Grow cucumbers in cold climates in hotbeds


The greenhouse for growing cucumbers can be made independently. For this, a chipboard is made of chipboard, into which rotted cow dung falls, soil surface is mulched with hay or dead wood.

Borage frame

After the box is ready, it is necessary to make a skeleton of the greenhouse. The role of the front wall will be performed by polycarbonate sheets. They are installed in self-made door frames, made of a pipe for electrical wiring with a diameter of 20 mm.

For ventilating the greenhouse, it is possible to provide ventilation windows. They are made from the same pipe, using the same technology as the door frames. The vents are fixed on the door frames with the help of loops.

For the production of external arcs, a polypropylene tube with a diameter of 32 mm is used, which is given a semicircular shape using a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes. The arcs are fixed on the wooden case with hardware. To strengthen the structure, additional supports are made from the electrical wiring pipe. They are bolted to the main arcs.

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When the arcs are ready, holes are made in them to fix the agglomerates. Fasteners for the covering material can be made from electrodes.

Internal greenhouse arrangement

Inside the greenhouse, you need to install a wooden frame, on which you pull a trellis net for cucumbers. Such a frame will facilitate harvesting of cucumbers.

In this greenhouse you can not grow pumpkins or zucchini. It is used only to root the seedlings of these crops, since it is too exhausting the soil.

For growing cucumbers in a cold climate, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Install heat accumulators in the hotbed. You can use ordinary plastic bottles filled with hot water.
  2. Cover the greenhouse with white cover material to create a greenhouse effect. In order that the covering material does not tear off the wind, it can be attached with a construction stapler.
  3. Open the film once a week to air the planting of cucumbers.
  4. Once a year, replace all the soil inside the greenhouse to make new nutrients to the garden. Thus, you will get an excellent compost that you can use to fertilize other crops.
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Approximately every four years, the covering material must be replaced. For replacement use a punch, with which twist hardware. To facilitate replacement, the film can be fixed not with hardware, but with clerical clothespins.

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