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has a healthy vegetable,

  • is a healthy vegetable that has been used to treat pumpkin honey
    • The pollen collected by bees is processed and stored in honeycombs to feed the offspring. Before this, she undergoes the treatment by the glands of the worker's bee, the healing product preserves the beneficial substances of pollen and multiplies them. The healing properties of pumpkin honey are confirmed by centuries. The product is unique in its composition, but the bribe of bees is small. Therefore, the true honey is often replaced with cooked at home. Read about the benefits of pumpkin seeds for the human body!

      How to get honey from pumpkin?

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      The beekeeper can put beehives to collect pollen from flowering plants among the melons, but the bees fly a bribe of up to three kilometers, and only on the vast pumpkin fields you can collect the healing product. Moreover, no more than 30 kg of honey is collected per hectare. Pumpkin pollen is plentiful, and nectar is not enough. Therefore, insects prefer to fly away, to other honey plants.

      So true pumpkin honey can be obtained only with a special order for beekeepers and subject to the availability of large pumpkin plantations in the area. Only pumpkin honey has a bright yellow color, not very sweet, without bitterness and with a melon aftertaste. Honey has a special composition, it has gentle substances that are not present in other products.

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      They learned to get medicinal honey in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It was there, on the endless melon fields with pumpkins, that the hives were taken out during the flowering of the pumpkins and they received natural honey.

      However, people learned how to get pumpkin honey without the participation of bees. It has a less concentrated, slightly modified composition, but the healing properties of pumpkin honey, obtained independently, are confirmed by practice.

      For honey, a small pumpkin is opened from the stem, creating a cork. Seeds are selected through the hole, filled with sugar or any honey, covered with a cork taken out and put in a warm place for 10 days. The resulting honey is stored in the refrigerator, and the rind soaked in nectar can be used to make candied fruits.

      Pumpkin honey - the benefits and harm

      All the beneficial substances contained in the pulp of the pumpkin, go into the dissolved state and are fermented in heat for 10 days. Their composition is represented by a vitamin group:

      • ascorbic acid or vitamin C;
      • nicotinic acid;
      • Group B;
      • rarely present T( carnitine) and E. D, PP;
      • carotenoid components.

      Low-calorie product is a pantry useful for humans:

      • fiber;
      • pectins;
      • enzymes;
      • vegetable proteins.

      The whole useful composition turns into a syrup, which is called pumpkin honey. The rich content of the elements led to the benefits and harm of pumpkin honey.

      The use of pumpkin honey for medicinal purposes

      It is well known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This fully applies to the use of our product.

      Those who have problems with vessels, have heart disease or stones in the organs of honey should be taken sparingly, listening to their health. Diabetics product is contraindicated. Honey can be consumed by this patient only after consulting a doctor.

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      At the same time, pumpkin honey is a healing medicine for those who have diseases:

      • of the kidneys;
      • gallbladder;
      • GIT.

      For prophylactic purposes, it is advised to use it daily in small quantities. Helps the product relieve anemia due to its high iron content. His years are used by long-livers, retaining their ability to work until old years.

      Helps honey in case of poisoning, as it collects and removes toxins, helping the human cleansing systems. For problems associated with sudden, non-chronic:

      • liver pain;
      • nausea and stomach pain;
      • constipation and problems with the colon;
      • for edema.

      Relief comes without the use of dosage forms, only from taking honey in the form of warm tea or with cottage cheese. Honey can not be added to hot tea, the enzymes contained in it are destroyed. As a strong diuretic, the product copes well with edema, painlessly removing excess water from the body. When cholecystitis or bend the gallbladder recovers outflow of bile. Pectin promotes the removal of toxic substances from the body.

      If the composition is used, when the pumpkin is cooked with honey instead of sugar, the usefulness of this secondary honey is greatly enhanced. This honey is already consumed even to combat stones in the kidneys and gall bladder.

      Pumpkin Honey - Liver Balm

      Most of the use of pumpkin honey benefits the liver. This organ is the most important in cleaning and restoring blood, in the removal of toxins. However, the liver cells themselves also wear out and begin to perform their functions poorly. It is believed that pumpkin honey liver balm.

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      Liver cells are called hepatocytes. It is pumpkin honey that has in its composition a substance that restores cell membranes, which serve as the main filters at the cellular level. In cases of hepatitis, hepatocytes are the first to die. Therefore, it is important to maintain them in working condition.

      In addition to the removal of unnecessary elements, protein synthesis takes place in the liver, blood clotting rate and other vital functions are regulated. Good liver function is a prerequisite for the health of the whole body. Therefore, the help of the liver with the regular use of products from the pumpkin will benefit anyone.

      Honey with low-fat cottage cheese in a ratio of 1:10 is used for an additional curative effect on hepatitis. This composition is most favorable for the patient. You can drink herbal tea, one of its components will be a spoonful of pumpkin honey. Such an infusion is prepared in advance, and honey is added before taking.

      Possible contraindications to the use of pumpkin honey

      In the stage of chronic diseases of internal organs, the reception of this product can be only with the permission of a doctor. You can not use pumpkin honey to those who follow the weight, as it contains glucose, which is quickly and completely absorbed in the body. For the same reason, honey is contraindicated for diabetics. After eating honey products, you need to brush your teeth, as sweet food leads to the development of caries.

      Video about cooking pumpkin honey

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