or roots will help in the treatment of such diseases:

  • decoctions of fresh or dried fruits, as well as from dry leaves will staple the stool for diarrhea;
  • berry kissel will weaken the symptoms of the manifestation of gastroenterocolitis and cure diarrhea in toddlers;
  • The tampon, moistened with infusion of seeds, will stop bleeding during hemorrhoids and promote healing;
  • infusion of fresh or dried berries will quickly lead the body into tone and add vivacity;
  • the use of fresh and dried berries will serve as prevention of liver diseases.

Nutritionists recommend to include cornelian in the diet of those who are overweight. Also, only a few berries will provide the body with a daily dose of vitamin C.

Dogwood and older people

Unfortunately, over the years we are not getting younger and just getting along with different sores. Useful properties of cornel berries will help improve well-being in old age, ease the course of chronic diseases and even prevent some of them. A positive effect is observed in a number of cases, in particular:

  • Kizilovye tinctures reduce the pressure in hypertensive patients;
  • fresh berries help in the prevention of age-related sclerosis;
  • broths from the roots of dogwood serve as antirheumatic remedy.

Restrictions on the use of dogwood

Red berries can do a good job for future mothers who are in an interesting position, because they help survive the first trimester of pregnancy, often accompanied by toxicosis.

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Than the dogwood for pregnant women is useful? It removes or minimizes the manifestation of signs of toxicosis, helps to remove from the body of women excess water, preventing the formation of puffiness, increases hemoglobin and protects pregnant women from colds diseases.

However, you need to use healthy berries without fanaticism and preferably in the daytime.

Do not get carried away by a cornel and during lactation, so that the child does not have an allergy or stomach problems, because the babies have a very weak digestive system. The maximum daily dose of berries for a nursing mother is 10 pieces.

Do not forget that in addition to useful properties, dogwood has some contraindications, which is especially important to consider in children's nutrition. After introducing complementary foods into the baby's diet, you can try to give him a bit of fried dogwood berries - they will increase appetite, normalize the intestinal microflora and nourish with microelements an actively growing and forming bone the cloth. However, again, the number of berries should be limited:

  • not more than 30 g - for one-year-old children;
  • 100 g - for children under 3 years;
  • not more than 200 g - for children from 4 to 6 years.

After the first use of cornel, you need to make sure that the baby does not have an allergic reaction.

Who can not be "treated" dogwood?

Despite a large list of useful properties of dogwood, there are also contraindications for taking medications on its basis. These include:

  • threat of miscarriage and increased uterine tone in pregnant women;
  • the presence of chronic insomnia, as broths and drinks have a toning effect and will only further increase sleep disturbance;
  • constipations that are chronic (a "one-off" manifestation of a stiffened chair after the peculiarities of the dietary regime is contraindicated);
  • kidney disease (increased content of "acidic" vitamin C in berries and cornelian leaves will only aggravate the course of the disease);
  • increased gastric acidity (all the same vitamin C can also cause deterioration).

Do not forget about the individual intolerance of cornel and allergies - in this case, from the use of berries and funds on their basis, too, should be abandoned.

How to make useful stocks?

For health from dogwood more benefit than harm, while the maximum concentration of nutrients and medicinal properties are only ripe cornel berries. As you know, they are ripening unevenly, therefore at the end of summer - in the beginning of autumn it is necessary to periodically "go hunting" for medicinal raw materials. Freshly harvested berries are good for making kissels and compotes, but to stock them for future use the dogwood can be dried, because even in this form it retains all its qualities.

Dried dogwood is more sweet to the taste, and it can be stored for no more than three years - with longer storage with each year, the therapeutic effect is weakened.

To prepare leaves it is necessary after the shrub buds - at this time they are most curative, but it is better to remove the bark for decoctions in the spring, before the foliage dissolves. At the same time, you can dig up roots for tinctures or wait until the fall.

Dried leaves, bark and roots should be stored in tissue bags no more than 2 years.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there are much more useful properties in dogwood than contraindications. Cultivate in this area this wonderful, beautiful and healing shrub - it will not only decorate the courtyard or garden, but also take care of the health of its owners.

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