How to make a garden in a bottle on the windowsill?

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In our family, everyone, even children, love different herbs - parsley, spinach, onion feathers. Especially not enough vitamins on the table in the winter. Therefore, we decided to try to grow them ourselves. Tell me how to make a garden in a bottle on the windowsill?

In winter, you want to pamper yourself with vitamins! You can buy greens, but it will not be as tasty and healthy as homemade. And you can easily grow it at home, because there is nothing difficult in this process. It will take only a few plastic bottles, soil, seeds, and a bright window sill. Such a garden will not take a lot of time, but the results will be, as they say, on the face - the whole winter fresh greens straight from the garden to the table. So, how to make a garden in a bottle on the windowsill in the easiest way and what can be grown on it?

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Multi-tiered bed for onions

This garden will not take up much space and will allow you to get more greenery than just growing onions in a pot. To create a multi-tiered beds need a plastic bottle. You can take a two-liter bottle, but if there are many lovers of crunching with green feathers, it is better to use a five-liter bottle. Onions for planting can be pre-germinated.

Further manufacturing techniques are as follows:

  1. The plastic bottle should be well washed and dried. The main thing is that there are no remnants of sweet water or other beverages in it, because they will contribute to the development of mold and destroy the future harvest.
  2. Cut the bottom of the bottle( only the central part) - the ground will pour through it.
  3. Next, trim the tip around the neck - it will serve as the bottom.
  4. Make holes for fit along the entire circumference of the bottle. The size of the holes depends on the desire and method of landing. If you use large onions, cut out the openings for them correspondingly. When planting small bulbs, make a hole in the circle with a hot nail. In the subsequent rows to arrange the holes in a checkerboard pattern. You should not make them too close to each other - it will break the stability of the structure.
  5. Put the prepared base into the pot in the pot, it is good to support it with pebbles and fill the drainage. If desired, you can not turn the bottle, and put it as usual - on the bottom. Then the upper part near the neck does not need to be cut at all, or simply not fully cut, so that you can slightly open and cover the soil.
  6. At the bottom of the mini-garden, it is also desirable to lay out the drainage layer.
  7. Filling the bottle with seedling seed also depends on the choice of bulbs. When planting large bulbs fill the bottle completely with soil immediately, while ensuring that it is well subsided. The bulbs themselves will then need to be inserted into the holes made from the outside.
  8. The technology of planting small bulbs is somewhat different. First pour a layer of earth in 5 cm, lightly rammed. Bulbs put in a circle, tails at the same time put into the small holes made by the nail. Next, sprinkle them with earth and plant the following layers-rows in the same way.
  9. At the top of the kitchen garden, you can also plant one large or several small bulbs.
  10. Pour well with water and put it on the bright windowsill.
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The garden is ready, further care of it includes regular watering. Also, as the green feathers are pulled out, the bottle is periodically turned towards the sun.

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Top cover bottle with cling film. After emergence of shoots to remove a film. In the same way you can plant basil, mint, spinach and even radishes.

Video on how to grow onions in a plastic bottle

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