2 options for connecting pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers - which one is better?

In a domestic networks for illumination of premises used by various devices: spotlights, chandeliers, LED tapes. Most lighting fixtures are connected to the power supply by two wires, but there are some connections that causes some difficulties for the inhabitants and young electricians.

The most striking example is the ceiling lamp with five shades, called pyatirozhkovogo in which instead of the two wires immediately withdrawn ten. To simplify the installation process further wiring diagram is shown pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers in two variations.

EXAMPLE pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers
EXAMPLE pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers


  1. Preparatory work
  2. Connection to one-button switch
  3. Connecting to dvuhklavishny switch
  4. Safety in connection pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers

Preparatory work

The number of shades in the chandelier determines not only the emission point, but. a number of conclusions from them, to each light bulb in the carob chandeliers announced two. output. Well, if they are already connected to the cartridge, otherwise conclusions. just wound up in the corresponding guide, but not to anything connected.

In such a case it is necessary to ring the presence of each compound using the circuit. multimeter. If the meter will indicate that you are connected, you can. move on to the next step, otherwise, remove the cover and. connect the wires to the terminals of the cartridge.

Conclusions in the chandelier are connected to a single point on each horn. Blue veins. colors are connected to the common node electrical circuit - this will be zero output. Veins brown or red color are connected to a node to connect to. Phase conductor. Wire Colors may vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. The number of nodes phase will depend on. the circuitry by which connects the lighting device.

Connection to one-button switch

this option connect chandeliers suitable in situations where you need to provide maximum light output throughout the entire period of operation of the lighting equipment.

To do this you will need:

  • itself directly chandelier;
  • one-button switch;
  • connecting wires for extension of zero and the phase conductors;
  • screwdriver and soldering iron for installation.

An example is shown in scheme below:

Connection to one-button switch
Connection to one-button switch

As you can see, in this connection diagram zero conductor must be connected together and bring to the proper terminal on the ceiling. The common point of the phase conductors is applied to one-button switch to the open circuit.

It should be noted that when connecting all circuit nodes need to use solder, squeeze or bolted connection, lay not on your nelly not allowed - this is quite a dangerous contact, as it will weaken over time and lead to heating.

The disadvantage of this scheme is the only connection. one operation - with a rated load. To solve this problem will help. Power circuit breaker of the double chandeliers.

Connecting to dvuhklavishny switch

In this circuit connection switch chandeliers lamps occurs groups, each of which is connected to the corresponding terminals dvuhklavishnogo. switch. Schematically, this method is shown in the figure below:

Connecting to dvuhklavishny switch
Connecting to dvuhklavishny switch

As you see, all lamps in the chandelier are divided into two groups - with bulbs 2 and 3 respectively. Therefore, if you need to turn on the dim light, press the switch key to the second group.

Want to do a little brighter - press for the first group and of the whole dvuhklavishny switch will give the maximum light output.

When using this scheme should take into account the following features chandeliers connection:

  • With electric. wiring is necessary to provide two phase conductors and one neutral conductor. Therefore. for installation and wiring to connect the ceiling is better to take electric. cable with three or four wires.
  • Connection. wiring to the electric cartridge should be done crimp, solder or terminal. reliability of contact connections.
  • Switch. chosen only as a switching device, no function division. Voltage should not be. According to the wire retention type are models or screw. a clamp, a second embodiment for a simpler inhabitants.
Connecting dvuhklavishnogo switch
Connecting dvuhklavishnogo switch

Safety in connection pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers

Performing installation work, do not forget about your own safety.

To prevent the threat to your life and health, follow these simple rules:

  • When routing and connecting wiring, installation and joining chandeliers and switch, always remove the power from the mains. To do this, turn off the machine on the panel, better breaks the circuit and for the phase, and the neutral conductor.
  • Before making any connections, check the voltage on the network, it may happen that a disabled machine does not operate with the desired power line or a break is worth zero. To check, you can use a multimeter or a screwdriver indicator.
  • To power the chandeliers always use phase to phase connection, if you put a gap in the zero terminal, a person can get under mains voltage when you try to replace the electric lamp.
  • If you are going to drill holes for mounting the chandelier on the ceiling, use goggles to protect your eyes from dust. Perform this operation should not energized in lighting line.
  • Metal body chandeliers should be connected to the protective earth. Whereby in case of damage to the insulation between the conductive elements and the housing, current will go to ground terminal and circuit.
  • The first sampling efficiency chandeliers protect the eye from the glass falling in case of glass fracture lamps. The easiest way - to turn away or put on goggles.
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