Multivark: how it works and what it prepares

Multivark: how it works and what it prepares


The fact that the multivarka has long won the hearts of housewives is not a secret for anyone. And do you know how a multivar works, and why can you cook anything in it?


  • 1Multivar device
  • 2How it works
  • 3Main dishes
  • 4Additional Features

Multivar device

By name it is clear that this device can perform a variety of functions: cook as a double boiler, brazier or oven.The multivar works from electricity, like a toaster or, for example, a microwave oven.


The main difference from all appliances for cooking is that it is automatically very is precisely controlled, and the food container is closed on all sides, so that the multi- pressure. It has a chip, through which a specific heating program is given.


So, we can choose the appropriate program, and the multivariate will prepare the food herself. This is the principle of its work.

The integral parts of any multivark are:

  • plastic or metal case with a cover;
  • a bowl in which products are loaded;
  • electric heater (heating element);
  • a control unit that is connected through a temperature sensor to the bottom of the bowl.

Note that there are still induction multivarquins. In them, the principle of work is slightly different. The bowl is heated completely by induction currents, and there is no TEN in it.


Modern multivarkas are supplied with other parts necessary for convenient use. So, the case has a display with control buttons, the cover is equipped with a water trap, in which condensate is collected.

You can find models in which there are additional perforated containers for cooking at the pore or frying in deep fat, which increases its functions. As a result, your multivarker can work as a steamer or deep fryer. Many multivarques are equipped with special spatulas for mixing, measuring cups and books with dozens of recipes. All these additional items do not affect the principle of work, but simply expand its capabilities.


How it works

If we consider the principle of work in more detail, then everything looks as follows.

  • You must choose the dish and the recipe for its preparation.
  • Then you load the necessary ingredients into the bowl, turn the appliance on.
  • Select the program by pressing the appropriate buttons and turn on the multivarker so that it starts to heat up, that is, directly cook.
  • Some dishes require cooking in two or more stages. In this case, after each stage, a small pause is possible.

The operating time of the heating element in the device is controlled by a timer. In order for excessive steam to come out in the lid, holes are provided. Compared to an electric stove, a multivarka consumes little electricity. It works from a normal household electrical system.

Main dishes

Let's find out what a multivarker does, what are the capabilities of a modern instrument. It has a variety of functions, and their number can exceed twenty.


Preparation of soups and broths. In this mode, the multi- welder heats up to the set temperature and maintains it for a certain time.

Cooking porridge. Usually there are modes, which are called "buckwheat "rice" or "milk porridge". Having chosen the preset mode, you can easily cook any porridge, and the milk dishes you do not burn and do not run away, provided that the proportions and the number of ingredients are respected.


Extinguishing products. In this mode, it is very good to extinguish meat, cook ragout with vegetables, chilli. The principle of operation is that in the beginning the temperature reaches a maximum, and then it is lowered and constant heating is maintained.


Baking and frying. These functions are very popular with the housewives, who often cook pudding, pies and muffins. The mode can be used to fry foods by closing or not closing the lid while doing so.

Additional Features

For adherents of a healthy lifestyle, the "steamer" mode is very useful. The device should be equipped with a special grate, on which the products are spread. The steamer in the multivark has the same principle of operation as an ordinary steamer. Water is boiling in the bowl, and food is on top.


Using this mode, you can save time, as a double boiler will cook you porridge and cook sausages for a couple. Among the list of other dishes that a steamer can cook: tender cutlets from fish or meat, boiled vegetables, steamed dumplings.

The mode at which the steamer works can be any, most importantly, that the heating temperature does not exceed 100 °, and sufficient water is present.

  • A useful mode is to delay cooking when the multivarker is turned on at the set time.
  • Quite often the mode of heating ready dishes is used.
  • In the presence of certain ingredients, we can prepare yogurt in the multivariate at the appropriate mode.
  • The "pilaf" mode is programmed separately, since this dish requires a special cooking method.

Each multivark must get used to and study the features of its work well. To do this, you can first prepare according to the recipes offered in the instructions, and then start improvising.

Take note: the multivarker does not turn on: what should I do?

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