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For 6 thousand years, mankind has not ceased to fight with various diseases. In search of a solution to the problem, people have discovered a unique potion to strengthen the body - milk fungus. There are many versions of its origin, but none of them has been documented. Most often, the fungus is associated with Tibetan monks. According to one legend, they fermented milk in small earthenware jars. Also read an interesting article: about the benefits of a tea mushroom!

Once it was noticed that milk sucks in different ways and has an unusual taste and consistency. Taking it as food, the monks became healthier, which indicated the healing properties of the drink. And over time, white bunches of unusual substance appeared in it. So there was a Tibetan milk mushroom. To date, this product is widely used to make a miracle drink. It is used for fermenting cow, goat, sheep and even horse milk. The result is a therapeutic drink that has a beneficial effect on the human body.

In 1867, an article appeared in Russian newspapers about kefir, obtained with the help of milk fungus and its effect on the human body. And at the beginning of the 20th century, many began to use it widely for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract.

Biological characteristics of the "magic" drink

Many people are surprised when they learn that the milk mushroom is, in fact, not a mushroom. Snow-white elastic glomeruli are formed as a result of the harmonious coexistence of living bacteria and yeast compounds. In appearance they resemble buds of cauliflower or boiled rice. The color is often white, sometimes slightly yellowish in color.

Once bacteria enter the milky environment, a biological process of reproduction takes place. The glomeruli swell, increase in size, divide and the milk turns into an amazing kefir. Due to chemical reactions, a beverage is obtained, which contains the following active substances and microorganisms:

  • milk bacteria;
  • yeast fungi;
  • polysaccharides;
  • enzymes;
  • fatty acid;
  • proteins, easily digestible character;
  • alcohol.

Kefir, obtained on the basis of milk fungus is rich in a number of useful elements for adults and children:

  • thiamine - (vitamin B1);
  • riboflavin (B2);
  • pyridoxine (B6);
  • cobalamin (B12);
  • calciferol (D);
  • retinol (A);
  • niacin (PP);
  • folic acid.

The snow-white mixture contains calcium, iodine, iron and zinc - important elements for human life.

Healing properties of a unique drug

When a person is faced with a slight discomfort, he often does not pay attention to it. But when serious problems arise, he tries to find a wise way out. Unique properties of the milk fungus have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body.

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If you regularly eat such kefir, you can solve a number of serious health problems:

  1. Stimulates the work of the intestine. A drink with a set of live bacteria and yeast compounds restores the natural microflora of the digestive system. As a result, the metabolism is normalized, the body is cleansed and fats burned.
  2. Experts believe that the basis of the immune system is embedded in the intestine. Therefore, with its regular cleansing, the level of the body's defenses increases. Milk drink, obtained by growing a Tibetan fungus, can be said to be on guard for our health.
  3. With a chronic disease of the digestive organs (stomach, liver and pancreas), the fungus promotes the rapid elimination of bile. Thanks to this food is better absorbed by the body.
  4. The drink has a special effect on the vessels. The components of the milk fungus purify the circulatory system, as a result of which the arterial pressure is normalized. In addition, headache is less common, the risk of developing atherosclerosis is reduced.

The active components of the product are used to prevent various ailments. Especially it is necessary to note the following:

  • renal colic;
  • stomatitis in the oral cavity;
  • excess of glucose in the blood;
  • rheumatism;
  • bronchitis of different severity;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • thrush of genital organs;
  • tumors of various types (benign and malignant).

Despite the positive properties of the drink obtained with the milk fungus, for some people there are limitations. It is contraindicated to take yogurt for those who are allergic to dairy products.

Of course, it can not be said that the Tibetan mushroom is a remedy for all ills. But together, you can achieve a lot. Proper nutrition, exercise, positive emotions, balanced attitude to work and love for people will help to save your precious health.

Rules for growing a priceless fruit

According to some people, the milk mushroom appeared by artificial cultivation. After all, in no natural body of water it is not found. Therefore, the product is considered an unusual and mysterious organism, which contains a huge number of useful elements. Biologists consider him to be a group of zooglues, since the product is not considered a plant or animal unambiguously.

As you know, the Tibetan mushroom consists of a huge number of microorganisms that feed on milk. In order for them to coexist successfully, as a whole, it is important to maintain an optimal environment for their dwelling. Any violation leads to the death of a precious product. Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to grow a milk mushroom from scratch, to independently make a healing drink.

Someone may object: this is impossible without the source material, which is sold in pharmacies. It's easier to buy a finished product and grow it at home. By and large, this is true. After all, the milk mushroom, this combination of two completely different from each other elements, one of which is algae.

However, the main purpose of obtaining a live starter is a healing drink for health promotion.

For the cultivation of Tibetan fungus, only high quality milk is used, preferably of natural origin.

Grow a unique mushroom at home is not difficult, if you can buy a small piece of live material. It is often sold in pharmacies or specialized online stores. Some friendly people willingly give it to their friends. It remains only to tell others about the desire to grow a milk mushroom at home.

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Prepare a healing kefir based on a lactic starter is quite simple. To do this, perform the following operations:

  1. In a clean dish, put 1 tablespoon of Tibetan mushroom.
  2. Pour it in a glass of cool milk.
  3. Cover the container with a gauze cloth.
  4. Put in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  5. After 24 hours, the resulting liquid, strain through a cheesecloth or sieve.

Kefir is ready and it can be eaten.

A different volume of liquid can be used to prepare the drink. The fungus will not suffer from this. If the milk is small, kefir will turn out thick and slightly sour, but quickly enough. When using a large amount of liquid, the beverage comes out with mildly acidic and liquid consistency. But the fermentation time is increased to 30 hours.


To determine the appropriate version of the product, it is advisable to try to cook it with a different amount of liquid. At the same time, adjust the fermentation time. The longer the fungus is in the milk, the more sour will be the drink.

Care and use

In order for leaven to grow successfully at home, and the drink is useful, it is advisable to know how to care for and properly eat milk fungus. There are several basic rules for growing and caring for a crop:

  • cover dishes only with gauze or special paper, so as not to block access to air;
  • use should be glass or ceramic container;
  • Do not use a screen with a metal mesh;
  • fill the culture with cool liquid;
  • The fat content of milk should not exceed 2%;
  • boiled pouring does not fit;
  • ferment only at room temperature.

After filtering the finished drink, the live culture should be thoroughly washed.It is better to do this under running water, room temperature. A hot or too cold environment can harm bacteria and yeast fungi.

If the fungus changes color (darkens), becomes covered with unpleasant slime, or voids form inside it, it means that it has died. You need to get rid of it immediately!

In some cases, the appearance of signs of mucus is not dangerous. It is enough to rinse the mushroom, dry it and pour it with milk. If kefir is obtained with an unpleasant odor, it should be poured.

Since the Tibetan fungus is a living organism, the procedure is repeated regularly, because it must be fully nourished. In case of a long absence, it can be poured with diluted water in equal proportions. Put the leaven in a cool place. Optimum storage option - the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

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Often a moment comes when the cultivation of culture becomes impossible due to various circumstances. The best thing that can be done is to give someone a live "bouquet" and prolong its existence. Some fans of the Tibetan mushroom fill it with purified water and send it to the refrigerator. There he continues to live another 2 or 3 months. The main thing is not to forget, occasionally, to change the water.

The wide use of the drink shows that it really benefits the body. Before you start drinking medicinal kefir, it is advisable to understand the basic rules of its intake:

  1. Adult person enough to drink 250 milliliters per day. Take a drink an hour before sleeping on an empty stomach.
  2. The minimum health course lasts at least 20 days. After this, a break (10 days) is done. If desired, you can repeat it again.
  3. Experts advise to take a drink obtained by growing a milk mushroom, for one year with short breaks.
  4. During the course of taking kefir it is forbidden to drink alcohol or tinctures on alcohol.

The first few weeks after taking the medicinal drug, the body is undergoing significant changes. Improves digestion, which leads to the formation of a large number of gases and frequent stools. Therefore before work it is better not to drink a life-giving drink. As a result, the intestines are cleaned, and the work of the stomach is normalized. In addition, immunity increases, the heart strengthens and life becomes more fun.

Start taking kefir preferably in small doses - not more than 100 ml. Drink can be done in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to sleep. When the body adapts, do not exceed the set maximum daily volume - up to 600 ml. If you have any allergies to the drug, stop taking it right away.

Milk mushroom muffles the effect of certain medicines. This is especially true for patients who depend on the daily dose of insulin.

Kefir, obtained with the help of a lactic starter, is suitable for baking homemade cookies, mushrooms, pies and pizza. Drink salads and prepare marinades for meat products, which gives them a special taste. The drug is also used for cosmetic purposes, as the basis for preparing masks for hair and face.

Summing up, you can see that it is quite easy to grow a milk mushroom on your own. The main thing is to follow the general rules established by specialists. Daily care, which includes the feeding of live culture with milk, regular washing under running water promotes successful growth of the fungus. Do not forget about the access of air and the optimal temperature in the room. In case of a long absence, transfer the Tibetan mushroom to friends or a good acquaintance. The reward for the labors will be strong health and a life full of meaning.

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