Procedure for disassembling the juicer

Procedure for disassembling the juicer


In the home appliances market, as elsewhere, there are favorites and outsiders. Bosch Company and its series of juicers under the name Bosch MES has been deservedly popular for several years. The main feature is a long service life without breakages and excellent value for money.

But, unfortunately, with the appearance of faults, many buyers are interested in how to disassemble this juicer. After all, it is clear that by repairing with your own hands, you will save money. Moreover, difficulties can arise only at the first disassembly, and then, usually, everything turns out easily and quickly.

And not always breakdown is so serious as to cause specialists. Often this is some kind of "trifle which any man can easily cope with. And even more so if the household appliance just needs to be disassembled after using it for its intended purpose.


  • 1General rules for disassembling juicers
  • 2Components of the Bosch MES
  • 3Features of disassembly of juicers Bosch MES

General rules for disassembling juicers

Remember that before disassembling the appliance, you should not just switch (lever) on the casing to the Off position, but also completely disconnect the power cord from the outlet power supply. Wait for the moment when the hum of the motor will abate and only then proceed to disassemble.

You need to start by removing the pusher from the product loading hole. Now pull out the container, intended for accumulation of the pressed products, from under the cover.

Disassemble the juicer is very simple

To leave the juices left in the juicer from it, tilt the body forward a little and then detach the jug. Typically, the cover is attached to the housing of the household appliance with plastic or metal clips. Understand in which position they are disconnected and remove the cover.

Next you will have access to the container for collecting the ready-made juice and the filter.Take them out one at a time, acting carefully, so as not to break anything. And be especially careful when disassembling the filter - it is very sharp and will easily cut your fingers if you are too hasty or careless.


Components of the Bosch MES

Fortunately for owners of this type of device from this well-known manufacturer, it will be necessary to disassemble the electrical appliance for repair in very rare cases. Another thing - everyday disassembly after squeezing the juice, which any hostess or master must learn to do quickly and even automatically.

With models of the Bosch MES series, by the way, it will: for the first time you may need to look through the instructions to do everything right.But then cleaning and washing the juicers will pass quickly and almost "on autopilot".

Before starting work, carefully inspect the device. It roughly consists of such details:

  • switch with three positions: open - designed to unlock the cover; off - off; on or 1 - enabled state;
  • the motor block in which the cord is separated from the mains supply, depending on the model, is made of plastic (most often) or stainless steel;
  • The container where waste products are collected (oil cake) - is made mainly of plastic of various shades;
  • Strainer made of stainless steel, less often - plastic;
  • insert for a strainer made of plastic under the color of the case;
  • Cover with a shade of the base color of the model;
  • loading insert of transparent polymer;
  • transparent plastic pusher;
  • a container for storing the finished juice, equal to one liter, with a special compartment for foam, made of transparent plastic under the color of the body;
  • Legs are safe for rubber products.
The basic details of juicers look like this

Features of disassembly of juicers Bosch MES

Note that in the case - where the engine block is located, there is a special compartment for storing the power cord. This is quite convenient for disassembly and operation, since you save a lot of free working space.

Although in order to take advantage of the hidden "pocket the electrical cable will have to be inserted and pulled out manually.There is no mechanism of "automatic as, for example, in vacuum cleaners.The engine block itself is removed easily, without problems.


The release button (lever) provides three positions: Enabled, Turn off and unlock the cover. But the main thing is that it helps to unfasten the lid when it comes time for washing or scheduled cleaning.

The functionality of such an approach is high, but the main thing is that this lever serves you for a long time. You will use it very often, which leads to an accelerated wear of the part.

Also note that when you turn the power switch to the position that opens the lid, it does not swing upward from all directions. Just between it and the body appears a gap that allows you to open it completely with your own hands. If necessary, remove the cover carefully, so as not to damage the internal fasteners.

The container for collecting the cake is quite large in size and can be easily removed from the casing.These features make it possible to use a juicer for making drinks for a family of several people. By the way, it is convenient to wash the container for the cake due to a well thought out form.


The plastic insert for fastening the filter is also removed quickly and conveniently. It is necessary to pull the edge with one hand from the location of the container to collect the cake, and the second - gently push the tap, designed to drain the juice into the container.

The strainer is most often made of high quality stainless steel and no problems arise with its removal from the hull. If in your model it turned out to be plastic - it does not matter, the characteristics of this will not change.


In the design of the lid there is a loading barrel, which does not affect the disassembly speed of the Bosch juicers. In addition, washing and cleaning it is very simple and quite easy, especially with a dishwasher.

Remove the boot insert is not difficult at first time even those users who disassemble similar household appliances for the first time. The main purpose of this part is to dress on the loading barrel and to prevent serious contamination of the working surfaces. In a word, it works like a tray in which the squeezed juice is stored.

The pusher is easy to remove, because it is in sight. Its shape is convenient for cleaning and washing, there are no problems with it.

The juice container is easy to remove, no special effort is required.

Some Bosch juicers have their own design features, be prepared for this. In any case, if something is not clear, take a look at the user's manual. There certainly will be answers to most of the questions of the owner of this variety of household appliances.

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